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VC Likens Google Bus Backlash To Nazi Rampage

sobolwolf Brazil (683 comments)

I have lived in Brazil for quite some years now. Here the gap between rich and everyone else (there is no middle class here so to speak) is to such an extent that if you have money you are a target. This means that you must live in a gated community in constant fear that you or your kids might be kidnapped. You need to own a cheapo car so you won't stand out too much when driving around. Of course you will have a nice car too, but this is only for weekends or maybe travel to places where other rich people go. In the end it is easy to become a prisoner of that wealth that is supposed to make you more free. I would prefer to live middle class in a 1st world country than rich in Brazil. The sad thing is that the erosion of the middle class in the 1st world countries means that they soon might resemble Brazil, and this is not good, even if you are rich.

about 8 months ago

Why We Think There's a Multiverse, Not Just Our Universe

sobolwolf In other news... (458 comments)

Tea-leaf discovers East India Company

about 8 months ago

Cost of $634 Million — So Far

sobolwolf misappropriation? (497 comments)

I would like to know if there are any connections between contractors and those awarding the contracts - ie Family ties, business connections, etc... in this day and age there is absolutely no way a website should cost this much. I team of around 20 proficient Web professionals should be able to make almost anything in around 1-2 years max, with a max cost no more than 10 million. Half a billion? Follow the money, this is at best gross negligence on the part of those awarding the contracts, at worst misappropriation.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source CRM/ERP System For a Small Business?

sobolwolf Re:X2Engine or OpenObjects (163 comments)

I thought the project was still called OpenERP with OpenObject being the type of API/framework it uses. Also as of Verson 7.0 I believe they are doing away with the Desktop client in favor of a pure browser based system.

about a year ago

GNU MediaGoblin 0.5.0 "Goblin Force" Released

sobolwolf Re:Ever heard of (42 comments)

You call this and the other nasty posts "constructive criticism"... hmmm. Fuck off or fix it for yourself, that's right... or, heaven forbid, pay someone that has a clue to fix what you don't like. Buy your own fuckin' beer for once.

1 year,10 days

GNU MediaGoblin 0.5.0 "Goblin Force" Released

sobolwolf Ever heard of (42 comments)

don't look a gift horse in the mouth? Say thanks or just STFU. Maybe it's not the best it can be, but it is free and maybe, just maybe there is some hot source code under the hood that may fuel something you may laud in the future. Now run along and make something better or, as most of you couldn't code for two shits, go use instagram or some other spyware disguised in pretty UI.

1 year,11 days

Playing StarCraft Could Boost Your Cognitive Flexibility

sobolwolf Warzone2100 (124 comments)

is in my opinion better and open source as well. - Graphics are a little dated but the gameplay is very addictive. I would say if the girls were tested with this game they would have been playing for longer than an hour per day ;)

about a year ago

Snowden and the Fate of the Internet As a Global Network

sobolwolf Re:Encryption: (505 comments)

please mod up the parent!

about a year ago

CAPTCHA - Are robots really a threath for your website?

sobolwolf Re:Unfortunatly, they are required. (2 comments)

Completely true, there is just no way get around not having one especially if you are using open source apps like WordPress or Joomla and their accompanying plugins. I remember when I launched my site with Kunena forum for Joomla - in a matter of days there were hundreds of accounts created with names like "ASDHSGD123", etc and the board was flooded with advertisements. This dropped off a lot after adding recaptcha for registration, but still not completely until I added a spam filter... so there are either bots that can beat recaptcha or someone was manually registering, not sure.

about a year ago

Mars Curiosity Rover Shoots Video of Phobos Moon Rising

sobolwolf Obligatory: (67 comments)

that ain't no moon...

about a year ago

When GPL Becomes Almost-GPL — the CSS, Images and JavaScript Loophole

sobolwolf Re:This is what happens (224 comments)

If I make free software that looks terrible, and someone else pretties it up, complies with the terms of the license, and manages to sell a product, good for them.

Selling the product is not the problem, restricting the distribution is. Are you going to be happy if someone takes your terrible looking product then essentially limits it's distribution because they have just prettied up some css and images? What if this new product becomes more popular than yours, what if this new product starts making lots of money while your project dies in obscurity?

What you are saying is that it is ok for someone to essentially use all your hardwork and give you nothing in return, ie not allow you to use their work. Will you feel like continually upgrading your product while the person that can make pretty css and images makes a killing off it and you make nothing?

On the other hand if the images and css were GPL, you would be able to integrate the work back into your product, thus your enhancements would benefit the other developer and the other developers enhancements would benefit you. Basically you will then have a symbiotic relationship with the other developer as opposed to a parasitic one. It is my view that split licensed GPL / proprietary distributions are indeed parasitic, they take and give nothing in return.

I don't see a problem here. Especially when someone can take a free thing and add enough value to it, without writing code, that people are willing to buy a free product.

WordPress has decided to enforce their philosophy by restricting people who contribute a product that, some can argue, enhances WordPress. And restrict them from interacting with the WordPress community. That is a difficult situation, to restrict contributors because what they contribute isn't free.

