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Indiana University Researchers Get $1 Million Grant To Study Memes

spatley Re: Interesting. (126 comments)

If we are going to get pedantic, methodology is the study of methods. (Like geology is the study of the geo ~earth)
The word you are looking for is "method"

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Are Online Job Applications So Badly Designed?

spatley Re:Pete and Repeat (278 comments)

There is absolutely a way to get all the keywords you want onto a resume for the Perl engine and also be honest to a human reader

You could have a section at the end of the resume labeled "keywords" and then put categories in for you proficiency level: guru keywords, master keywords, apprentice keywords and newbie keywords. or any other such arrangement.

I have spent years as a hiring manager and I would be quite impressed if such completeness and honesty showed on a resume.

about a month ago

Finding More Than One Worm In the Apple

spatley Re:It takes brains (116 comments)

It takes a genius to write code that can be understood by an idiot.

about 4 months ago

Finding More Than One Worm In the Apple

spatley Re:Neatness counts (116 comments)

i will go you one further and say that the more open style of braces would have shown the bug quite clearly
if ((err = SSLHashSHA1.update( &hashCtx, &signedParams)) != 0)
   goto fail;
   goto fail;
   if ((err = &hashCtx, &hashOut)) != 0)
      goto fail;
// if you always put a brace on the line after the evaluation of an if, and tab in, the nesting will be obvious.

about 3 months ago

Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

spatley car analogy (301 comments)

mod parent up

about 5 months ago

Elite Violinists Can't Distinguish Between a Stradivarius and a Modern Violin

spatley Re:Sorry about the loss of the magic (469 comments)

But time measured with these clocks is warmer and more authentic, and therefore more fulfilling.

about 5 months ago

Why Nissan Is Talking To Tesla Model S Owners

spatley Re: Odd (335 comments)

And no matter what temperature a room is, it's always room temperature.

about 7 months ago

Google Co-Opts Whale-Watching Boat To Ferry Employees

spatley Re: Citation Needed (373 comments)

Eh, Mercer Island has been ironically referred to as "poverty rock" since the 60's. It had always been a luxury neighborhood. Try houses in Columbia City that were 25k in 1974 and now list for 600.

about 8 months ago

Mobile Banking Apps For iOS Woefully Insecure

spatley Re:That is shit. (139 comments)

E: (all of the above)

about 8 months ago

Why My Team Went With DynamoDB Over MongoDB

spatley Am I the only one (106 comments)

that is getting sick of this content-free, slashdot echo chamber, clickcrack stuff. Hey Slashdot, why do you need whole nuther site to post original articles? And why do those articles make such a deafening sucking sound?
Problem is that I would be interested in a reasoned look at MongoDB v Dynamo but my experience with is not to waste my time by reading TFA.

about a year and a half ago

Book Review: To Save Everything, Click Here

spatley Re:Whadda? (115 comments)

Nobody on Slashdot or otherwise will see a kitchen with lasers that show you how to cut fish. The idea is idiotic. The response about the quality of cooking instructions on deh interwebs is surprisingly even more idiotic.

about a year and a half ago

Japan Grounds Fleet of Boeing 787s After Emergency Landing

spatley Re:Has anybody said (180 comments)


about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Interviewing Your Boss?

spatley the answer is "I don't know" (219 comments)

The trick to managing technical people is knowing what you don't know and allowing technical experts do their job without infuriating them with stupid questions.
-- ask some technical questions, make sure at least a few the candidate will not know the answer to. If they fake it rather than saying "I don't know" PASS
-- give a situation to deal with (the server is down) and ask "what do you want me to do?" if it is anything other than "fix it and let me know the details only after you are done" PASS

about 2 years ago

Experts Warn About Security Flaws In Airline Boarding Passes

spatley Re:The truth... (199 comments)

amen brother

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Often Do You Push To Production?

spatley Re:Hourly (182 comments)

Minutely, as soon as the feature compiles.

We are hoping to go to real-time and have developers update Ruby scripts directly on the production server as this will save us the expense of a test environment, but that is going to require porting all our Java code to Ruby. We tried to use jRuby but that is going the wrong direction, so we are starting a new open source project for JOR (java on ruby).

about 2 years ago

Hallowe'en is coming. Trick-or-Treaters who visit ...

spatley Re:No costume, no candy (437 comments)

Kudos, and a friendly reminder: a black hoodie is not a ninja costume.

about 2 years ago


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