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Ask Slashdot: Hobbyist-Ready LCD Touch Panel For Embedded Projects?

stacybro An old android ebook rooted may be cheaper. (142 comments)

Depends on the project.
I built a cheapy 4 line lcd/arduino interface for my custom security system for around 60 bucks. It was butt ugly because good cases are hard to find or expensive to custom build. My wife HATED it. So I found a cheapy android (1.5) ebook with wifi and rooted it for about $90 (could probably find it for 60 now) and wrote an android app. It looks WAY better than my butt ugly lcd and is also going to be an interface to my weather station (when I get around to finishing it) and a few other home automation projects.
The really nice thing about the whole thing was that when the company I am working for decided to develop a mobile app, my boss (who knew I had done the android security interface) threw the project to me. Android apps are pretty fun.

more than 2 years ago

NSA Building US's Biggest Spy Center

stacybro Power use. (279 comments)

One of the interesting things that came out when this first was announced here in Utah was that this one facility would use about 65 MW of power. 40-50 thousand homes worth of power. That's as much power as all of Salt Lake City. That's a freakin lot of power for a "bunch of servers". ( and the AC to cool them. )

more than 2 years ago

LED's Efficiency Exceeds 100%

stacybro dinky power but what about fiber processors (502 comments)

Picowatts are very very dinky. 65 pocowatts of light would be useless for a display, but what about fiber optic processors? What kind of light do they use? One of the problems in normal processors is heat. It would be nice to use the heat generated to produce more light (that you are using to do your processing).

more than 2 years ago

Google Details and Defends Its Use of Electricity

stacybro NSA facility south of SLC (237 comments)

It is interesting that the poster used the power compared to SLC. The NSA is building a new server farm south of Salt Lake and when it was announced they talked a lot about how it would use as much power as Salt Lake City. I wonder how the server farms compare.

more than 3 years ago

SpaceX Dragon As Mars Science Lander?

stacybro Why not the moon! (146 comments)

I don't get it. Why mars? How much more science could you do in 6 short hops to the moon vs. 1 monster hop to mars? Then once moon trips become commonplace you start to build manufacturing facilities and build your big components there. Just haul out of this big gravity pit that is the earth the things you cannot get or build easily there like electronics, some raw materials and mostly people. Once you are building things there you don't have to worry about escaping earth's gravity and I would think things could get lots more efficient. I think that it kinda sucks that once we got there we didn't stay there.

more than 3 years ago

DIY Laser Pistol Shoot 1MW Blasts

stacybro Re:infrared? bogus. (284 comments)

What if I am just a clone? I guess the only thing worse would be a clone with a red uniform.

more than 3 years ago

Does Syfy Really Love Sci-Fi?

stacybro Re:Let's Hijack the Science Channel (742 comments)

I actually saw last night that the Science Channel is going to be showing the Firefly series reruns starting in march. Too bad they won't produce new episodes.

more than 3 years ago

Post-Oracle Purchase, How Is Sun's Software Doing?

stacybro Orion App Server (235 comments)

Ever heard of Orion app server? Didn't think so (8 years after oracle "took over" the open source project). 8 years from now we will probably be saying "Sun? BEA?" never heard of them.

more than 3 years ago

General Motors' NASA Robot On Tour

stacybro taxi cab (72 comments)

For some reason every time I see this robot I think of a taxi cab on mars. What movie was that anyway?

more than 3 years ago

Who Invented the Linux-Based Wireless Router?

stacybro Who invented it? (154 comments)

Wasn't it Al Gore?

about 4 years ago

Global "Last Mile" Performance Stats Going Public

stacybro netindex filtered (233 comments)

Our filter here at work blocks under the category "Sex". Being the conspiracy theorist that I am it occurs to me that the best way that an ISP that didn't want you to see this info could keep you from it is to throw it into their filter lists under that category. I am not going to my admin to ask them to whitelist it because the first thing that he is going to ask is "what category is it in?" I don't care about the info that much.

more than 4 years ago

True Tales of Tech Hoarding

stacybro Re:Murphy's Law (268 comments)

Problem is that it only increases AFTER it is thrown away. Until you do that it is an almost useless piece of junk.

more than 4 years ago

"2012" a Miscalculation; Actual Calendar Ends 2220

stacybro I know when I will happen... (600 comments)

It will happen the day after I win the 100 million dollar jackpot in the lottery. That is why I don't play the lotto. I am saving the world and you should all appreciate me for it.
If there is anyone out there that is interested in ending the world, feel free to send me the ticket that is guaranteed to win and there you go.

about 5 years ago

The Duct Tape Programmer

stacybro Maintenance sucks... (551 comments)

A problem with duct tape programming can be that after each delivery you spend a little more time each week doing maintenance on the code that you "delivered". Not that this doesn't also happen with over-engineered apps but more so with under engineered apps. Eventually you have delivered so much that you are spending 100% of your time doing maint and it is time to get a new job.

on time, on budget, all functional ---- choose two.

more than 5 years ago

PETA Offers X-Prize for Artificial Meat

stacybro Soylent Green (1130 comments)

is PEOPLE!!!!

more than 6 years ago



What about the enTourage eDGe?

stacybro stacybro writes  |  more than 4 years ago

stacybro (757940) writes "A coworker of my just pointed out the enTourage eDGe. Why have I heard nothing about this device? I am usually pretty pessimistic about the latest greatest hardware out there. Nothing I can see about this thing seems too horribly bad and most things seems a lot better than what is out there or even what is coming except the microsoft courier and the apple tablet and they seem to be vaporware. They are taking preorders for shipment in February priced at what the Kindle DX costs. It has all of the important stuff like Android, touch/pen screen, wi-fi at places other than B&N and lots of nice stuff like an e-Ink screen so that I can read for 14 or 15 hours with no plug.
What are they hiding? Does anyone know anything about this thing other than what is on their web page? I might just be buying another new toy in a few months."

Link to Original Source

stacybro stacybro writes  |  more than 7 years ago

stacybro (757940) writes "I got another email this morning wanting me to buy a cheap Digital Picture Frame. It was almost cheap enough that I thought I might spend a weekend trying to hack it to do something other than what it was meant to do. ( Why would I buy a digital picture frame to display pictures? I can make something that would do that out of an old laptop. )

I have never played with one so I don't really know what their hardware is like. Everything that I could find out on the web was doing just the opposite, making some old pc/laptop into a picture frame. They look to be fairly usable with USB, flash memory slots, video and sound on many.

Has anybody done anything cool with one of these?"

stacybro stacybro writes  |  more than 7 years ago

stacybro (757940) writes "There is an article on Wired about the Top 10 most influential Amiga games. As someone who actually programmed on the Amiga way back when, I can attest to how far they were ahead of the clones when it came to graphics and audio hardware. I often wonder where the PC world would be if Amiga or Apple had had the marketing smarts (or maybe it was cut throat attitude) of Microsoft."


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