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Google's Mapping Contest Draws Ire From Indian Government

someone1234 Re:Get some priorities (95 comments)

You mean, other than letting a foreign company doing spy work in their country? LOL :)

2 days ago

Researchers Print Electronic Memory On Paper

someone1234 Re:Old news... (78 comments)

Ever scanned handwritten documents?

about a week ago

White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

someone1234 Re:This is total BS (272 comments)

Scientists don't know what will happen to a dolphin getting in the way?
Well, either they explode, or just get their brain squashed. It could be they just become permanently deaf or just scared shitless and swim to the shore to die there.
Either case: they die, who cares which way?

about two weeks ago

New Chemical Process Could Make Ammonia a Practical Car Fuel

someone1234 Re:Wow, pretty cool (380 comments)

There will always be a need for rare elements.
Besides, even mining asteroids for water will be economical once we have more people in space.

about a month ago

The Higgs Boson Should Have Crushed the Universe

someone1234 Phew, it was a near miss! (188 comments)

We barely avoided this catastrophe!

about a month ago
top Thinks Depictions of Pi Are Protected Intellectual Property

someone1234 Re:damn (264 comments)

You can laugh only if you don't have a business in the USA.

about a month ago

The Earliest Bird To Sip a Flower

someone1234 Re:It seems unlikely (21 comments)

The pollen already evolved to support pollination by the bird. So it was not the first.

about 2 months ago

Belief In Evolution Doesn't Measure Science Literacy

someone1234 Re:Wait a sec (772 comments)

I'm pretty sure a man named Jesus lived. I'm pretty sure he was a kind of religious leader/teacher of a budding religion. I'm pretty sure he didn't walk on water.

about 2 months ago

Star Cluster Ejected From Galaxy At 2,000,000 MPH

someone1234 Re:Velocity (133 comments)

No, either he would be dead on Earth, or escape into space :)

about 3 months ago

Heartbleed Turned Against Cyber Criminals

someone1234 some blackhats... (50 comments)

I wonder why they didn't patch their system.
Besides the trivial answer that they are incompetent script kiddies, i came up with these:
1 - the site is abandoned
2 - maybe only those who can exploit heartbleed can gain access to the forum (tests for expertise and maintains anonymity)

about 3 months ago

Asteroid Impacts Bigger Risk Than Thought

someone1234 Re:Am I reading this right (172 comments)

You can explode 600 kilotons every year without anyone but satelites noticing.

about 3 months ago

PC Gaming Alive and Dominant

someone1234 Re:There is no time for gaming (245 comments)

If it kills the attacker without a word, then it works too.
If it doesn't kill, he'll know too :D

about 4 months ago

A New Robo-Soldier Will Test Chemical Warfare Suits

someone1234 Re:Um. Who exactly is attacking? (29 comments)

>Who the hell is threatening US with chemicals?
You answered that question. If the US military is practically sitting on a heap of chemical weapons, then they need proper clothing.
Probably also a good choice of gear if they plan vacation on the Syrian beach.

about 4 months ago

Blender Foundation Video Taken Down On YouTube For Copyright Violation

someone1234 Re:Won't work with false ownership claims (306 comments)

If it wasn't direct malice, the block would have been removed ASAP. You just say it doesn't look direct malice because it is so blantantly malicious, you cannot imagine it happened.

about 4 months ago

More On the "Cuban Twitter" Scam

someone1234 They can't touch me (90 comments)

I don't read twitter, no facebook account. And on YouTube i watch only funny cat videos!

about 4 months ago

Continued Rise In Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers, Galvanizes Advocates

someone1234 Re:Medicalizing Normality (558 comments)

You wouldn't function in a cavemen society either.

about 4 months ago

Mt. Gox Questioned By Employees For At Least 2 Years Before Crisis

someone1234 Re:pierce the corporate veil (134 comments)

Read the fucking summary: "a group of a half-dozen employees began to suspect client funds were being diverted to cover operating costs, which included Karpeles' toys"

about 4 months ago

West Nile Virus May Have Met Its Match: Tobacco

someone1234 why tobacco? (54 comments)

Why do they use GM tobacco? Isn't there a non-drug plant that could be used?

about 3 months ago


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