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Old Doesn't Have To Mean Ugly: Squeezing Better Graphics From Classic Consoles

stalky14 Re:Commodore RGB monitors were the best... (167 comments)

What's wrong with Frodo? Granted, I only play H.E.R.O. on it, but it works well.

about three weeks ago

Old Doesn't Have To Mean Ugly: Squeezing Better Graphics From Classic Consoles

stalky14 Re: (pre-emptive to 'New-Age' gamers...) GOML! (167 comments)

Paddle controller games are pretty much un-emulatable unless somebody has come up with a Atari->USB interface that can handle paddle controllers and actually be compatible with emulators.

about three weeks ago

Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google

stalky14 Re:DropBox is hopelessly overpriced (275 comments)

I use Dropbox's free service but they've never made a dime from me because they have no middle tier. I'd happily pay $5/mo for 35-50GB, but $10 for 100GB is too much for too much.

about three weeks ago

Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

stalky14 Re:i'm glad to work for free (418 comments)

This! I don't mind an ad to pay for the video, but the ad should never be longer (or even more than half as long) as the video. Also if the video itself is an advertisement, like a movie trailer, then that is just egregious.

Also, overlays are evil anywhere at any time.

about 2 months ago

ARM Launches Juno Reference Platform For 64-bit Android Developers

stalky14 Re:What the fuck is this thing? (69 comments)

Hmmm... I agree with you about segmentation, but think that adding an octet or two to IP4 would be vastly preferable to the unreadable, unmemorizable, mess that is IP6 that makes us slaves to domain name servers. So make it a non-lethal shot, please!

about 2 months ago

ARM Launches Juno Reference Platform For 64-bit Android Developers

stalky14 Re:What the fuck is this thing? (69 comments)

+1, sir, would that I could!

I remember learning x86 assembly after knowing 6502, 68000, and 68HC11 and wondering what it was the Intel engineers were smoking when they came up with not just the addressing scheme, but little-endian (don't get me started), and destination, source! More importantly, WHY that became the most popular architecture. It's like everything was upside-down and backwards of what I learned.

Though from what I've seen, ARM is little-endian and dest,src too, probably to appease people coming over from Intel.

about 2 months ago

The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...

stalky14 Re:Middle ages (196 comments)

I disagree. I have a couple of the new Ikea LEDARE bulbs and absolutely love them compared to every single CF I've ever tried. The color and brightness are perfect for the reading lamps I'm using them in. I bought the first one with great doubts, but was so impressed I bought the second one (which is responsible for my poll answer).

about 2 months ago

US College Students Still Aren't All That Interested In Computer Science

stalky14 Re:Not terribly surprising (306 comments)

I'd upvote you if I could. Calculus (and to a lesser extent, C) was what got me booted out of CS. I was dumbfounded at the time because I was a programming and electronics fiend my whole teenagerhood and figured I could take on the major, no-sweat. After failing Calc-2 no less than 5 times, I should have gotten the hint. Fortunately, I had a friend who was a major in Computer Engineering Technology -- basically embedded controls design and programming. Hardware design and programming the hardware in (mostly) assembly. And best of all, NO full-on Calc! There was a special sequence of applied math courses specifically for majors in the *ET family. I did well there. If only I had swallowed my pride earlier and admitted that there were things I just sucked at.

I learned later in life that my affinity for programming came from an aptitude for the synthesis of logic and _language_, not symbolism or numbers. My brain's just wired for one set of abstractions and not another. So be it.

Computer technology is a commonplace enough realm now for there to be a whole array of majors catering to all aptitudes and interests. Using generic CS as a metric has lost its accuracy. In fact, I think it's a major best reserved for purists who will eventually seek a more specific graduate degree or those who are knowingly undecided and will change to something more specific midway.

about 4 months ago

Whatever Happened To the IPv4 Address Crisis?

stalky14 Re:Probably the home router... (574 comments)

What was the rationale for making the IPV6 address space so huge in the first place? Seems like simply going to 40 or 48 bits would have been sufficient for decades if not longer.

about 6 months ago

Astronomers Make the Science Case For a Mission To Neptune and Uranus

stalky14 Here we go... (134 comments)

Let the "Uranus" wisecracks commence.

about 6 months ago

ABC Kills Next-Day Streaming For Non-Subscribers

stalky14 Re:Not Sure If This Is News (169 comments)

Wow. I haven't watched ABC since V either. It's pretty much a wasteland, not that V was Shakespeare or anything, but it was pleasant enough.

about 8 months ago

60% of Americans Unaware of Looming Incandescent Bulb Phase Out

stalky14 Re:If it bother you that much (944 comments)

First off, I have both CF and incandescent fixtures in the bathroom (wife likes more light for makeup). If I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I actually _prefer_ the CF warmup time so it's not so harsh going in there.

BUT: I've actually found myself leaving certain CF lights on continuously whereas I wouldn't have with incandescents, because the warmup time is such an inconvenience. No net savings there!

about 9 months ago

I wish my cell phone was...

stalky14 Re:had 50% better signal reception (495 comments)

I believe the issue here is not that it can't be done (T-Mobile offers WiFi calling on certain phones), it's that it can't be done well. The transition between WiFi and Cellular is often far too bumpy for a low-latency, bi-directional audio stream to sustain, so the call will drop. This would result in a service that would get more complaints than praise from most phone companies' point of view. So they don't offer it.

That and probably also patents. It's always patents with this kind of shit.

about 10 months ago

17-Year-Old Girl Wins Boston TV API Programming Contest

stalky14 Re:Being a woman at RIT (117 comments)

Ha. I was an RIT student in the 90's too. It was a total sausage fest. I went back for a visit in 2005 because I was in the area and noticed a lot more women there. I don't know what the per-major balance was, but it was at least better overall.

about a year ago

My most frequent OS migration path?

stalky14 Road less taken (413 comments)

Amiga OS to BeOS to OSX to Windows7 (you insensitive clod)!

Punctuated by lots of attempts to go Linux, usually ending in a chmod/.conf-editing rage induced reformat.

about a year ago

Radio Shack TRS-80 Vs. Commodore 64: Battle of the Titans

stalky14 Re:TRS-80 all the way, baby! (135 comments)

Ugh. I remember taking an 8088 class after knowing 6502/68000 well.
Multiplexed address/data bus, segmented addressing, little-endian, and backwards operands.
I was like, "Is there anything left for them to be contrary about?!! How did this get to be the dominating platform?!"

I blame Intel for single-handedly turning subsequent generations of programmers off from assembly language.

about a year and a half ago

How Many Text Messages Do You Send a Day?

stalky14 SMS, specifically? (217 comments)

Zero. If you count Google Talk then maybe 20, on average, usually to the wife.

about a year and a half ago

Oregon Lawmakers Propose Mileage Tax On Fuel Efficient Vehicles

stalky14 Re:How do they do it? (686 comments)

I buy gas in Washington whenever I'm across the river because I want to pump it myself.

about a year and a half ago

I go to trade shows (of any kind) ...

stalky14 Re:I am an AV technician (105 comments)

I am too and I haven't been to any in over 2 years. Last one was some shitty regional vendor expo. My employer has been really tight with travel budget lately while at the same time prodding me to do "professional development" activities. I'd love to finish out my Crestron cert. but that's several days of classes in another city (mostly for stuff I've already figured out on my own in the meantime). Oh well.

Is InfoComm worth it anymore?

about 2 years ago


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