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Classic TradeWars 2002 Sold

stakk Re:#include nostalgia.h (137 comments)

Ohh yeah, I remember those days. Running a VBBS/2 system I had the freedom of 'kinda' playing and doing other things on my machine while os/2 did it's best to take care of a bbs on my speedy super fast 486/66 with an unheard of amount of memory at the time, over 20 megs!. Anyhow I was talking about waking up for turns. I played trade wars and would often come across a undiscovered planet late in my turns and would wake early so no one else would make a jump on my new found resource.
Don't get me wrong I never cheated on my users when I was a sysop. Though there were always better players that sometimes made me wish I did.

more than 14 years ago


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