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Data Loss Bug In OS X 10.5 Leopard

softweyr works for me (603 comments)

I've been using rsync to back up 3 macs (g4 mini, g4 ibook, macbook) to the same firewire drive for years, on 10.4.

Perhaps in your father's case PEBKAC?

more than 7 years ago



softweyr softweyr writes  |  more than 8 years ago

softweyr (2380) writes "Intel has apparently stirred a batch of DVD-RWs into their memory chip soup to produce a new form of non-volatile memory.

According to the eWeek article, the technology is based on "the same material, chalcogenide, that's used inside to store data in a rewritable optical discs." This technology promises higher densities and better read speeds than NAND and NOR flash, and is suitable for storing both non-volatile data and code. If successful, non-volatile program memory might revolutionize desktop computers as well as portable devices. Imagine a desktop system that doesn't have to "boot" programs from disk. If only Intel processors supported separate instruction and data addressing."


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