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New Parental Controls Limit Xbox Time

speaker of the truth Re:TV That does this (327 comments)

Your father punished you for an honest mistake? Damn glad I didn't have him as a father.

more than 6 years ago



Is Blocking Ads Wrong?

speaker of the truth speaker of the truth writes  |  more than 7 years ago

speaker of the truth (1112181) writes "Slashdotters will often say that downloading television shows is copyright infringement and morally wrong as it stops the companies from gaining ad revenue. However often slashdotters say that blocking advertisements on websites is a great thing to do. So I'm wondering, once and for all, what do slashdotters think on the issue of avoiding advertisements? Are ad-blockers for websites and fastforwarding television ads morally wrong? If not, what difference is there between doing that and simply downloading a copy of the television show and deleting it after watching it?"


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