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Hotel Chain Plans Phone-Based Check-in and Room Access

sp0tter Re:More like "We don't want to hire milennials" (120 comments)

and if you had any brains you would BUY A HOUSE as soon as you can

Lol. every single millennial that I know who bought a house regretted it. Home ownership isn't for everyone.

about 1 month ago

"Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

sp0tter Re:I must live in a different country... (1374 comments)

You make some great points and I am pleased to see someone with a bit of sense on this thread. You are absolutely right that once someone has you covered by their muzzle, you probably are at a disadvantage and your gun won't do you much good and is now a liability. You've already lost at that point. I occasionally carry concealed but I maintain the best defense is using your brain and tying your shoes tight. That alone will keep you out of trouble %95 of the time. As for when I do carry, if I feel like I am entering a dangerous area or I see suspicious individuals walking toward me, I often ready my flashlight (more important then any firearm) and prepare to draw if necessary. Carrying allows me to be proactive when I feel I might be threatened. If someone gets the drop on me then I just hope I my shoes are tied tight and/or they are a bad shot.

about 5 months ago

"Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

sp0tter Re:They're nuts but right (1374 comments)

If my car's remote unlock doesn't work then I sigh and use the key to get in. Or I find a locksmith if it's that bad. If my gun fails to fire during the admittedly rarer time when I need it for defense well let's just say there probably won't be anyone to register a complaint.

about 5 months ago

Scientists Develop Solar Cell That Can Also Emit Light

sp0tter farmland (79 comments)

Does this mean these cells could be installed over farmland/ in greenhouses so we could get double use out of the same land? I kinda like this idea.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Fastest, Cheapest Path To a Bachelor's Degree?

sp0tter Re:Hi... (370 comments)

spot on. You get out of education exactly what you put into it. If you hurry through as fast as possible just to get the paperwork than you are not getting your time/money's worth. I've had classes with people like you and they are usually more interested in showing everyone how smart and accomplished they are and how they do not need the class instead of actually learning the material. When it came time for group projects these were the last people I wanted on my team.

about 6 months ago

New Revenue Model For Low Budget Films: Lawsuits

sp0tter Re:Who's Steven Segal (162 comments)

the first film to be shot entirely in slow motion!

about a year and a half ago

If I could change what's "typical" about typical laptops ...

sp0tter Re:What do I really want? (591 comments)

I used to laugh at people who cared about shaving a few seconds off of boot time. I figured it was mostly for bragging rights. Now that I have a laptop with SSD I have changed my tune. The big difference comes when I have to change location. I used to put close the lid, or put the laptop to sleep, but all of that uses power and sometimes I don't know how long until I get a chance to resume working. This meant if something came up and it took me an hour to get back to work, I was nearly out of power.

Now that I can boot in 18 seconds, I am much more likely to simply turn the laptop off. This way, no matter how long it takes me to get around to working again, I always have plenty of battery life left. This is wonderful at busy airports!

about a year and a half ago

Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox Suffers Serious Attack, Instawallet Offline

sp0tter Re:BitCoin apologists (388 comments)

Strange... all my friends that use bitcoins have no trouble accessing their funds. Perhaps this is only limited in scope?

about a year and a half ago

Let Them Eat Teslas

sp0tter Re:Collateralized vs Non-Collateralized Loans (461 comments)

So indentured servitude is what you really mean.

WTF? People burdened by student loans in this country would kill for a deal like that.

Not me! I paid off my loans in 18 months...Just thinking about paying them for 10 years makes me want to go suck a tail pipe. Of course I was very careful with how I paid for my education and spent most of my time at low-cost community colleges. Yes I attended more then one.

about a year and a half ago

BlackBerry 10 Can BBM Anything You're Watching, Even Porn

sp0tter Re:Is it turned on by default? (104 comments)

for now anyway. I can see a future board meeting going something like this: "We are not seeing the market penetration we desire. The users must not be aware of our fabulous features. Turn everything on by default in the next update so they all see how awesome we really are. No I haven't done any usability research on potential impacts of this and I am sure the end users will simply throw their legs up and pollute their britches with joy" Not that I have much experiance with BBM honestly... this just seems like it always happens at some point.

about a year and a half ago

Gov't Report: Laser Pointers Produce Too Much Energy, Pose Risk For the Careless

sp0tter Re:How else... (260 comments)

you're post reminded me of when I used to sell camping equipment. When it came time to show the customers our fine selection of headlamps for hiking/climbing, inevitably while examining it they would end up shining it directly into my eyes. It got the point where I just handed them the flashlight and closed my eyes til I heard it click twice.

about a year and a half ago

New York Passes Landmark Gun Law

sp0tter Re:We need gas control! (1591 comments)

Another crank.

a very thoughtful reply indeed. It's little clues like that...

about a year and a half ago

New York Passes Landmark Gun Law

sp0tter Re:We need gas control! (1591 comments)

The percent sign comes after the number. 100%. It's little clues like that that make one alert to the fact the writer is a crank.

citation needed. I place it before the number because a percent is a decimal.

about a year and a half ago

Apple CEO Likens Surface To Car That Flies, Floats

sp0tter Re:DOA.. (377 comments)

You know, it's true -- children are the future.

about 2 years ago

Touch Interfaces In Cars Difficult To Use

sp0tter Re:Well (233 comments)

My only real complaint? When the console dies, it takes the entire system with it. Mine died, oh about a 2 months after I had the car. And it spent 15 days in the shop waiting for a replacement to come in.

Friend of mine's Ford died this same way too. Lucky the car was still under warrantee but he was without it for a weekend. It kind of makes me think about the used car market since that is all I buy. Someday I won't be able to buy a 10-year-old car on the cheap because while it may be mechanically sound, none of the controls will work.

more than 2 years ago

How a 3-Year-Old Can Open a Gun Safe

sp0tter Re:Amazed (646 comments)

haha funny image. really though I got a kick out of picturing it.

See, not all of us own guns for revenge. I keep mine because I have read enough about the sick criminals that invade homes to know I don't want to feel the chill of knowing there is a stranger in my home who has entered with undoubtedly hostile intentions. I don't ever want to hurt a human or animal with my guns. But I will not hesitate to if I feel my or my loved one's safety is in danger. My house has been broken into before. If you have never gone thru that then you really do not understand how it makes you feel. Maybe there is a tinge of vengeance in my motives due to that experience but that is a reason I keep a loud shotgun. Any intruder that hears me rack that thing will likely run away and attempt to steal a clean pair of underwear elsewhere.

more than 2 years ago

McDonald's Denies Prof's Claim Staff Attacked Him For Wearing Digital Glasses

sp0tter Re:hey ronald... (627 comments)

haha my mother had the exact same experience. We call it the McBarf in our family. Even better was their slogan, "McBag it!"

more than 2 years ago

The History of the CompSci Degree

sp0tter Re:engineer (126 comments)

and be at constant risk of being replaced by someone who has a degree and doesn't make mistakes you don't even know you're making.

This. a thousand times this. I work with guys who can program and are hard workers but never went to school. It kills me how poor the quality of their code can be. They write it just enough to get the job done but in a year when someone has to maintain it, I promise it will take at least ten times longer then necessary. That isn't to say I'm not glad they are here helping out but if they just practiced some proven design patterns I wouldn't be looking for another job as franticly.

more than 2 years ago

Self-Sustaining Solar Reactor Creates Clean Hydrogen

sp0tter Re:not any more, read about formic acid (406 comments)

formic acid? that is amazing. Another technology the ants have figured out long before us goo bags

more than 2 years ago


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