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What is your most productive time of day?

squidfood Let's All Siesta! (185 comments)

Huh. From the results so far, the afternoons genuinely suck; the larks are tired, and the night owls are just waking up. Siesta time!

more than 2 years ago

Feds Take USAjobs.gov Back From Monster, Performance Tanks

squidfood Re:Government takes control of something (175 comments)

Let me fucking ask you something. What's more slow, unresponsive, and costly for any large company:

1. A single, unified intranet with various services and uniform oversight.

2. A patchwork of outsourced-to-the-lowest-bidder Daily-WTF worthy enterprisy "commerical" websites for every separate service (HR, Payroll, Benefits, travel, documents, petty cash etc. etc.). Because that's my reality in the system. Uniform interface? Uniform security policy? Uniform uptime? Try three-times daily outage notices from one-system-or-other, weekly password resets (every one with different rules), piss-poor interface design, etc.

It's not about size-of-government or any other libertarian bullshit fantasy; even a government shrunk by 90% would still need these services. It's the constant drive to privatize these functions driven by the "ooh, the private market is magic and never does anything wrong" mantra that leads to this ugly, wasteful, and inefficient patchwork. Inefficient government? No, it's a government that only gets exactly what this idiot-driven free-market religion allows it to pay for.

more than 3 years ago

I do my best coding after...

squidfood Re:Beer is for gaming (222 comments)

meth is for reading hex dumps in real time.

more than 3 years ago

Homeland Security Running NBC-Owned PSAs

squidfood Re:Who cares who made it ... (240 comments)

Alternative IF NBC wrote the script and the government found it to be accurate(*), then fine.

No, maybe not fine.

Fine is: Government wants to produce a message. Government writes the message. Government puts production services out for bid, NBC is best by fair assessment (not just on price but possibly quality services). Video is made.

NOT fine is: Message is essentially a corporate message from NBC following NBC interests, so they give/donate/underbid their services in such a way that their corporate message is being sent and endorsed using the government as a mouthpiece.

more than 3 years ago

Amazon Removes Yaoi Manga Titles From Kindle Store

squidfood Re:Don't let One Distributor Control eBooks! (450 comments)

So why didn't you donate them to your local public library instead?

You can also donate them to individual classrooms, I know many teachers who happily accept books for their in-class reading without these sorts of hoops.

more than 3 years ago

Western Washington Univ. Considers Cutting Computer Science

squidfood Re:It doesn't matter anyway (298 comments)

Yeah. "Entitlement" programs like, you know, decent education. That weird thing that brought us Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, etc. that actually let us, you know, hard-earn our cash?

Or should the last one here just turn out the lights again?

more than 3 years ago

Woz and the RCA Character-generator Patent

squidfood Re:obviousness (219 comments)

My own favorite case of proving non-obviousness to myself...

Old mathematics joke: A famous mathematician was lecturing in class: "It is obvious that X..." He paused, stared at the board in silence for a minute, then walked out of the room without a word. The students looked at each other and shrugged. Twenty minutes later he walked back into the class: "It is now obvious that X..."

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Encourage Better Research Software?

squidfood Re:Not going to happen (104 comments)

specs can change dramatically in most cases

Moreover, the very act of scientific progress is questioning and experimenting with the assumptions in the spec.

more than 3 years ago

Armenia Makes Chess Compulsory In Schools

squidfood Re:Brilliant! (300 comments)

Some of the most inept people I know are serious chess players. How many of them do you know? They spend all their time studying chess, when they could have spent their time learning something useful.

Exactly. My father grew up in that neck of the woods. Basically, every male he knew wasted college/early 20s sitting in Cafes playing chess. It was his generation's WoW. He was a dammed good player, but one thing he told me, many times, was that he regretted the hours of his life wasted on chess. Of course, that was *after* he'd taught me the game...

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How/Where To Start Watching Dr. Who?

squidfood Re:At the risk of my nerd card... (655 comments)

In Dr. Who fandom it's commonly said: "You never forget your first Doctor."

