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Searching the Internet For Evidence of Time Travelers

socz Check out this Book About Time Travelers (465 comments)

What a coincidence or premonition of my buddy, McGrew, who wrote a book about this exact subject! He says it was inspired by Slashdot itself so what perfect timing. I'm hooked on reading it and recommend* it... Check out here to purchase or read online as he is releasing a chapter a week on-line for free.


On Sale Now
Hardcover $24.95
6x9 168 pages
ISBN 978-0-9910531-0-0

*I am not being paid or compensated in any way to promote his book and have no direct ties to it other than having "friended" McGrew on /.

1 year,24 days

A Year With Google Glass

socz Re:Surveillance Camera Man (292 comments)

So what is the "normal" way "one should act" if someone shows up close to you and just starts recording? While I find it funny on this side of the screen, obviously some don't appreciate it while in front of the lens.

I get his argument that we're recorded everywhere, but it occurred to me, do the public recordings have audio that goes along with it.

I work in Downtown Los Angeles. So on one occasion I noticed something mounted to a short tripod. After walking up to it and visually examining the device, I could tell it was an array of microphones - I couldn't see anything that was recording video to my knowledge. But the question I had, is our right to speak in public protected from being recorded? I *think* this guys arguments that he is in public are valid, thus he is able to take pictures or moving video of them, but what about sound? Sure, one would think if you're in a public place, but does that violate any laws?

The one guy at the Starbucks who was on a cellphone - he was in a public place, outside even! Yet he demanded privacy for a conversation on a cellphone. Are we all just that confused in assuming that we have any privacy at all?

1 year,27 days

Thirteen: The Final Chapter

socz I'm Hooked! (4 comments)

Thanks for great work!

1 year,27 days

USB Sticks Used In Robbery of ATMs

socz Re:Crooks are better at security than the banks!! (252 comments)

So this is like, Redhat selling a service contract to support its installation on servers? "So you need help to get into the system? No problem, just send me the code it shows on the screen."

1 year,28 days


socz Re:-1 disagree (8 comments)

I've been telling people about the Anime "Ghost in the Shell" for years, because I think this is more likely to happen first: Augmented Humans.

We'll have feet and hands, followed by arms and legs, leading up to organs and eventually e-brains (network connectivity, SSD, etc), eye inserts (optical zoom and macro abilities), and who knows what else? But the series has a catch, no more than 2 people in the entire world have full cyborg bodies because you can't just drop anyone in a full cyborg machine.

The Japanese provide the high quality augmentations, while the Chinese have the low quality parts that don't work very well, last long, and are prone to be hacked.

Now with that being said, I would find it hard to imagine "that a person can be preserved." Think of explaining what a person is to a computer - you may never finish the task, such as explaining what color is to a person who's been blind since birth. Because we're not just constructs of memory that recall to produce a real time interface, but rather a complex array of sensors and output that interacts in an environment that is difficult to describe - just to name a few things. You can do a lot of things, and maybe one day create a real life simulacrum but will it be able to perceive that you are sad or happy? Will it understand what your emotions mean as it interacts with you?

I kinda think of it like the writers from the Robocop series did, not everyone is cut out to be a brain in a robotic suit with weapons, you might just spaz out and shoot others or yourself to end the misery.

about a year ago

Cobalt-60, and Lessons From a Mexican Theft

socz Good Read (1 comments)

The steps Mexico took are ideal and should be part of normal operating procedure around the world. Unfortunately, I am not sure how many countries would be agreeable with taking those actions. The fact that about 30 incidents of theft of class 1 - 5 materials occur each year is, well, frighting. Maybe this will be the starting point for such global agreements to be drafted.

about a year ago

A New Twist to the Heroic Whistleblower Story Arc

socz Re: apples and oranges (5 comments)

Unfortunately I lack knowledge in who these guys are in taking up the cache. My question is thus: what risks does Greenwald and cohort run of getting assassinated to keep this under wraps (and to send a message to anyone who would want to continue the work)? Snowden is hiding out in Russia for a reason. Where are these guys going to be located that they think they're safe from getting picked up Osama style while flouting around that they have ALL of the data AND they plan to release it all?

about a year ago

Almost there...

socz I might be as excited about all this as you! (8 comments)

Having started and gotten a lot of work done on a book, I know it can be difficult. Its been years and I have not been able to finish it time, research and other hurdles. But it is so exciting to see that you have a copy of your book in your hands - how awesome does that feel? Maybe you can email us before you post it on /. so we can make sure to login and upvote your submission.

about a year ago

Odds and Ends

socz A few ideas (9 comments)

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by bar code generator, but is this what you're looking for? http://www.barcode-generator.org/

For a title name, how about "Star Drops"?

