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Ask Slashdot: Why Are We Still Writing Text-Based Code?

somenickname Re:Labview (876 comments)

I've actually worked on several projects where we ended up creating a new visual programming language to solve the problem. We did it because it was almost impossible to express the problems in a traditional programming language. Visual programming is awkward when the problem doesn't lend itself to visual programming. If you wanted to argue that most problems don't lend themselves to visual programming, you'd get no argument here. But, if the problem calls for it, definitely don't be afraid to design a UI to describe it just because, traditionally, you've seen it not work.

about 5 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

somenickname Re:Resurrecting (2219 comments)

Maybe it didn't work in the past because there wasn't a vacuum to fill. People who have read Slashdot for 10+ years have come to rely on having a site like this. With the imminent death of the site, you aren't trying to convert a community, you'd be giving them a place to go.

about 6 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

somenickname Re:Slashdot BETA Sucks. (2219 comments)

What is there to view without the active contributors? You can get days old news practically anywhere.

about 6 months ago

AltSlashdot is coming

somenickname Alternate name (2 comments)

I registered (!/.) If you are serious about getting the project off the ground, let me know and the domain is yours.

about 6 months ago

Designer Seeds Thought To Be Latest Target By Chinese

somenickname Re:Boycott (164 comments)

Just registered (!/.) in case Slashdot needs to be forked to a new site. Will happily sell the domain to a more capable web-type for the exact price I paid (with the stipulation that I get a low UID).

about 6 months ago

Once Slashdot beta has been foisted on me, what site should I use?

somenickname Re:Thanks (3 comments)

Me too. I'm hoping I get some mod points in the next few days so I can mod up every single post that complains about the new UI.

about 6 months ago

Once Slashdot beta has been foisted on me, what site should I use?

somenickname Thanks (3 comments)

Glad to see this became real. Hope it makes it to the front page.

about 6 months ago

North Korea's Home-Grown Operating System Mimics OS X

somenickname Re:Fuck BEta (252 comments)

I'm still waiting for an "Ask Slashdot: Once Slashdot beta has been foisted on me, what site should I use instead". I'm only partially joking. I actually want to know the answer.

about 6 months ago

With HTTPS Everywhere, Is Firefox Now the Most Secure Mobile Browser?

somenickname Re:Depends on the threat model, doesn't it? (279 comments)

I loathe to say this but, HTTPS Everywhere is security theater. It makes your browser have a green icon where it otherwise might not but, that green icon is just an illusion of security. Considering recent revelations about the NSA, I would assume all SSL certificates are compromised. Like, literally, all of them. If the trust chain has been compromised by one party (the NSA), I would assume it compromised by all parties.

about 6 months ago

With HTTPS Everywhere, Is Firefox Now the Most Secure Mobile Browser?

somenickname Re:Dear MyCleanPC, (279 comments)

Well, nowhere in the glowing reviews did I see that it would also bring back my dog so, country music still has its place.

about 6 months ago

With HTTPS Everywhere, Is Firefox Now the Most Secure Mobile Browser?

somenickname Dear MyCleanPC, (279 comments)

I will admit that I was skeptical that a piece of software could cure my cancer, bring back my wife and prevent me from beating my daughter but, based on dozens of posts on Slashdot, I'm willing to give it a try.

about 6 months ago

AT&T Introduces "Sponsored Data" Allowing Services to Bypass 4G Data Caps

somenickname Re:And thus begins the end (229 comments)

Some of the big companies that are going to be essentially extorted money can actually prevent this from happening. If Google/Facebook/etc tell AT&T, "That's fine, we'll pay your extortion money. However, since we add so much value to your service, we've decided to no longer provide our services on your network unless you pay us slightly more than we are paying you". If major services started disappear off the AT&T network, I imagine they'd rethink this blatant violation of net-neutrality. I doubt the big internet companies would ever do something like this but, a guy can dream.

about 7 months ago

Polar Vortex Sends Life-Threatening Freeze To US

somenickname Re:It's not cold if you have gear (684 comments)

I'd take it a step further and say the real story is that people are idiots. On a scale between Dangerously Oblivious and Zombie Apocalypse Prepper, most people heavily lean towards the former. Whether that's dressing for the conditions, driving for the conditions, keeping some basic emergency supplies in your car, having enough food in the house, having an emergency alternative heat source, etc. I'm not saying everyone needs a Unimog and a hardened bunker with a years worth of MREs in their backyard but, a little common sense and a little preparation can make most extreme winter weather nearly a non-event.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Protect Your Privacy These Days? Or Do You?

somenickname Re:Not too bothered (319 comments)

The NSA *is* a criminal gang. And, it's a criminal gang that can put you in jail for breaking laws that you don't even realize you are breaking.

