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Hollywood's Secret War With Google

sowth Re:google (176 comments)

Only if they don't index anything. How are they to magically know who owns copyright to every page on the web?

Take your post for example. How does anyone know you wrote it? So, if someone sends a DMCA complaint against it, then Google should not index it and Slashdot shouldn't publish it because no one can lie in your holy DMCA complaints?

about a month and a half ago

Hollywood's Secret War With Google

sowth Re:traffic inspection? ha! I run a vpn (176 comments)

Yes, then shortly after they introduce the backdoors, Russian and Chinese "hackers" will exploit them to steal everyone's credit card info, ssn, secret blueprints, celebrity nudes, and etc. But of course, no one in the media will make the connection between the backdoors and breakins.

about a month and a half ago

Mysterious, Phony Cell Towers Found Throughout US

sowth homeland security (wasRe:Around or on top of mill) (237 comments)

If they...so easily detected...there's something terribly, terribly wrong with your homeland security.

And this is news....how? This is the same government which brought the TSA, and they are certainly useless.

about 5 months ago

Mozilla Ditches Firefox's New-Tab Monetization Plans

sowth Re:Quit telling us what we want, 'kay? (195 comments)

That didn't work because Microsoft decided Netscape was a threat to their OS monopoly, so MS made their own browser and gave it away for free.

about 8 months ago

Newest YouTube User To Fight a Takedown: Lawrence Lessig

sowth Re:My Book About Intellectual Property (154 comments)

Off topic? I don't know. I think the poster's genius just went over the moderator's head.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Reverses 'Mature' Game Ban On Windows 8

sowth Re:standard American values (87 comments)

Sex = killing babies. Here's how it works:

  • sex = unwanted pregnancy.
  • unwanted pregnancy = abortion
  • abortion = killing babies

There you have it. Sex = killing babies

more than 2 years ago

Adobe Releases New Openly Licensed Coding Font

sowth Re:Call me a dinosaur... (136 comments)

So...you are saying staring at a light bulb all day is good for your eyes. Good to know.

more than 2 years ago

Project To Turn Classical Scores Into Copyright-Free Music Completed

sowth Re:And Such Small Portions! (290 comments)

Eventually the scene devolved into chairs being thrown...

Microsoft was invited to the party? I didn't know they were around in 1913.

more than 2 years ago

Inside a Ransomware Money Machine

sowth Re:The best defense against scams (158 comments)

Your post reeks of self-righteousness. Most anyone being accused of child porn would pay for charges to go away, whether they downloaded any or not. That is an extremely bad charge that could ruin a person's life even if they win the case.

There are also plenty of Nigerian scams which are not caused by fraud on the part of the victim. For example, one where the fraudster buys something from a victim and sends a fake check for more than the amount, and asks them to deposit it and send the difference back. Most people not knowing the scam will do it.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Managing Encrypted Android Devices In State and Local Gov't?

sowth Re:Don't encrypt (138 comments)

Me thinks the AC was making a sarcastic statement based on the fact many government agents or people speaking about government agents investigating a person will often say: "if you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide." Which obviously is wrong.

more than 2 years ago

More Details On Google Glass

sowth Re:Fears of this (93 comments)

... What if I'm just lounging around the house and happen to have the television on or a song playing on the Nexus Q, am I going to be sued by Sony or making illegal copies of copyrighted material? Are they going to build in a kill switch for Google Glass controlled by your content-protected television? ...

The big media companies already tried to pass a law requiring this. It was called the CBDTPA. It failed just as hard as SOPA, though some aspects of it have appeared in a certain company's OS in the form of "secure boot" and "trusted computing" and such.

more than 2 years ago

Windows RT Browser Restrictions Draw Antitrust Attention

sowth What about "Secure Boot"? (375 comments)

Microsoft pulls some minor crap with web browsers, and they take notice. Yet, when a system is put in place which will make it difficult for someone to choose an alternate operating system, the government doesn't care. WTF? Microsoft's monopoly is based upon Operating Systems.

more than 2 years ago

What Various Studies Really Reveal About File-Sharing

sowth Re:How about a study that shows.... (285 comments)

...that sending bot generated DMCA complaints and other fraudulent complaints of works they don't own is disrespectful to the copyright holder and the author's free speech.

