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Dish Pulls Fox News, Fox Business Network As Talks Break Down

speedlaw Re:A good first step (123 comments)

when i got a $5 per month charge on my cable bill for sports programming, which I don't watch (the espn charge), I cut the cord. between OTA and streaming, no regrets at all. buh bye

48 minutes ago

Schneier Explains How To Protect Yourself From Sony-Style Attacks (You Can't)

speedlaw Re:Blameless Random Employees? (324 comments)

or throw the keyboard against the office wall...and then write the password on a post it note pinned to the screen

2 days ago

"Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too

speedlaw Re:What are they going to do? (228 comments)

Which is why Sony bent over so fast. Not only do we have the "background" to the XX deal, but they know the Norks know who the mistress is, and who they buy blow from (the powder kind). Faced with that sort of exposure....

2 days ago

Army To Launch Spy Blimp Over Maryland

speedlaw Total information awareness ? (176 comments)

What, bugging every cell phone, landline and internet connection isn't enough ?

3 days ago

In North Korea, Hackers Are a Handpicked, Pampered Elite

speedlaw Re:Propaganda? (102 comments)

one would not exhibit paranoia to wonder what conference calls decide what is going on in the 'news'. You can't control all of it, and the web helps, but I feel tossed between Vlad, mujhadeen, and impending enviro doom. Sadly, the last one is real. Add some appeal to consumerism, a dash of fox paranoia, and stir.

about two weeks ago

France Wants To Get Rid of Diesel Fuel

speedlaw Re:Fast, but not Quick (395 comments)

mk 6 TDI manual here. 37 mpg combined no matter how hard spanked, 40 if driven nice. The car is fast...it will roll along at any speed up to about 105 that you choose, all day, no matter the hills, but it isn't fast getting there. Kind of like getting a train up to speed. The true test is that at 90 mph, it is as quiet as my e46.

about three weeks ago

The Downside to Low Gas Prices

speedlaw Too Simple (554 comments)

Index fuel taxes to inflation. Gas eaters pay more. Long distance drivers pay more. econoboxes pay less. grandma, going to the market once a week, pays less. No violation of privacy, no odo readings, we put off the realtime "govt car tracking service" a bit longer. Oh, and this only works if the money stays for roads and bridges....OK, I see why politicians will not let this simple system work.....

about a month ago

President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility

speedlaw Re:riiiight (706 comments)

Copyright cops built right into the internet. uh huh. RIAA, Win !

about a month and a half ago

Americans Rejoice At Lower Gas Prices

speedlaw Nothing new here-Election Year "Bargain" (334 comments)

Fuel prices tend to drop during election years, and especially years where the (R) have a shot at majority. The oil industry is more than willing to forego a few months profit to get control over the Congress. Expect the nastiest Presidential election ever in 2016 (and another temporary price dip). You know the Keystone XL was the real winner in this recent round of elections..... I'm off to fill my heating oil tank now.....

about a month and a half ago

Power and Free Broadband To the People

speedlaw Re:There is no digital divide (262 comments)

"It just happens". You clearly have little idea how at some evels children occur. This isn't my petit bougie bon mot...it came from a committed social worker in a storefront social services setting. You don't plan. "it just happens". Most people plan where making extras is concerned, but certainly not all.

about 2 months ago

FCC Postpones Spectrum Auction Until 2016

speedlaw Bad news for OTA folks (31 comments)

The "spectrum" the Govt wants to auction is "found" by "repacking" the remaining TV over the air broadcasters. Among the great idea are multiple stations using one channel (So we get two crappy streams on one frequency instead of the pretty HDTV we were promised) and other stations going back to VHF-Lo (RF channels 2-5) which don't work all that well without big antennas and have issues with interference and digital. The NAB is unhappy because the "re pack" means that many stations will lose broadcast area. If you are a cable co, or a broadband provider, OF COURSE you will want to do anything you can to cripple the "cut the cord" folks....you can't ban OTA broadcast, but you can cripple it. There is debate as to how much money the broadcasters will get in compensation, but there clearly isn't anyone looking out for the OTA viewer. I like some broadband too but this is the new titan fighting the old titan...

about 2 months ago

Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?

speedlaw Next Year ! Really ! (287 comments)

Much like the flying car, it is possible, and coming next year.....

