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Judge To Review Whether Foreman In Apple v. Samsung Hid Info

sortadan Re:Not true (98 comments)

I think the point is that Seagate is a subsidiary of Samsung, and the "ah-ha moment" he talks about in that post trial interview where after he takes the role of making the case for Apple, may have been more like "ah-ha, I can get some revenge."

more than 2 years ago

Most US Drones Still Beam Video Unencrypted

sortadan Re:Ad link (138 comments)

I'm seeing a wired.com link, so looks like the editors went above and beyond the call of duty on this one (which is to say they did anything at all :-).

more than 2 years ago

Behind the Scenes With Samsung's Factory Workers

sortadan Re:oh the humanity (307 comments)

wonder if they get time and a half. if only they worked for apple with 180hrs over time right now working on the new iDevices (http://chinalaborwatch.org/news/new-415.html)

also, using "wut" in a thread titled "oh the humanity" ... sigh.

more than 2 years ago

Anonymous Leaks 1M Apple Device UDIDs

sortadan Re:So which application? (282 comments)

Amazing if true. Would square with the million user UDIDs that a popular app is the collection source. I was thinking maybe a jailbreak app like cydia, but this is much more scandalous.

more than 2 years ago

Tata Intends To Sell Air-Powered Car In India

sortadan Re:Nothing about the range (398 comments)

Thanks, if I had mod points I'd mod you up, this is what I was looking for.

more than 2 years ago

AT&T Defends Controversial FaceTime Policy Following Widespread Backlash

sortadan Re:It probably won't make a difference, but... (220 comments)

Or just use Google Hangouts or Skype. They both let you talk to people on PCs and work over 3g and are free.

more than 2 years ago

Why Amazon Wants To Pay Sales Tax

sortadan Re:would i rather (647 comments)

I wouldn't. Amazon as a system of getting goods makes sense, and if done right would cut down on gas consumption with everyone driving to the store separately. I happen to live in Seattle and have used AmazonFresh (grocery delivery) and have automatic monthly diaper delivery with AmazonMom and it's awesome. I look forward to a future where I don't need to drive anywhere to do my shopping, and can spend that time out hiking and having fun with my kid. Only thing that might be cool is an Amazon "try it" store where you can go check something out before getting it. Just drop the stuff off with my hose robot and it'll unpack, stock things in the fridge and elsewhere, and recycle the packaging, or better yet start using re-usable packaging and I'll just give it back in the AmazonFresh bins.

On the topic of local distribution centers, I'm sure that this will not be a full selection of Amazon products available for same day deliver, just a selection of the most popular items, which will still be nice to get faster.

more than 2 years ago

FTC Reportedly Fining Google $22.5 Million Over Safari Privacy Abuse

sortadan Re:Jail Time? (175 comments)

Didn't mean to say that you were calling for that, just a lot of the previous posts on this thread. Reading below I found a link to this EFF article from Feb which says in part:

This tracking, discovered by Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer, was a technical side-effect—probably an unintended side-effect—of a system that Google built to pass social personalization information (like, “your friend Suzy +1'ed this ad about candy”) from the google.com domain to the doubleclick.net domain.

As a side note, Vanilla cookie extension for Chrome is awesome.

more than 2 years ago

FTC Reportedly Fining Google $22.5 Million Over Safari Privacy Abuse

sortadan Re:Jail Time? (175 comments)

How about actually punishing them for what they did. Everyone on this thread is going nuts trying to say that because on one browser they worked around a privacy setting (bad I know), they should all go to jail, especially the people that had nothing to do with it, and a large percent of their total revenue should be given over to a newly formed government agency dedicated to poking Google employees with sharp things.

How about the targeted ads that they showed affected users amounted to 2.25M revenue (probably a lot less, but whatever), and the fine is 10x that. That seems like a good disincentive.

[Flamebait]On balance Google is way better than the patent trolling Apple which is blocking the Nexus because of a BS universal search patent, how about Apple has to pay all the Google users who don't get this obvious feature a large percentage of their total revenue and we poke them with some sharp stuff?[/Flamebait]

more than 2 years ago

FTC To Revisit Robocall Menace

sortadan Simple solution (167 comments)

Have a report spam option, as well as report fishing or illegal solicitation. It's not hard, just need to actually do something reasonable (I know, I know, it's a bureaucratic). Just send a text message to some service with the offending caller's number from the number you got spammed at, or have a web service and smart phones can have a report unwanted call option with a drop down on if it was just annoying, or if it was illicit in some way. Get more than X reports of spam and you get a warning, get more than Y reports of spam get fined and you can appeal. Get more than Z and you get barred from making more calls until you appeal.

problem solved... too bad it won't happen for another 20 years.

more than 2 years ago

MemSQL Makers Say They've Created the Fastest Database On the Planet

sortadan Re:okay...? (377 comments)

