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Hotmail Delivers Far Fewer Emails with Attachments

snotty cowboyneal should be ashamed... (315 comments)

Disclosure - I work for Microsoft... but come on... this is not even good enough to be a April Fools day joke...

more than 7 years ago



snotty snotty writes  |  more than 8 years ago

snotty writes "A Dutch news agency is referencing a newly released OneStat report that puts the global usage share of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 at 3.06 percent and Mozilla Firefox's 2.0 at 2.38 percent. 3.6 percent of all IE users are using IE 7 while 19.5 percent of all Mozilla users are using Firefox 2.0. However, IE is still slowly losing share with a decrease of 0.61 percent since the beginning of October 2006. The total global usage share of Mozilla browsers is 12.15 percent with Mozilla Firefox gaining 0.66 percent since the beginning of October 2006."


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