For adding the copywrite, you don't have to change the page numbers if you added as Roman Numerals (I.E. i,ii,iii,iv etc.). I've seen than in quite a few books. That way you can keep your page numbers the same and still be able to add more before the table of contents.

Do you want to merge, add to, create PDFs? I have Adobe software that allows me to make one mega file out of many smaller PDFs. If this is what you need, let me know as I may be able to do it for you. You can always reach me by email.

about a year ago

Uh, three?

socz Re:Drug Culture. (7 comments)

Yep thanks, I read them in reverse order :P

The part that really has me laughing is the 'I didn't go to college' bit in explaining how he somehow doesn't get it (but he does). But his experience as 'Captain' I'm sure has more than prepared him for this trip. I'm also curious about the incident that drew the CEO's attention - how it happened. We know that the robots pretty much do the work now, maybe going into why robots instead of people (besides the economics of it) running the ship can be explored?

about a year ago

Uh, three?

socz Re:Drug Culture. (7 comments)

I just read and caught up with all the posts, very interested to see what happens once the boat reaches Mars. Will everyone have made it? Keeping going, can't wait to see it finished!

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Hands-On Activity For IT Career Fair

socz Root devices (121 comments)

Have them root their devices. It's not necessarily an easy thing to do, and in some cases requires CLI. It will show them a high level view of the different thing a person needs to even be able to root a device (vulnerability, code, communicating with the device etc). Talk about the ethics involved in rooting the device (yours vs theirs mentality). Flash a custom "ROM."

Success can be measured by those who successfully flash a ROM without bricking the device. This will give valuable real world experience that can at the least, teach them the perils of bricking a device. Better yet, could help them save big bucks by not bricking one of their own devices. Might even get some of them interested in computer security, vulnerability discovery/patching, and some may even start a business to root devices for customers!

But don't underestimate the ability to assemble and understand a PC down to its memory and CPU. Maybe you can have different teams cooperate to be part of a work place environment. PC building, network building, and "support" getting devices imaged and/or up and running on said network.

about a year ago

Australian Mobile Phone Provider Sent 1000s of Fake Debt Collection Letters

socz Re:BS (82 comments)

MPAA doesn't have a problem stealing food from grandma's mouth right? With all of the incorrect accusations of them stealing movies when all they had was an IP address and sent out a form letter. Maybe I should have posted it as "Corporations are people."

about 2 years ago

Australian Mobile Phone Provider Sent 1000s of Fake Debt Collection Letters

socz Re:BS (82 comments)

Corporations are people, my friend!

about 2 years ago

Proof of Astroturf Modding and I am Targeted.

socz Re:Wow... (10 comments)

That is not PC... you mean "They Fox News'd it." LoL

more than 2 years ago

Out Of Touch

socz Re:don't forget the cult leader (18 comments)

The only person I know who is for Ron Paul and who has tried to "help me see his ways" as the way forward, was a person who owed a lot of taxes, who filed for sovereignty in a state that's a Republic and who now has no more personal tax liability. This is also a person who has a business in the same state and is having issues with his business - he is being sued for damage to something he transported (he's a transporter). So, instead of dealing with the lawsuit as a responsible individual/business, he let his domain and email expire and is starting again under a different name. Can't go into more detail, but that's basically the situation.

While I understand that he has a problem with taxes, I have a problem with him not understanding that if he, like most all of us, doesn't pay at least some taxes "into the system," he wouldn't be able to even have a transport business because no one is going to personally venture to set up the massive infrastructure he uses everyday to make money. And even if someone was willing to do so, I couldn't even imagine what the cost would be to use it.

