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German Kindergartens Ordered To Pay Copyright For Songs

soroka Re:The Listener's License (291 comments)

I did read the comment to the end and could summarize it as "licensing copying in any form may generalize into licensing any activity in every form".

What seems to be overlooked here is the possibility to charge on any commercial use of copyrighted material. For the case in hand that could take a form of a tax on kindergarten fees giving them a license to copy whatever sheet music they might need.

This is the scheme that is being instated in Russia under the new civil code, where copyright payments have taken a form of a tax collected by a private company under a contract with the government (more or less as parking fees are collected in Britain and elsewhere). At the moment the fee applies to sales of any recordable media: CDs, flash memory cards, etc. and is payable by the producer or an importer. It is expected to be extended to the sales of performing equipment, such as media players, audio or video equipment. It is easy to envisage this to continue as a tax on tickets for public performances.

about 4 years ago

US Fears Loss of ICQ Honeypot

soroka Re:Surprise, surprise (319 comments)

The only use of a server in IM should be as a directory and participant availability service, not to carry the conversations, unless both participants are behind NAT.

That is precisely how ICQ works

more than 3 years ago

GPUs Used To Crack WiFi Passwords Faster

soroka It is the same ElcomSoft of 2001 Adobe fame (189 comments)

Just to put the story into perspective, it is the same ElcomSoft that was behind Dmitry Sklyarov (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dmitri_Sklyarov) who wrote software to get around the copy protection in Adobe E-book format and was imprisoned in the US for that, becoming the first person to be tried under the DMCA.

about 6 years ago

Open Access For Research Gaining Steam

soroka Re:Highly frustrated researcher (64 comments)

> I inevitably get a useless abstract and the offer to sell it to me for something on the order of $20/page

In most cases there will also be a list of authors with their respective e-mail addresses, many of whom would be only happy to send you a copy of the paper.

more than 7 years ago


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soroka soroka writes  |  more than 9 years ago Wilmott magazine has an article (part 1 and part 2) by Aaron Brown where the classic game of Monopoly is analyzed using the tools of modern quantitative finance. The article assumes the reader has a knowledge of mathematics or finance. That is what makes it particularly interesting since one can see how asset valuation may lead to hard computational problems. The idea of the article is not to describe a new strategy for the game, but to gain some insight into the process so that you can estimate the inflation rate of Hasbro money and compute a valuation of your green monopoly.

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