But MySQL can only return NULL 3,500 times in one second, this MemSQL thing can return NULL 80,000 times per second. That's 2285.71% faster!

more than 2 years ago

ICANN Mistakenly Publishes Applicant Addresses

sortadan Re:Confidence (52 comments)

And be named ICANN, more like ICANT!


more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Headphones, Earbuds, Earphones?

sortadan Re:20 dollar sonies (448 comments)

I understand that Sony as a corporation is not the best, but they don't operate child / forced labor camps or anything like that (to the best of my knowledge) and abide with the law. My position (which I'm sure many disagree with) is that if people want to be conciseness about something they should invest their time on a decent political campaign rather than trying to figure out what fortune 500 company isn't evil... because they all are in one way or another. Just get the best product at the best price so long as nothing egregious is going on with the seller, and invest time in breaking the stranglehold lobby groups have on our political system.

To stay on-topic, my father was a sound engineer for most of working years, and he insists that these Sony headphones and their studio monitor series are the best ever made. (disclaimer: linked using my associates tag). They are $75, if you want to stick hard on the $50 limit, these or these are very highly rated as well.

more than 2 years ago

Flame Malware Authors Hit Self-Destruct

sortadan Re:In that order (260 comments)

Why would you think that they wouldn't spy on their own people, especially with their relationship to the Palestinians? If anything, the fact that it's not showing up in the US would tend to prove the point that it was Israel. The US clearly isn't afraid to spy on it's own people.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Provisioning Internet For Condo Association?

sortadan Re:No offense, but... (257 comments)

The poster isn't incompetent necessarily, just completely lazy dumping his research project on an internet forum and hoping other people will google stuff for him while he goes and does what ever he does when he's not working.

I looked into doing this at my place in Seattle. There are a number of options with their own pros and cons. Direct microwave antenna on the roof to the fiber hub downtown was the best option for large buildings, but that's specific to my area and had a large cost of entry.

Ended up not doing anything and I highly recommend it. Best you can do is to tell everyone to go solve the problem themselves and if a few neighbors want to share a connection over a WiFi router that has QOS enabled and split the bill then the association won't report them to the ISP for violating the TOS.

To give you an idea of why this is almost certainly the best option, here is the list of things you should have done as soon as you got this task assigned to you:
do the actual work you've been assigned of getting the list of provider,
examining the different terms of service,
see what options exist,
do a cost benefit analysis,
decide how you want the liability to work,
determine who is responsible for responding to DMCA take-down notices when some teenager is hosting stolen content,
decide what happens if you have a heavy bit torrent user that is reported to you,
who pays the lawyers fees for dealing with issues that may arise,
what binding agreement you are going to give each of your units,
what if they are renting to other tenants,
what if they have an open wifi router connected,
who is going to draft the binding terms of service,
how much is it going to cost just to get the agreement worked out,
how cats and dogs are supposed to live together,

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Outsourcing Development a Good Idea?

sortadan Re:Answer: (403 comments)

I'd revise that to a 'Probably not'.

I've had 4 separate projects with 3 separate companies outsourced, 3 to Indian companies, and one to a Russian company. Two of the 3 Indian outsourcings were for testing of a product, and this is the one case where outsourcing can possibly work in my experience (1 of the 2 experiences was less than a total waste of money). What worked was having a liaison in-house that was available to talk to the dev team here, and work out how the product was changing daily, how the test matrix needed to adapt, and was there to clarify bug repros and whatnot. Every night he would do a call to the dev team in India to catch them up on everything that had happened that day, and every morning he would call again to get all the info on their progress. The success of the situation rested heavily on his competency to manage the offsite team and keep them on task with a changing target. This was still a pain in some cases as an in-house test team could just walk over and talk to the devs rather than having a 24hr turnaround on all things, but it worked out.

The other 3 outsourcings were not as well managed, and I would consider them of significantly less benefit than having in-house development and testing. Development outsourcing in particular needs a heavy hand and constant tending. No matter how detailed and specific your spec is, there are always implementation questions and nuances that need clarity, and blocking issues that need workarounds and having a creative discussion over how best to solve the issue is critical. Not to mention that the quality of the developers is a huge unanswered question and the code you get at the end of it is written by someone that gets paid for doing this contract, not for maintainability, adaptability and clarity of the code.

more than 2 years ago



Light Field Cameras Coming Soon

sortadan sortadan writes  |  more than 3 years ago

sortadan (786274) writes "I just read about this new technology and thought it sounds awesome. 3d images from a single lens, with the ability to digitally refocus on any depth of field from the image after taking it. The technology uses an array of micro-lenses positioned above a high resolution sensor to capture directional light data across the sensing area. The results are quite cool. This is in the news because of a startup that is releasing a production model. The pdf thesis of the CEO is excellent, and really heats up in chapter 3."
Link to Original Source


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