You mean your first companion, if you're 13 and the companion is Leela.

more than 3 years ago

Maximum Items You've Powered From a Single Outlet

squidfood Re:LAN parties (497 comments)

Then there's not much difference between a LAN party and a business meeting in a conference room with one plug and ~20 laptops (three chained 8-plug power strips under the center table).

more than 3 years ago

In my house, Santa mostly ...

squidfood Re:Im Jewish you insensitive clod! (178 comments)

Jews don't celebrate the biggest day in the Capitalist calendar? Aren't you guys supposed to be good with money?

True quote this year (at the supermarket):
"Are you open on Christmas Day?"
"Yeah, all the Jewish guys come in and make triple-time."

more than 4 years ago

Between Christmas and New Year's, I'll take ...

squidfood Re:What? (422 comments)

6. I'm too ignorant and lazy to work it out, so I'll just bash the US unit system instead

Actually, this is clearly for those who prefer the French Revolutionary Calendar. Happy Frimaire!!

more than 4 years ago

Order of importance if disaster strikes?

squidfood Re:Same! (458 comments)

My data is my loved ones

Strange, my loved ones are my data. Who let them out of the experimental tank? Come back, my children!

more than 4 years ago

MPAA Dismisses COICA Free Speech Concerns

squidfood Re:Mr. Bob, (300 comments)

The Constitution grants Congress specific powers.

Devil's advocate: those do in fact include copyright.

more than 4 years ago

Would You Take a One-Way Ticket To Mars?

squidfood Re:Late-Breaking News from the Council (561 comments)

Typical red-planet ranting. We blue-planeters are more reasonable. And what happened to biplanetsenism? Don't pay attention to the moon... strictly flyover country.

more than 4 years ago

College Application Inflation — Marketing Meets Admissions

squidfood Re:Will high school grades determine kids' destini (256 comments)

As someone who went to Mudd 20-cough years ago, I've found it works well, when seeking employment, as the best school no-one's heard of. Sure everyone and their dog knows MIT and Caltech, but if your interviewer knows Mudd, it's a good sign of a with-it interviewer and a truly tech- (or engineereing- or science-) savvy, non-WTF company. Their self-deprecation pretty much fits this image; underneath it they absolutely know they're elite.

more than 4 years ago

Given one free trip to the past in a time machine, I would..

squidfood Re:Invest in the future... and past. (1270 comments)

Amazing historical events usually were pretty mundane if you were actually there.

I'd personally go back to watch one of Shakespeare's lost plays (e.g. Cardenio), write down the words, and make millions. Millions! And we're just outside the Renaissance Industry Artists Association's copyright period, too.

more than 4 years ago



Best space opera earth empire

squidfood squidfood writes  |  more than 6 years ago

squidfood (149212) writes "Best space opera empire

United Federation of Planets

The Foundation

Known Space

The Culture

American/Chinese Alliance

Buck Godot's humanspace

Cowboy Neil's Black Helicopters"


Big words make your work look dumber

squidfood squidfood writes  |  more than 6 years ago

squidfood (149212) writes ""A majority of undergraduates admit to deliberately increasing the complexity of their vocabulary so as to give the impression of intelligence." writes Daniel Oppenheimer in this fascinating experiment. Experiment 3 consisted on grabbing dissertation abstracts and replacing words by their shortest synonym in the thesaurus. The simplified abstracts were perceived as written by more intelligent people and got higher rating. So now you know, no fancy editing required. Just run a thesaurus check and replace for shorter words. You'll sound smarter and get higher ratings..."

squidfood squidfood writes  |  more than 7 years ago

squidfood (149212) writes "The Guardian is announcing that Amazon.com will begin offering music downloads DRM-free in MP3 format, including the EMI catalog, according to their press release. I'm liking Bezos a little more than Jobs today... a welcome competition- bringing DRM-free entry with such substantial clout and infrastructure."


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