about 8 months ago

Mark Shuttleworth Apologizes for Trademark Action Against Fix Ubuntu

somenickname Re:too little, too late (196 comments)

Or, that the very least, you should at least tell the tale of the time that a Møøse bit your sister.

about 8 months ago

Google Is Testing a Program That Tracks Your Purchases In the Real World

somenickname Re:Dear Slashdot... (160 comments)

Well said and makes me think of this quote from Fear and Loathing:

"We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look west, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark - that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back."

about 8 months ago

Bizarre Six-Tailed Asteroid Dumbfounds Scientists

somenickname Re:Well, there's a simple explanation, really. (134 comments)

You joke but, earlier today there was a story about Starship Troopers on Slashdot. I know that if I still lived in Buenos Aires, I'd give serious thought to getting out of town for a while...

about 8 months ago

Stung By Scandal, South Korea Weighs Up Cost of Curbing Nuclear Power

somenickname Re:Nuclear safety is different (200 comments)

The fossil fuel power plants themselves are less of a danger but, the methods used to extract the fuel can and do render huge swaths of land uninhabitable. There are parts of the U.S. where previously habitable (and populated) land has become uninhabitable (or nearly so) due to the groundwater and air pollution effects of hydraulic fracturing.

about 9 months ago

The Boss Is Remotely Monitoring Blue-Collar Workers

somenickname Re:Protip (228 comments)

When I was younger and didn't have a personal machine, when I got home from work I'd boot my employer laptop with an Ubuntu Live CD and all was well. They certainly weren't savvy enough to have put some sort of monitoring below the OS level and so my por^H^H^H browsing habits were safe and the machine was in no danger of being compromised at the OS level.

about 9 months ago

Why Does Windows Have Terrible Battery Life?

somenickname Re:The things windows does, as a real OS (558 comments)

Defragging a potentially huge disk, in the background, on-the-fly, so the disk never slows down.

Why on earth would it do this while on battery? Can't it wait until the machine is plugged in again?

File search index, in the background, on-the-fly, so you can search faster. You can turn this off.

Again, why do this by default when on battery?

Full window dragging, and many other graphics enhancements. You can turn these off.

This will have almost no impact on battery life unless you are spending most of your time dragging around windows for your own amusement.

Is the printer still there? Let's check again.

Why? If I'm not trying to print anything, who cares if the printer is there.

Port polling, did you know that a USB port might gett polled 50'000 times per second? You can turn this down. A lot.

Why default to such an aggressive polls/second while on battery?

Scheduled tasks. Oh so many scheduled tasks. You probably have over 1'000 defined.

I certainly didn't schedule over 1000 tasks. Why are there over 1000 tasks scheduled and why are they scheduled to run while on battery?

Is the internet still connected? Let's check again.

Why? I'll know as soon as a webpage can't load.

An actual software Firewall. You can turn it off, or make it much simpler.

If this has any effect on battery life then it is horribly, horribly written.

Multi-user, multi-profile. Everything gets doubled.

You have multiple users logged into your laptop while on battery? Sure, it's possible but, I find it highly unlikely that most people do.

Is the printer still there? Let's check again.
Is the internet still connected? Let's check again.

See above.

Event logging. Windows knows what it's doing, because it takes the time to write it down.

That's the only potentially valid thing you've said so far. Well, the first sentence at least.

The windows registry. It's probably the single most reliable aspect of any operating system. It's incredibly fast, always-on, used tens of thousands of times in a single moment by a any application -- my graphics suite writes 12'000 registry entries when I close the application. And you never need to worry about it getting corrupted.

At this point I'm wondering if this is actually a troll.

No fewer than eight different scripting languages available at any moment.

I don't see how this could affect battery life at all.

Twenty versions of a single DLL loaded concurrently, for cross-decade application compatibility.

Except for the disk access to read the DLLs, just having them in memory makes no difference at all.

about 9 months ago



Once Slashdot beta has been foisted upon me, what site should I use instead?

somenickname somenickname writes  |  about 6 months ago

somenickname (1270442) writes "As a long time Slashdot reader, I'm wondering what website to transition to once the beta goes live. The new beta interface seems very well suited to tablets/phones but, it ignores the fact that the user base is, as one would expect, nerds sitting in front of very large LCD monitors and wasting their employers time. It's entirely possible that the browser ID information gathered by the site has indicated that they get far more hits on mobile devices where the new interface is reasonable but, I feel that no one has analyzed the browser ID (and screen resolution) against comments modded +5. I think you will find that most +5 comments are coming from devices (real fucking computers) that the new interface does not support well. Without an interface that invites the kind of users that post +5 comments, Slashdot is just a ho-hum news aggregation site that allows comments. So, my question is, once the beta is the default, where should Slashdot users go to?"


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