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Pollution In China Could Be Driving Freak Weather In US

some old guy I'm so relieved! (99 comments)

Thank goodness for transparency. I mean, we all know how honest and forthcoming Chinese and Chinese-American businesses are. They're just like Western corporations now.

Surely they wouldn't lie, would they?

2 hours ago

Bachelor's Degree: An Unnecessary Path To a Tech Job

some old guy Re:the real issue.... (281 comments)

Most of those are H1B bait. Some HR boffin is doing the diligence to set up another round of imported indentured servants.

2 days ago

First Glow-In-the-Dark Road Debuts In Netherlands

some old guy Japan was first. (180 comments)

I believe there are many roads in the Fukishima area that glow a pretty blue-green.

2 days ago

Cuba: US Using New Weapon Against Us -- Spam

some old guy Re:Bizzare Plots (137 comments)

Not as long as Monsanto, Dole, Cargill, and ADM see Cuban agriculture as too much potential competition.

about a week ago

Cheaper Fuel From Self-Destructing Trees

some old guy Re:bio fuel? (112 comments)

Who cares about jobs? There are profits at stake!

about two weeks ago

Security Industry Incapable of Finding Firmware Attackers

some old guy Re:Least interest (94 comments)

Seconded. Hear, hear!

about a month ago

NSA Can Retrieve, Replay All Phone Calls From a Country From the Past 30 Days

some old guy Re:it is exposed (320 comments)

Best to keep in mind that it's exposed in spite of the system, not as a result of it. The disclosures you cite would never have seen the light of day if the system could have prevented it. If not for whistle-blowers and diligent journalists, we'd know nothing.

If the system had it's way, there would be no exposure at all.

Our current system in no way resembles the vision of the founding fathers.

And yes, We the Sheeple will put up with it. We're to busy, as a culture, with the Kardashians, the Final Four, and Warcraft.

about a month ago

Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine

some old guy Nunya (623 comments)

Putin's neo-Stalinism aside, it may be sad to sit helplessly on the sidelines but the US has no territorial, economic, or security interest in Ukraine whatsoever. It's none of America's damn business.

Somewhere, sometime, the US has got to get over this notion of being the world's comic-book superhero.

Now is a good time to start. Picking a fight with a bully that has a huge nuclear arsenal is a bad idea.

about a month ago

CanSecWest Presenter Self-Censors Risky Critical Infrastructure Talk

some old guy Still Don't Get It? (66 comments)

All of this stuff about security, privacy, and accountability is just academic masturbation. It has been for years. It is not going to change, because those with the power to change it aren't about to.

The oligarchs who control our governments, security forces, and political parties, own us completely. It is too late to stop them. It is a waste of time to complain and dangerous to resist.


Can we just drop all the faux political drama and talk about, I don't know, programming or something?

about a month ago

Why Your Phone Gets OTA Updates But Your Car Doesn't

some old guy Reboot at 70? (305 comments)

Please wait while Windows restarts your......KER-BAM!

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

some old guy Everquest 2 (669 comments)

Once an Evercracker, always an Evercracker I suppose. My preference is the fantasy genre, so that probably explains it. Sc-Fi and modern/urban settings don't interest me.

I am also an Alpha tester for Everquest Next Landmark, and enjoying the experience immensely. I also plan to be involved in Everquest Next once Landmark goes live.

about 2 months ago

Australia and NSA Gain Comprehensive Access To Indonesian Phone System

some old guy Re:Psst (133 comments)

Mod +5 Informative. Soylent is the death of Beta! All hail the mighty Soylent!


about 2 months ago

Computer Geeks As Loners? Data Says Otherwise

some old guy Engineers FTW! (158 comments)

65.5%! We win!

about 2 months ago

Majority of Young American Adults Think Astrology Is a Science

some old guy Re:Religion (625 comments)

The invisible tentacles of the Flying Spaghetti Monster reach everywhere.

about 2 months ago

Comparing Cloud-Based Image Services For Developers

some old guy Ask Mister Pr0n (28 comments)

It isn't as if adult websites haven't been using 3rd-party hosting of images and media for ages. You can't play a video without permission to foocdn.com.

The only thing that seems to have changed is the buzz words. Cloud my ass.

Oh, and Beta still sucks.

about 2 months ago

Fracking Is Draining Water From Areas In US Suffering Major Shortages

some old guy Fracking is good for business (268 comments)

Fracking is good for business, so the environmental and health arguments are falling on deaf ears. The Republocrat duopoly sees only dollar signs

And /. beta still sucks.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Online News Is Worth Paying For?

some old guy None.At.All (361 comments)

Radio, streamed or OTA, like the BBC World Service and NPR, are all I need for breaking news. For depth, when wanted, I'll research it myself.

I'm not even remotely interested in the crappola that passes for main-stream media these days.

about 2 months ago

Layoffs At Now-Private Dell May Hit Over 15,000 Staffers

some old guy Re:We are ALL Temporary employees (287 comments)

That's probably the best piece of advice you could ever give any kid embarking on his/her career. My son is still in middle school, and he's free of any delusions about employer-employee relationships.