I've been fortunate to have been able to travel abroad quite a bit and have found the option of "free road" vs toll road." Free always takes longer, is more exciting (dangerous), and might have the benefit of experiencing new things. Toll will get you to where you want to go faster and safer, but at a cost. And during a long journey, it adds up.

about 3 years ago

Steve Jobs' Missing License Plate

socz Re:"Someone like Jobs"? (579 comments)

Yah... like the sole comment on that page said... 'there's a reason they're always empty, even handicapped people don't want to park there, they just want to get treated the same as everyone else!' /sarcasm

more than 3 years ago

.A couple of tech reviews...

socz Re:Try flat antennas (4 comments)

Well that's my point, I also saw those and wondered if they worked as reviews on that style could go either way. So in buying 1 cheap flat antenna, I ended up finding a gem! I went back and bought plenty more, not just for me but for others as well.

more than 3 years ago



DefCon Goon/Ninja Badge creator needs your help!

socz socz writes  |  more than 3 years ago

socz (1057222) writes "Barkode is one of the masterminds behind the ever popular, invite only, Ninja Networks Party held every year at DefCon. He codes those fantastic badges we all covet so much each year... What you don’t know is that he is sick. He needs your help now. He has been diagnosed with a very rare, acquired, blood deficiency disease and is fighting for his life in the hospital where he lies in the acute care ward.

This happened very quickly. In a matter of a few weeks, he went from healthy to needing a bone marrow transplant to survive. This disease destroys his red blood cells. It is literally killing him from the inside. The only treatment for it is constant whole blood transfusions until a bone marrow match donor can be found and eventually a bone marrow transplant can be performed.

Follow the link to see how you can help by donating blood!


Link to Original Source

How to connect to outlook from another PC?

socz socz writes  |  more than 6 years ago

socz writes "Ok so my company runs on a VPN right. My manager has a laptop with that and a load of security software to access his e-mail and company intranet. His question to me was:

"How can I access my laptop e-mail (from outlook) on my personal desk top (PC)?"

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the possibilities and solutions for windows to make this happen. This of course will have to happen without company authorization simply because it's a pain in the arse to get anything done going through the proper channels and because they're super iANAL about everything. But since my manager has been the best manager I've had in this company, I'm willing to help him out.

So is there anything we can do to make this happen? Can we set up something on the laptop to give him access? Be it something like active sync from PC to PC or an ssh tunnel forwarding ports?

Anything that would allow him to access his laptop's outlook from another PC AND be able to send from it as well.

Thanks gang!"

AP at it again (Bias?)

socz socz writes  |  more than 6 years ago

socz writes "On August 30, 2005 the AP labels a picture "A looter carries a bucket of beer out of a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005, as floodwaters continue to rise in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina made landfall on Monday." Problems arise when a "white" person is seen with food taken from stores and is labeled as "looking for food."

The problem most people had were that the "black man" was labeled a looter while the "white man" was looking for food in equal conditions.

So today I see this comment:

"I could stay an hour and a half at the front end or three hours at the back end," joked Ronald Marshall, a black Democrat.

In the entire article race isn't brought up anywhere else. Of all the people interviewed, there is no hint or revelation of their ethnicity or race.

The AP has been accused of not reporting the news fairly, but rather taking a bias due to race/color. Was this AP reporter out of hand or were they just reporting things as they saw it?"

Link to Original Source



My Tokyoflash watch design

socz socz writes  |  more than 4 years ago Tokyoflash has been making 'special' watches for a while. They're generally not for everyone because they aren't practical, but they are very appealing to the /. crowd. The reason being you need to "learn" how to read time for each watch and they can be VERY different from 1 model to the next.

I just recently found out they have a contest to design watches that they *could* make if they get good approval ratings. If they do, then they will be moved to technical consideration to see if and how they could be made.

So after looking at some previous entries, I thought to myself "these designers have to be pretty smart/creative to come up with alternative time pieces." So then I thought about it and said to myself, "why can't I make one of these?" and came up with a few designs - my first being "Cross Time," an idea I've had in mind for a standard watch but that happens to work well with their style of "telling time."

If my design gets to the next stage, then it's possible that it gets made. If it goes into production then Tokyoflash will offer $20,000 for my design, or royalties on a per-sale basis. Pretty cool right?

If you can, please check out the watch and vote yes if you like it!

Go here to vote: http://www.tokyoflash.com/blog/2010/10/cross-time-watch-concept/

Click on "Yes" (green button) under "Would you buy this product?"


Making it safer for people with Alzheimer's at night

socz socz writes  |  more than 4 years ago I tell people: "The best way to learn about Alzheimer's is to read about it." Some, like myself, could argue that things are best learned first hand. But this is something that you don't want to have to learn "first hand."

