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What Belongs In a High School Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lit Class?

soluzar22 Re:9 more books! (1021 comments)

I hope you're joking about David Eddings, since his work seems to me simplistic in the extreme and a perfect example of how to write boring fantasy by the numbers. Especially when your next choice of author is the excellent Greg Bear, this seems bizarre.

more than 5 years ago

Dealing w/ Unsatisfied Customers?

soluzar22 Re:You do what you can, and treat the true problem (112 comments)

The thing is that I've been in same situation as that customer when it actually was the fault of the company. I don't find that video amusing or entertaining, even though I sympathise with the member of staff. The customer in that instance was an asshole, but then again, most companies are weasels about repairing or replacing faulty hardware. That video does a very nice job of spreading propaganda, but in my experience, there are just as many situations like this [slashdot.org] as there are situations like the one in that video.

Bottom line? It sucks really hard to be a technically inclined customer, because the support staff at whatever company you give your valuable business to will most likely a) not be technically inclined, and b) assume that you are not either. I have only limited sympathy for sob-stories from tech support guys. It's a hard job, and you knew that when you took it on. If thats the way you're earning your crust, then you go in every day with the full knowledge that it's not an easy, pleasant, or satisfying task. I'm not about to support those customers who shout at you, or employ verbal abuse, but I am quite bored of being treated as an imbecile by technical support.

more than 8 years ago


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