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US Election Year, Still No Voting Reform

sommere Re:"We"? (302 comments)

MN has paper ballots and also has automatic recounts of random precincts within each county regardless of the vote margin. We have had two major state wide recounts in recent years and both have been successful - they have been transparent and fully auditable.

There are other issues about whether certain people are eligible to vote, and how to handle that on election day and what to do if it is later determined that someone who shouldn't have voted did vote. (Answer: not much you can do, since their vote is anonymous... BUT there are VERY VERY few cases where this happens and is discovered.)

more than 2 years ago

Sky's Botched Google Migration In the UK

sommere Re:general result of change for the sake of progre (101 comments)

I'm sure it isn't "change for sake of progress," it is almost certainly because it is MUCH cheaper.

Running a responsive e-mail server has always been expensive. Now that google has set people's expectations at 2+GB quotas, it is just ridiculous.

Google used their massive infrastructure to make scalability affordable, and ISPs can't compete. Most of their customers probably already use gmail, so why continue offering the service?

more than 6 years ago


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