In taking care of someone who has Alzheimer's, I've discovered something a few years back that is VERY useful. Here's some background first.

Those who take care of people with Alzheimer's, more specifically those who have them in their homes (like family members) know that the night time can be VERY difficult. It's not unusual to say my loved one walks like a ghost in the night only to frighten anyone who sees them because they creep so quietly that you have no idea they're there until they're on top of you!

Leaving a light on can be a problem because it can keep other family members up. Leaving no lights on can be dangerous as the person with Alzheimer's could wake up and walk around (as they all do) and fall and hurt themselves. Many will just put a night light in the socket and hope for the best. Those lights generally don't provide enough light to get around safely (especially if the person has cataracts). So I looked for a better solution. You could always put a stronger bulb in the night light... But that bothers those who are sleeping (and caring/watching the person at night).

I came across a motion sensor for about $20 at Harbor Freight & Tools one day. I didn't expect it to work well for the price, but it did surprisingly well! I plugged the stronger bulbed night light into the motion sensor and Voilà! Now there is enough light to safely see a ghost walking around in the middle of the night AND it'll only turn on when it detects motion. But as you can imagine, this can still bother others sleeping in the same room with the constant on and off. So I had to come up with another device...

A few years ago I bought some lamps that had a translucent blue glass shade with an additional transparent glass shade outside of that. It's a modern looking lamp, and the shades look like a cylinder in another cylinder. So when you turned the lamp on, it looked awesome! So awesome, that the light blinded you because the blue glass wasn't thick/dense/dark enough to diffuse the light enough to not hurt your eyes. So I ended up modifying it. I cut some aluminum foil to the exact size of the inside cylinder and wrapped it around about 1/4 - 1/3 of the way around. This in effect blocked the light from coming at you directly and actually made the lamp look better as the lamp really lit up blue instead of blinding sky blue. This also helped with more directional light as the foil served as a reflector. (A friend even told me I should try to sell the design hah!).

So using that experience/knowledge, I bought some Japanese style paper lamps (the round ones). I hung the blue paper lamp (can you spot the trend?) just off from the corner of the bedroom. I cut some aluminum foil to size of the supporting metal bracket (a little frame that props the paper lamp "open") and wrapped that around the bulb about 80%-90% so that only a little light comes out the back. I purchased a very low watt soft florescent bulb (like 8 or 10 watts) and threw that in there.

The motion sensor I mounted in the very top corner of the bedroom and angled it downward. It helps that the person with Alzheimer's bed is in direct line of sight (this is useful). So whenever they move *in* bed, the light goes on. Just seeing the light is on puts them at ease and actually prevents them from getting out of bed to "see where they are." Obviously, when they DO get out of bed (naughty!) they're safe as they can see well enough to make out where to walk and what to avoid.

The best benefit of this set up, is because of the way the sensor is mounted and the lamp is hung, the person who sleeps in the same room and takes care of them can't trigger the motion sensor because the lamp is blocking them from it. So they can move about (even use their laptop when they should be sleeping! Naughty!) and not worry about turning the light on and waking up the sleeping person.

You would think such a thing would be the first thing that comes to mind when dealing with a person who has Alzheimer's, but it's not. Alzheimer's is something that can happen so quickly to some, that you really never have time realize/learn how to manage it until it's too late. You would also think that it'd be easy to find some sort of device that works just like this but isn't such a hassle. There isn't.

While searching for night lights that have motion detectors, day light sensor, battery back up and other random features I noticed that nothing like that exists. So for those of you who are hardware hackers, theres a freebie for you. Contact me if you want the designs!

Hopefully, someone somewhere will be able to use my ideas here and help make their life easier and safer for both them and their loved ones.


Dentists, oh noes!

socz socz writes  |  more than 5 years ago So about a year ago I finally decided to use my dental insurance to just get my teeth "cleaned." To my surprise, it's not that simple.

The Dentist I had selected (through my insurance) was:
Dental Group of Arcadia 440 E Huntington Dr Arcadia, CA 91006-3776
Dental Group of Arcadia is individually owned by Farhad Manavi D.D.S., II, Inc.

It looked very nice and was very modern!

