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Building the "Social Internet" From the Outside In

standards Newsbreak: women + older people use the internet! (130 comments)

It's funny when people think that it's interesting that the internet can cater to both women and those over 50 years old. I can see that being odd some 15 years ago, when the internet wasn't readily available to the public, and when PCs were just for the wealthy geeks in town.

But these days EVERYone has a PC. People do things like shop, bank, and communicate using PCs. 66% of American women go on-line [according to Pew, 2005]. My elderly mother and all her friends use the internet every day.

So what's the big deal about a let's-share-our-shit forum that appears to attract woman over 50? I bet the on-line barbie forum attracts a lot of pre-teen girls, and the knitting forums have a surprising number of women. I even know women that use eBay.

Welcome to the new world, where women and older people use the internet too.

about 9 years ago


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