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10GbE: What the Heck Took So Long?

snspdaarf Re:Meanwhile (295 comments)

Do you have a 10 kV, 100 A electrical service to your home?

If I did, would I be able to recharge my Leaf in a reasonable amount of time? Seriously, where I work, we move a lot of radar data. Everything now is gigabit. Do we need 10Gb? No, but if it were available at a reasonable price it would allow us to change the operating parameters of the radars and do new things with them. So, while we don't need it, we could use it, but the price needs to come down first, and the only way that will happen is if it becomes common.

about 10 months ago

My credits by name in (released) software:

snspdaarf Re:I changed my name... (190 comments)

My new name is +

Pronounced as the programmer formally known as alta.

Ooh! Ooh! Sing "Raspberry Beret"!

about 10 months ago

Beer Fridge Caught Interfering With Cellular Network

snspdaarf Re:G'DAY MATE (231 comments)

Hell, we can't even get Tooheys around here, much less Mountain Goat.

about 10 months ago

Beer Fridge Caught Interfering With Cellular Network

snspdaarf Re:That explains it (231 comments)

Oh, come on. I have known for years that beer jams my inertial navigation system. And, it encrypts my communications, too!

about 10 months ago

The Coming War Against Personal Photography and Video

snspdaarf Re:Summary misleading - and so is TFA (221 comments)

. It's sort of a televised daily propaganda broadcast that gets the audience worked up and involves chanting, screaming and throwing things at the screen.)

Like Monday Night Football when Cosell was still in the booth.

about a year ago

I follow U.S. Supreme Court rulings ...

snspdaarf Re:Waiting for SCOTUS to notice the 10th Amendment (173 comments)

Well, I suppose Congress could impeach them, try them, and remove them, but the question for them would be if making the President look silly while giving a speech would be a high crime or misdemeanor.

1 year,17 days

On handedness: I am ...

snspdaarf How many think they were switched? (260 comments)

I am sure my son was forced to switch hands by a preschool teacher, and that was in 1989. We didn't realize what was going on at first, because we could not believe that this kind of crap was still going on. So, I am curious, how many people think they were switched, and when did they start school?

1 year,25 days

On handedness: I am ...

snspdaarf Re:Mixed-handedness (260 comments)

Yes. I had surgery on my strong arm, and had it in a sling for several weeks, and the learning curve can be quick, but nasty. On the other hand, I can now shoot sporting clays, and pool, left handed, if I want to. The hard part of doing things left handed is that I am right eye dominant, so I have to think about things instead of just doing.

1 year,25 days

US To Deploy Ballistic Missile Interceptors In Response To North Korean Threats

snspdaarf Re:ballistic missile defense is impossible (266 comments)

I call shenanigans. The experts concluded that intercepting ballistic missiles was impossible back in the 80's when Ronald "Ray Gun" proposed it.

Experts have concluded all kinds of things were impossible, until someone else found out how to make them possible. You aren't trying very hard.

about a year ago

US To Deploy Ballistic Missile Interceptors In Response To North Korean Threats

snspdaarf Re:Oh right... (266 comments)

Clarkson! Glad to see you on /.

about a year ago

If I could (or had to) ban texting in one place ...

snspdaarf Re:Why ban in cars? (417 comments)

Well, then I suppose I could have soup while driving in Alberta. It's not a meal, after all.

Stay away from the Campbell's Chunky Soup. You know, the soup that eats like a meal.

about a year ago

The Science of Hugo Chavez's Long Term Embalming

snspdaarf Re:I find this rather nauseous... (215 comments)

Well, Samuel Dinsmoor seems to have been a nice guy. Not sure I would call him a leader, though

about a year ago

The Manti Te'o of Physics

snspdaarf Re:Frampton Comes Alive! (101 comments)

... in rock (outside of disco) ...

You have no credibility

about a year ago

I most look forward to flying with ...

snspdaarf Re:Xanax (303 comments)

Or, it's about being stuck in a window seat next to two half-drunk wanna-be-cougars who's perfume (that they must have put on with a dunk-tank) could double as Black Flag Wasp and Hornet Spray, that do not grasp that closed eyes means I am trying to sleep.

Twenty five years ago, flying was almost fun. Now, it's "Another One Rides The Bus", with wings.

about a year ago

I most look forward to flying with ...

snspdaarf Re:TSA won't go away until... (303 comments)

No law ever gets repealed, no agency ever gets disbanded.

I direct your attention to the 18th and 21st amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

about a year ago



Plug-in hybrid terminal truck

snspdaarf snspdaarf writes  |  more than 4 years ago

snspdaarf (1314399) writes "Capacity, a company in Longview, Texas, has developed a plug-in hybrid terminal tractor, the small day-cab truck used to shuffle trailers around at a shipping facility. In addition to plug-in recharging, it has an on-board generator to keep the batteries charged. Capacity claims it reduces fuel use by 60 percent. They call it the PHETT, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Terminal Truck. A .pdf of specifications is available on their web site."
Link to Original Source


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