So once I made an appointment and show up and it turns out they can't just clean your teeth - there's a lot to do before that! They have to take a full set of X-Rays before they can even look at the teeth themselves! Before I continue, let me give you a little back story...

When I was 9? I was going regularly to the dentist. It wasn't a bad experience really, I wasn't traumatized or in extreme pain when I went - not that I remember anyways. But I do remember being told that taking unnecessary X-Rays could cause harm, so they only took what they needed. Years later I end up majoring in manufacturing and learn through it's cousin metallurgy that X-Rays could indeed be bad... So those things stuck in my head.

Back to my story. So when they said first they need full set of X-Rays I asked why? I just wanted to get my teeth cleaned. They explained it's so they can see the condition of my teeth. When I said they're fine, I just want a cleaning they said "no, because you probably have problems you're not aware of." So 45 minutes later we come to a compromise, they'll take a minimum of X-Rays and go from there.

Now I might be silly, but I know that X-Rays lead to more problems which lead to $$$. Also, since it's insurance they're going to try to claim as many expenses as aren't needed. That was my real objection.

So after the minimal set of X-Rays they technician goes "mmm mmmmmm." And I'm like "what do you see?" "I see a few problems. Doesn't your left side hurt?" HAhaha! No, it doesn't. So after arguing with her about my mouth/teeth/feet not hurting we're done and I'm finally able to see the dentist.

By the way, when I made my appointment they were aware it was my first time to this office. They acknowledged it and said I would be getting my teeth cleaned on that day. They didn't however do that. Once I showed up for my appointment it turns out that nothing is ever done on your first visit - you only get a "check-up/inspection." Then you can make appointments for what you needs.

So here's what I needed, according to the X-Rays and Dentist: I apparently have 13 cavities and am in need of 3 root canals, one of them immediately before I lose the tooth. So while there she referred me to the in-house specialist who could perform the RC because it was apparently very advanced.

Let me give you some more back story. So when I was a kid, I apparently got a gold crown? on one of my molars. While eating/chewing on some delicious candy, it came off. I was like "this is some ghetto workmanship!" So back to the dentist I go. Guess what gang? There was a sign on the door that said "Closed due to Mal practice." It was an official looking sign and had a lot of stuff on it, but that was in a huge font. So that was the end of dentists for me. Not because I didn't like them or was worried about them, because that was my dentist in front of Toys R Us! There's no reason to go back now!

But that wasn't where my mistrust of dentists started. No it started many years later when we found out one of my sisters friends also had the very same dentist but had a lot of dental work done because she had braces. Apparently, he didn't do a very good job as the repairs to the damage done cost some $ to fix. Guess what? My sister also had a little brace-work done as well! And yep, she also had a bad job but since it was very little the damage wasn't so bad.

So, now I'm thinking, they're trying to tell me my teeth hurt when they don't. They're saying they see massive damage to one tooth and I'm about to lose it. They're telling me I need to get this all done ASAP. Mix this with my previous experiences and that = I'm not doing anything, I'm leaving.

So on the way out the office manager is trying to find out what happened. Just for the f of it I ask for the list of items I need to get done and how much it'll cost me out of pocket. It's 13 things they can do there and then what I need to go see the specialist for (root canals). The total for me just at that dentist is $3,000! hahaha Thankssss but no thanks.

I ask if I can just get my cleaning done anyways (cause I'm a trooper) and they say yes but will I be getting any other work done? I said no. They didn't like that and she told me "but you don't understand how at risk you are."

So I say I don't care, I'm a biker anyways - I'm liable to get hit in the face with a tire or baseball on the freeway and lose my teeth. And with today's technology, I can get some awesome fake teeth with screws! How cool is that? Of course she didn't appreciate that. But in the end I was able to make my appointment for my cleaning!...

So before I go back for the cleaning, yes I know I should have looked for another dentist but because all the dentists that were recommended to me were outside of my network, and even on shitty 1-800-dentist (they didn't recommend dentists according to insurance plan which is stupid/pointless) I really couldn't find anyone other than "this one looks good." So before I go in I call and ask if I have to pay for anything out of pocket, the dental office says yes. I'm like wtf??? My plan states all preventative work is 100% covered, that's why I got it. So I start investigating.

After much arguing and to be honest, it was kinda scary because the dental office either didn't want to tell me what procedures are called or they didn't know, I found out a few things I want to share with the world!