I think you are confused about this. Nobody is restricting anyone from selling the product - WordPress actually hosts commercial GPL themes on their main site. The problem is limiting distribution, something I feel is wrong due to the reasons I outlined above.

about a year ago

PHP 5.5.0 Released

sobolwolf does php suck or do I (219 comments)

Really, the quality of PHP depends on the person writing it. Bad code is bad code in any language, PHP does not cause you to write bad code, the problem is you! PHP is the most popular scripting language, most servers support and more importantly, there is a ton of documentation and examples about. I really can't see why people hate it so much, I guess we are probably looking at some form of Fanboi war, apple vs m$ type bullshit. There are many ways to skin a cat (in regards to programming) with PHP being probably the most inexpensive way to achieve what you need to do on the server side. It is either this or use one of the "cool" languages and pay more... whatever

about a year ago

Drupal's Creator Aims For World Domination

sobolwolf Re:Navigation (192 comments)

"For example, if I want to handle AJAX responses, Drupal and WP each offer a simple hook to intercept program execution at a point between CMS setup (authentication, module initialization, etc.) and HTTP output (I need to output prior to any headers being sent out). Since I can use the same module file, I can preserve object context. Also, they each have a very simple CSV options/preferences system that abstracts the database behind a basic functional interface. In Joomla, I am forced to write an entire system plugin, and use a pretty hairy database "semaphore" system to communicate context. I also need to write a content plugin in order to allow a shortcode ability. In both Drupal and WP, the content filter is simply another functional interface in the same context." OMG someone please mod the above post down. It is incredibly simple using Joomla and AJAX, just a matter of calling format=raw or format=json. The above post shows he probably tried his hand at Joomla without learning to use the framework, or messed with it back in 2007. Informative my ass... more like the mods are just as clueless as the author and thought his long winded rant was correct without even researching for themselves.

about a year and a half ago

Dean Kamen Invents Stomach Pump For Dieters

sobolwolf Re:Whoa... (483 comments)

The "obvious connection" is that he is targeting lazy people!

about a year and a half ago

Dean Kamen Invents Stomach Pump For Dieters

sobolwolf Handy to have around if your kid gets poisoned (483 comments)

If your kid swallows something nasty it would be good to have this handy. There are certain things that should not be vomited up and this could be a useful application for the device (more useful than what they are marketing it for anyway).

about a year and a half ago

Laser Strikes On Aircraft Becoming Epidemic

sobolwolf Re:Parental Guidance is a must. (687 comments)

wowo welcome to 2012 where the new 12 is 6... I told the "young man" that this was not a toy, hence the long lecture... he is well rounded and has a good head on his shoulders, he has had the frickin laser for a few months now and I haven't even thought about it till now, much less heard of him blinding any pilots, drivers, kids or bunny rabbits... what I am concerned about is how many here are seeming to equate 12 with being a little child... where the hell are you guys from?

about 2 years ago



When GPL becomes Almost GPL - The CSS, Images and Javascript Loophole.

sobolwolf sobolwolf writes  |  about a year ago

sobolwolf (1084585) writes "It has been apparent for sometime that many developers (mainly theme designers) are split licensing PHP based Based GPL distributions, releasing proprietary files alongside GPL files with the excuse that CSS, Javascript and Images are "immunized" from the GPL due to the fact that they run in the browser and not on the server. This is almost always done to limit the distribution of the entire release, not just the proprietary items (most extensions will not function in any meaningful way without the accompanying CSS, Images and Javascript). Some of the more popular PHP based GPL projects like WordPress have gone as far as to apply sanctions to developers distributing split licensed themes/plugins while others such as Joomla have openly embraced the split licensed model, even to go as far as changing their extension directory submission rules to cater specifically to split licensed distributions.

In light of all this I would like to ask the following question: While it seems to be legal to offer split licensed GPL distributions, is it in the spirit of the GPL for a project such as Joomla (who's governing body has the motto "Open Source Matters") to openly embrace such a practice when they can easily require that all CSS, Images and Javascript be GPL (or GPL compatible) for extensions that are listed on the Joomla Extensions Directory?"

Open Letter To Google

sobolwolf sobolwolf writes  |  more than 6 years ago

sobolwolf (1084585) writes "I am sick to the death of trying to register a domain and finding that someone is add squatting on it. If there is one thing that I hate more than spammers, it's domain squatters. For added salt to the wound, our "do no evil" friends at Google seem to condone the practice, even encourage it.

If there was not monetary gain from doing this, it wouldn't happen. So on behalf of myself and the multitudes that want to register a domain name for a legitimate reason I ask that Google stop to allow their ads to be displayed in such a fashion."

60 grams of fat for breakfast!

sobolwolf sobolwolf writes  |  more than 6 years ago

sobolwolf (1084585) writes "The people who brought you the Monster Thickburger and the 1,100-calorie salad are at it again — this time for breakfast.

"We don't try to hide what these are," a Hardee's spokesman said of the 920-calorie breakfast burrito.

Hardee's on Monday rolled out its new Country Breakfast Burrito ("country breakfast bomb") — two egg omelets filled with bacon, sausage, diced ham, cheddar cheese, hash browns and sausage gravy, all wrapped inside a flour tortilla. The burrito contains 920 calories and 60 grams of fat.

In 2003 the chain introduced a line of big sandwiches, including the Monster Thickburger. The 1,420-calorie sandwich is made up of two 1/3-pound slabs of beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese and mayonnaise on a buttered bun.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a Washington-based advocate for nutrition and health, has called the Hardee's line of Thickburgers "food porn.""

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