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For Microsoft, $93B Abroad Means Avoiding $30B Tax Hit

stanjo74 Re:Citizens United says... (316 comments)

If you mean "US Citizens" by "people", yes, US citizens must file with the IRS all income earned, even abroad, while being abroad, working for abroad, and all possible permutations of "abroad".

about three weeks ago

Google Foresees Ads On Your Refrigerator, Thermostat, and Glasses

stanjo74 Re:Nope. (355 comments)

So you can tap on an icon to open the fridge door, maybe ???

about 4 months ago

A Call For Rollbacks To Previous Versions of Software

stanjo74 That would teach you ... (199 comments)

that if it is not broken, don't fix it ! This is true for many things in life, and I'm glad we have such a trivial example for this wisdom as smart-phone upgrades. Please, leave it as it is.

about 6 months ago

Is Traffic Congestion Growing Three Times As Fast As Economy?

stanjo74 Re:driving farther to get to work (187 comments)

Also, gentrification is a big factor - lower-middle and in certain coastal areas, middle class people are being displaced, seeking more affordable homes further from their communities and work. Although the housing market is still a mess on average, certain coastal areas have appreciated above their 2006-7 peak, due to the ultra-easy monetary policy of the Fed.

about 6 months ago

Who's On WhatsApp, and Why?

stanjo74 Re:How do they break even? (280 comments)

Or just make another free account in an year and have your limited number of friends switch to it. As someone else pointed out, people in the countries where WhatsApp is huge has never made an online payment in their entire live. To them $1 is just as unpayable as $100 - because they lack he infrastructure to make the payment.

about 7 months ago

Who's On WhatsApp, and Why?

stanjo74 Re:Developing Countries (280 comments)

It's clear that WhatsApp is proportionally popular to the cost of sending SMS, but how many of the penny-pinching users are paying customers? Or do they create new promotional/free accounts every year? How many of the 450M accounts of WhatsApp are just the same person getting a free account every year?

about 7 months ago

WhatsApp: 2nd Biggest Tech Acquisition of All Time

stanjo74 Re:CNN argues it's worth the money (257 comments)

The whole business model of WhatsApp is based on the premise to be purchased by a rich Internet/Social Media company. They already sold to Facebook. If they start another one against their parent company, who's going to buy them again? Running something like WhatsApp is not a sustainable profitable business - you need the LBO end-game.

about 7 months ago

Bitcoin Exchange Value Halves After Chinese Ban

stanjo74 Re:Crypto COMMODITY (475 comments)

Which country takes gold for tax payments ?

about 9 months ago

Bitcoin Exchange Value Halves After Chinese Ban

stanjo74 Re:Crypto COMMODITY (475 comments)

Absolutely right. Bitcon in NOT a currency, until a country starts receiving tax payments in it. The definition of currency is "a system of money in general use in a particular country". Gold used to be a currency when countries would take it to settle obligations - now it's a commodity. Same with Bitcoin - it's a commodity and a store of value, and you still need to sell it for a currency to settle your capital-gains tax obligation on it.

about 9 months ago

Tesla Model S Has Bizarre 'Vampire-Like' Thirst For Electricity At Night

stanjo74 Re:kWh/day is stupid. (424 comments)

Yes, it's clumsy, but Watts doesn't tell you readily how much you are paying for it. Consumers are billed for kWh, so to express the cost of the drain, they used kWh/day; example: 4.5 kWh/day * $0.20 per kWh = ~ $1/day

about 10 months ago

Nokia's Elop Set To Receive $25 Million Bonus After Acquisition

stanjo74 Re:Nokia was RIPPED OFF! (196 comments)

very simple. The bigger and older the company, the more proxy voter shareholders it has (traded on the secondary exchanges to millions to people who own only a handful of shares each). These shareholders have no clue what is going on in the company they own. They let the board and executives run the show unabated.

The real game is played at the board level and executives. The company itself is just a stage - nobody cares about the company in the long run - one can always incorporate another. The board and the executives care about the company as a mean to an end - to make money off it. How the money is made - it doesn't matter. Sometimes money is made by making product and selling it; sometimes money is made by selling out; sometimes by liquidating and golden parachutes.

