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Hacking the RoboSapien

soliaus Re:MS Whore Sapien (115 comments)

Shutup. You could not possibly know what you are talking about. Do you even understand the fundamental principle of the human minds ability to associate known items of relevance with the current usage of a certian relevant product? AKA...if you knew the differences between the two items of your claimed open-source moral dilemma, you would not have opened your brain to make this comment.

For those of you who dont want to read that, I said something about open-source and spoke intelligently. Mod me up bitches.

more than 10 years ago


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Killer WiFi

soliaus soliaus writes  |  more than 11 years ago I just got a killer wifi connection with a local WISP in Las Vegas, NV. Im about 1.1 miles from the tower with direct line of site and im pulling 2mbps (up and down) using thier simple panel antenna. The hardware is stored inside of a box underneath the antenna. Upon opening it up i discovered that it is absically a pc 104 mobo with ethernet and an attached cisco aironet 350 series wifi card. As soon as I get a MMCX pigtail, up goes the cantenna! Also, they dont limit speed. What you can pull is what you get. I wonder how well a 24dBi parabolic dish would do... hehe.

Almost forgot, $30 a month! keyon.com . tell them 702-804-4798 sent you. Thx

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