For a cleaning apparently you have what's called scaling and root planing. That was 100% covered. But the dental office wanted to give me something called "Medical Irrigation." Sounds important doesn't it? But they wanted to charge me $220 for that. Oh, and the dental office wouldn't do a "full mouth cleaning" in 1 session, I could only do 1/2 the mouth at a time. So that's $440.

So no one at the dental office would tell me what medical irrigation really was, other than it was necessary. No one on my insurance's side would tell me what it was, other than it's not covered. So after much back and forth, I finally came across a wonderful lady who answered a few questions, one of them being "when you go for your cleanings, do you get it?" She said "no, because I just go home and use mouth wash. It's about the same thing."

They also check your "pockets" which is how deep your gums go to the roots of your teeth. A large # is bad. It was a really stupid question of the dentist one she thought about it when she asked what my pockets were when I last saw a dentist. She answered that herself when she said "oh you were 9, they wouldn't have checked your pockets back then." Did that even exist back then? (Yes all my pockets were in rocking condition!)

There was also something else about aristen/ariston injections, but it's been too long to remember what that's about. All I know is that I didn't want it! And don't let them fool you about the "dental disease" gingivitis. Apparently, after some research, EVERYONE has the "disease" to a certain extent. It's normal to have it at the normal levels (someone who brushes their teeth) and those who don't take care of their teeth get it really bad! Also those who do certain drugs.

So now I can get my teeth cleaned! Regardless of what happened, a few months later (like 6) I made friends with of all people, a dental office manager! I told her my story and she broke it down to me in 2 words: "Drill N Bill." That's what they call dental offices that max out the insurance coverages because they can. She also explained everything I had already investigated which was really cool. So of course I felt great I didn't let them rob my insurance blind.

So in the end, I might have only gotten 1/2 my mouth cleaned (they canceled my appointment to get the other side cleaned without notice - maybe because I refused all of their extra "services?"), but at least I know they didn't get the chance to fook up my teeth by making nasty holes and unnecessary route canals.

More than a year later and I still haven't found another dentist, and to be honest I probably won't until I can change my dental plan to get one that covers my friends dental office(s). But since then do you know how many times my teeth have hurt or bothered me? ZERO



socz socz writes  |  more than 5 years ago I started using WM PPC phones with the HTC Titan (AKA mogul, wing). It was pretty fast and had great features for its time.

With rom customizing it turned out to be a highly configurable phone. I then moved onto the new HTC Touch pro and set it up the same way. Although the newer WM 6.1 has the TouchFlo3d GUI, it really wasn't that great, and then only decent when tweeked.

So recently i discovered the PointUI Home2 GUI for WM PPC's. It's awesome! I have typed up some info if you're interested.

Check it out here http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?p=942905#post942905

This paired with Silence's ROM is an unbeatable combo!


Projectors M1-D DVI/USB to VGA/USB Adapter

socz socz writes  |  more than 4 years ago Being that it's my first journal entry, I want to state that I've been thinking of a way to contribute interesting finds to others. Unfortunately 1 forum or several can't always do this. So what place better than on /.'s journal? My purpose of writing should always be to provide useful information.

I have recently acquired a Toshina Projector - TDP-T3. It's in working condition but was projecting everything in a green hue. So after testing with different inputs I came to the conclusion that the main cable ("M1-D to VGA/USB") was bad.

I started looking up replacement cables and found out they can be pretty expensive. Nothing less than $45 with shipping. So I came across adapters, but unfortunately no one could confirm they work.

By logical deduction I would assume they would work because the output is a DVI, it is then downgraded to VGA. So why wouldn't an adapter that connects on one end to DVI not work when the other end is also DVI?

I ordered an adapter that has the DVI/USV on the projectors end and the DVI on the other end. I asked the store selling it if it would work and they said no. Good thing I ordered it before I got their reply!

So I went from spending about $50 to ~$10.

I got the adapter on ebay from these guys: http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Abacus-Cables__W0QQ_armrsZ1

And the listing at the time of writing is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260411786469&ssPageName=ADME:B:EOIBSA:US:1123

While the listing says it will only work on specific models listed and "some other models" it will definitely work on the TDP-T3. I also don't see why it wouldn't work on other M1 devices as well.

So now I got it working with DVI instead of VGA and it looks GREAT! Now if I could only find a place for cheap replacement bulbs for when I need one...

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