A successful public company is that makes the board and the executives rich. Products, employment, etc. is just secondary effects, to make things look not too sociopathic.

about a year ago

Bill Gates: iPad Users Are Frustrated They Can't Type Or Create Documents

stanjo74 Re:"they can't type, they can't create documents" (618 comments)

This was modded funny, but is actually insightful. Not many people are producing content (documents, drawings, etc). Everyone is consuming content - video streaming, web browsing, casual gaming, social media + some basic typing/input . Apple bet on the latter group and created a product that does this very well - zero administration, no viruses, safe applications.

People who need to create content already used specialized software and/or machines (aka PC, workstation, server, etc). They are not buying a tablet to replace that.

about a year ago

Is Buying an Extended Warranty Ever a Good Idea?

stanjo74 Re:Here's the deal... (329 comments)

Exactly this. For non-catastrophic things, be self-insured. If you can afford to pay for a replacement, pay yourself the insurance premium. The insurance company has already done the work for you to analyze the risk and come up with an insurance premium number.

about a year ago

What's Actually Wrong With DRM In HTML5?

stanjo74 Re:Finally a group that gets it! (447 comments)

DRM hobbles technology as much as SSL hobbles Web browsing.

There is nothing wrong with encrypted/DRM video. There are many applications - one is streaming of licensed (paid) content, another can be surveillance cameras protection over public networks.

about a year ago

No Such Thing As a Tax-Free Lunch At Google?

stanjo74 Re:Does the professor also pay for the water he us (631 comments)

Tap water and toilets are mandatory for an office - it is not a benefit.

If Google lunches were truly free, open to the public, then it can be argued it's not employment benefit/compensation - merely a charitable expense for Google. But if one needs to be a Google employee to get Google lunches, then the lunches are clearly compensation for employment, and it stands to reason that it should be taxable as such.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Protecting Home Computers From Guests?

stanjo74 Windows 7 + guest account + UAC (572 comments)

Enable the Guest account in Windows 7/Vista. It is disabled by default, but is very airtight - nothing can infect the machine from there. Don't forget to run with UAC on. Set Firefox browser to erase all history/cookies on exit.
I've been running like this for years without a single hick up. It protects my machine, my files and my privacy. Also protects the guest's privacy by auto-erasing all browser history.

about a year and a half ago

Re: Bitcoin, I most strongly agree with the following:

stanjo74 Re:Bitcoin is simple, and complicated (398 comments)

Bitcoin cannot be a real currency because there is no fiat demand for it. The reason why currencies exists is because governments will take payments in said currencies for settling mandatory debts (aka taxes and fees).
Right now Bitcoin has perceived value, but once the perception of value is eroded for whatever reason, there is no artificial bottom to its value like in the case of a fiat currency that is accepted by your government for taxes and fees.
Also, it takes a lot of resources to produce the Bitcoin currency (electricity, computers, etc) and the currency token itself cannot be converted back to the resource, which means there is no intrinsic value in Bitcoin as a currency.

Therefore it goes to 0 once the hype is over.

about a year and a half ago

The U.S. Careens Over the Fiscal Cliff, Reaching Only Half of a Deal

stanjo74 Re:Fiscal cliff (639 comments)

They can always agree to agree later. Meanwhile the private Federal Reserve is monetizing $40 Billion/month of US debt with no end in sight. Who needs tax revenue when you have a sugar daddy like that.

about a year and a half ago

Carmack: Next-Gen Console Games Will Still Aim For 30fps

stanjo74 Re:Fixed Refresh Rates (230 comments)

Triple-buffering with vsync allows to decouple the frame rate of the renderer from that of the presenter.

Your rendering is slightly slower then 60 fps, say 58 fps. With double-buffering with vsync you have to present at 30 fps. With proper triple-buffering with vsync you can present at 58 fps.

Most games don't care about vsync and will present at the rate of the renderer, causing mid-frame tearing. If you're lucky, the tearing will occur on the top of bottom of the frame and won't be too bad.

Triple-buffering allows to present at the rate of the renderer or presenter, whichever is lesser, AND with vsync without tearing.

about a year and a half ago


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