Sugar coat it however you like... rationalize it, justify it, whatever you do... it's still a violation of the rights of the real author.

Same goes for questionable lawsuits against writers of communications software.

more than 2 years ago

Researchers Push Implanted User Interfaces

sowth Is it safe? (84 comments)

What are the potential health effects of having implants like these?

more than 2 years ago

Windows 8 Won't Play DVDs Unless You Pay For the Media Center Pack

sowth Re:Bad enough I pay for microtransactions in MMO's (734 comments)

When "Trusted Computing" is fully implemented, expect to pay for software by the hour. That is why Microsoft is so hot for it.

more than 2 years ago

Google Drive Goes Live

sowth Re:Forget this garbage (323 comments)

rsync.net seems to use standard protocols--in their FAQ it says "SSH and HTTPS (webDAVs)" (I've been thinking about using them for a while, just haven't made the plunge.)

more than 2 years ago

Tennessee "Teaching the Controversy" Bill Becomes Law

sowth Re:Methinks a law of unintended consequences (672 comments)

It took me a minute to figure out what you meant by "ID." Then I remembered "Intelligent Design." My question is: they let a kook who thinks space aliens created life on Earth on CNN? Usually that is reserved for Coast to Coast AM.

more than 2 years ago

Google Strikes Deal With Paramount

sowth Re:Make your own alternative to Paramount (105 comments)

Ask Darren Bousman. It looks like he just made a great movie funded by himself--The Devil's Carnival. Here is a sample. I haven't seen the movie yet (they are touring through the country, but no where near me), but it looks at least as good to me as any movie from a major studio.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Blocking Pirate Bay Links In Messenger

sowth Re:URL shorteners, anyone? (198 comments)

If they wanted to protect users from malware, why would they make a feature where the user could inadvertently run remote code from a link?

more than 2 years ago


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Those who use the term "pseudo intellectual"

sowth sowth writes  |  more than 5 years ago

"Pseudo intellectual" is a term used by people who don't think for themselves. The people they call it are just regular people who think for themselves.


Swept volume display?

sowth sowth writes  |  more than 5 years ago

I saw this post by russotto on the 3D TV article:

Well, there's the old rotating disc displays, with a disc which sweeps out a volume; the image is projected onto the disc. The disc is still 2D, but the light from the image to your eye is actually coming from a space, not a plane. Apparently similar things are actually used; the generic name is swept-volume volumetric display.

Sounds like something one could do with a projector display, electric motor, white flat piece of cardboard, and microcontroller. Would make a nice garage project sometime...


Brain damage keeps me in computer hell

sowth sowth writes  |  more than 5 years ago

I never did get dosemu running. My Asus EEE still has the crap Xandros install. I don't think they ever upgraded any of the several vulnerable packages. I would rather not risk using it, but I haven't been able to get an alternative working. I thought about using slax for it, but I don't know if you can save stuff (maybe I have to make another partiton?). Slax would be the easiest to get going--it already works out of the box.

Then there is the netvista machine. If it doesn't wait for 5 minutes before going graphical, the hardware locks up. The emachine should work, but the system is installed, but I haven't been able to configure it. I haven't gathered the brain power to do it, at least when I remember it exists.

Then I need a new cell phone. The it keeps erasing the RAM--probably the battery slipping--I took off the casing when installing. I don't know why it is doing it so much now, I've had it for quite a while. I think this is new, at least doing it so often. Then today it didn't go off for the alarm to do laundry, so here it is almost 6pm, and I just started it now. I should probably do shopping too.

Oh, yeah having brain damage is fun!


The SCO of the 1800s

sowth sowth writes  |  more than 5 years ago

I saw this movie on TV, "The Baron of Arizona". It is about a guy who tried to falsify a claim for massive amounts of land in Arizona. Apparently, it was a real story: His name was James Reavis. He did time in prison for the fraud.