about 2 months ago

Senators Threaten To Rescind NFL Antitrust Exemption

speedlaw nope (242 comments)

Glad I didn't catch the sport virus. When the cableco put a $6 per month charge (or $72.00 per year) on my bill for "sports programming" I checked my antenna and cut out all TV programming. Stream the rest. Worked for me. I enjoy going to games but not being forced to pay for them otherwise.

about 3 months ago

NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

speedlaw A special case (185 comments)

NY law allows a Judge to use alternate means to serve someone evading service...in this case, it is clear that service was being actively avoided. It was an unusual approach but in this case made sense.

about 3 months ago

2 Mars Missions Set For Arrival, Both Prepare for Orbital Maneuvers

speedlaw Re:I always thought it was weird... (65 comments)

You are an idiot...of course, you did post AC. If the moon landings were false, the USSR, our main adversary at the time, would have busted us. How would you spoof radio signals from the moon, or in transit ? You can't. First tier nations, as well as motivated radio amateurs, could receive it all... Go find a site to climate deny.

about 3 months ago

Verizon Working On a La Carte Internet TV Service

speedlaw What cable ? (108 comments)

Cut cable. Streaming content. OTA with DVR. Don't miss cable. Oh, and the $6 per month "sports fee" is what finally made me dump cable. The sheer arrogance that I'll buy a service (don't watch sports) because I have no choice....ESPN LOST them a viewer due to this fee, and $1000 less per year to the cable co. buh bye !!

about 3 months ago

Banks Report Credit Card Breach At Home Depot

speedlaw Big guys, nothing...small guys pay (132 comments)

As a merchant who accepts credit cards, a few years back they came up with PCI Compliance. First you had to show some very basic data security. Then, they tried to sell you insurance. Then, they required you to take the data security insurance. If you are "PCI noncompliant" then you get tagged $20.00 per month. I appreciate how they made this too into an opportunity to gouge the small merchant, to no effect at the high end.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

speedlaw FAX MACHINE !!!! first sign of a "real office" (635 comments)

When I opened an office years back, the sign you were serious was a dedicated fax machine and line. Now, those weren't cheap when they came out.....like many other things, today the line is cheap, and you can fax for free in places.... I still have a dedicated fax machine, even though most docs sent me are by email, crappy iPhotos, jpeg attached. Some folks still dump things in the fax-it's still easier than scan, attach and send....put in machine, press numbers, walk away....wait for BEEEEP. done. I'll take faxes any day over folks sending me docs via horrible iPhotos.

about 4 months ago

New NRC Rule Supports Indefinite Storage of Nuclear Waste

speedlaw Perma-glow (191 comments)

Great. I guess that means the waste stored in metal shed buildings here at Indian Point can just stay there forever....a pile of dead radioactive waste, forty miles north of NYC, with a river that runs in two directions.... What could go wrong ? If the Roman Empire had nuclear power, we'd still be dealing with the waste. I'm for nuclear power, but allowing the waste to just sit there....well, you don't mess where you eat.....

about 4 months ago



Sony DVR useless after Rovi stops TV Guide OnScreen

speedlaw speedlaw writes  |  more than 2 years ago

speedlaw writes "Rovi has just announced that they are stopping the TV Guide OnScreen service as of April 13th, 2013-this was announced via the service itself. This is an on air listing service that provides listings over the air, as part of an OTA TV signal. Many devices, notably the Sony HDD 250 and 500 Digital Video Recorders, will no longer function without the clock-set data this stream provides. When Microsoft decided to stop supporting Windows 95, they didn't "brick" everyone's system. Worse, Sony never came out with another DVR in the US market. Why do we have to rent them ? How do we get Sony or Rovi to provide at least a software patch to set the clock so the DVR can at least retain 1980's VCR functionality ?

Sony admits no fix.

http://www.avsforum.com/t/537711/sony-dhg-hdd250-500-official-thread too much information on TV Guide OnScreen.

The TV stations who broadcast the data have been ordered by Rovi to disconnect the data inserters and ship them back. I have a TiVo, and yes, I know all about HTPC, but this data stream was "lifetime listings" like TiVo has "lifetime listings"....now that Rovi is looking to cut, my two DVR units are about to brick....Slashdotters, help !"

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