In a sense we're all just prostitutes peddling our time and assets to sleazy, uncaring creeps.

This is in no way meant to be insulting to prostitutes. I can respect a good honest hooker.

about 2 months ago

DEA Presentation Shows How Agency Hides Investigative Methods From Trial Review

some old guy Re:Just another reason to abolish the DEA (266 comments)

The DEA exists for three reasons:

1. Present a "tough on crime" Potemkin village to the drooling voter masses.

2. Provide a clandestine conduit for diplomatic/economic ties to certain unsavory groups/persons.

3. Pork-barrel make-work for the buzz-cut Wyatt Earp types and their cronies in the legal and prison systems.

Everything else is bullshit.

about 2 months ago



NSA Monitoring WoW, Second Life

some old guy some old guy writes  |  about 4 months ago

some old guy (674482) writes "It appears that in-game chat and game mail in Warcraft, Second Life, and probably other MMO's are fair game for our gallant protectors at the good old NSA. Obviously terrorists have plenty of spare time for grinding, raiding, and crafting.

Or maybe, with their tender little feelings hut not, the spooks are looking for that competitive edge in their own gaming experience. Can you imagine the hacks and dupes these guys could pull? And here we've been blaming Korean bot guilds all this time!"

Link to Original Source

Clapper to Review Spying and Privacy

some old guy some old guy writes  |  about 8 months ago

some old guy (674482) writes "In a perfect twist of Washington irony, Director of National Intelligence Chief James Clapper has been named by President Obama to head the post-Snowden review of privacy issues in intelligence gathering. From the article:

"Director of National Intelligence James Clapper will head a review group designed to assess the nation's intelligence gathering and surveillance capabilities, raising questions about whether a board led by a top government official will be as independent as he promised.

Obama announced the creation of an "independent group" of "outside experts" to review privacy issues raised by the nation's surveillance programs during a Friday press conference. "We’re forming a high-level group of outside experts to review our entire intelligence and communications technologies," he said, adding that the group would "consider how we can maintain the trust of the people, how we can make sure that there absolutely is no abuse in terms of how these surveillance technologies are used.""

Link to Original Source

NSA Can't Parse It's Own Email?

some old guy some old guy writes  |  about 9 months ago

some old guy (674482) writes "According to NSA's response a routine FOIA request made by a Huffington Post reporter, the agency "don't have the technology" to search a mere 30,000 employee accounts, when it claims to sniff millions of emails a day in pursuit of whatever it is they're pursuing. Either the NSA's capabilities are vastly over-rated, or they're just plain lying again."
Link to Original Source

NYT Looks at FISA: Everybody is a potential "Target"

some old guy some old guy writes  |  about 9 months ago

some old guy (674482) writes "This NYT analysis looks into the recent attention given to the FISA court, particularly at its broad interpretations of Congress' intent and what constitutes "foreign intelligence". Particularly disturbing is how only the government is allowed to present it's side of the story in filings. We're all being subjected to a court where we have no standing to defend or assert our side of any case."
Link to Original Source

NSA Cozier with Big Data than Snowden Revealed

some old guy some old guy writes  |  about 10 months ago

some old guy (674482) writes "Bloomberg, not exactly a radical publication, is running an informative article that summarizes a lot of what we've long suspected about the US Government's cozy relationship with tech companies. Some of the statements from corporate officers are as full of doublespeak as the latest official commentary."
Link to Original Source

Big E, first nuclear aircraft carrier retires after 51 years.

some old guy some old guy writes  |  about a year ago

some old guy writes "NORFOLK, Va. — The world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was retired from active service on Saturday, temporarily reducing the number of carriers in the U.S. fleet to 10 until 2015.

The USS Enterprise ended its notable 51-year career during a ceremony at its home port at Naval Station Norfolk, where thousands of former crew members, ship builders and their families lined a pier to bid farewell to one of the most decorated ships in the Navy.

"It'll be a special memory. The tour yesterday was a highlight of the last 20 years of my life. I've missed the Enterprise since every day I walked off of it," said Kirk McDonnell, a former interior communications electrician aboard the ship from 1983 to 1987 who now lives in Highmore, S.D.

The Enterprise was the largest ship in the world at the time it was built, earning the nickname "Big E." It didn't have to carry conventional fuel tanks for propulsion, allowing it to carry twice as much aircraft fuel and ordnance than conventional carriers at the time. Using nuclear reactors also allowed the ship to set speed records and stay out to sea during a deployment without ever having to refuel, one of the times ships are most vulnerable to attack.

"Nuclear propulsion changed everything," said Adm. John Richardson, director of Naval Reactors.

Every other aircraft carrier in the U.S. fleet is now nuclear powered, although they only have two nuclear reactors each compared to the Enterprise's eight. The Enterprise was the only carrier of its class ever built.

It was only designed to last 25 years, but underwent a series of upgrades to extend its life, making it the oldest active combat vessel in the fleet

The ship served in every major conflict since participating in a blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis, helping earn its motto of "We are Legend.""

Link to Original Source


some old guy has no journal entries.

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