I wonder if the guys at SCO will do time for what they did? Knowing the state of things here in the US, most likely not. Tomorrow they'll probably come out with patent documents "proving" they invented the internet / computers, and everyone has to pay them royalties.


filesystem comparison

sowth sowth writes  |  more than 6 years ago

I found this article on www.debian-administration.org. It has a comparison of the ext3, reiserFS, JFS, XFS filesystems. There is a less interesing article somewhere else saying basicly the same thing (don't remember link), and MythTV suggests using XFS. I am going to try a XFS partition for a while. I have problems with my cheap crappy DVD drive anyway, so maybe I will try it with a cache for watching my DVDs (most of what I read inidicate it is best for huge files). Still need to install my TV card and MythTV though...I'm sure they will benefit too.

From the summary at the end (I haven't read it all yet):

These results replicate previous observations from Piszcz (2006) about reduced disk capacity of Ext3, longer mount time of ReiserFS and longer FS creation of Ext3. Moreover, like this report, both reviews have observed that JFS is the lowest CPU-usage FS. Finally, this report appeared to be the first to show the high page faults activity of ReiserFS on most usual file operations.

While recognizing the relative merits of each filesystem, only one filesystem can be install for each partition/disk. Based on all testing done for this benchmark essay, XFS appears to be the most appropriate filesystem to install on a file server for home or small-business needs :

I've just been using ext3. Looks like I've been using the wrong filesystem all this time.

UPDATE 20070721:

I've been using XFS for a while now, though only for data storage (audio and video), not the main system. It does seem nice. My only reservation about using it for the main system would be running into a prebuilt kernel which doesn't support it. I usually build my own kernels anyway. I should take the leap. ;-)

UPDATE 20080603:

I have been using XFS for my /home directory. Quite nice. Certainly less of a pain on bootup, since it never needs to be fsck. Even ext3 still insists upon fscking every X mounts or X days. I know this can be adjusted, but XFS seems to do it on the fly. In fact, the XFS check utility will ask you to mount and unmount if the filesystem wasn't unmounted properly to write any pending queued information--crashing happened quite a bit because of buggy Nvidia drivers, so I have lots of experience with it. XFS did quite well. I don't think it lost any information.

I am also trying out xfsdump for backups. Been using tarballs--they were effective, but I would like to have the ablility to do incremental backups too. Finding ways to routinely store multi-gigabyte files is not easy.

I am still worried a bit about compatibility and the availability of the tools, so I may not put it on my root partition for a while. Also I've been trying Debain again (still sort of disappointed), but all the XFS tools weren't in the standard install, and the dump utility wasn't on the disks at all--had to download it. Makes me think I should keep some backups in tar form.


Could the vmsplice vulnerablility have been prevented?

sowth sowth writes  |  more than 6 years ago

I was just reading the Linux Kernel Mailing List, and I just saw an interesting message:

... that got me wondering why this attack wasn't stopped by the CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR option ... some analysis later.. it turns out that the following line in the top level Makefile, added by you in October 2007, entirely disables CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR ;( With this line removed the exploit will be nicely stopped. ...

-- From: Arjan van de Ven -- Subject: vmsplice exploits, stack protector and Makefiles

The message then shows a line with -fno-stack-protector. Apparently if you remove that flag, your 2.6.x kernel is safe from the exploit.


Difference between pc2100 and pc2100A RAM?

sowth sowth writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I know no one reads this, but does anyone know the difference between PC2100 and PC2100A / PC2100B RAM? It is for a A7N266-C motherboard computer I found in the dumpster--don't ask ;-) (Had no ram/no video card)

If anyone bothers to read this and replies, thank you in advance.


Sashdot's login system sucks

sowth sowth writes  |  more than 10 years ago

The public terminal login setting sucks. I can't even log in and go to /my/amigos. My amigos gives me a login box, which takes me to the front page. I'm considered logged out as soon as I log in.

I understand why they would have a quick expiration time for public terminals, but this is rediculous. Wouldn't 15 minutes (or 30) make more sense?

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