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ESA: No Conclusive Evidence of Big Bang Gravitational Waves

starless Re:Thus confirming existing opinions: (86 comments)

Of course, if you're being a real scientist, presumably you don't announce spectacular results till they've been peer-reviewed....

And even more than just announcing a non-reviewed piece of work, they went overboard with the hype it seems to me,
including the highly-staged video they made of arriving at Andre Linde's house and telling him the result:


Ask Slashdot: Can I Trust Android Rooting Tools?

starless The Android I'd Like to Root (186 comments)

Would mainly be Pris.

But I'd also be pretty keen on rooting Zhora and/or Rachael as well.

about two weeks ago

Exoplanet Hunting NGTS Telescope Array Achieves First Light

starless Re:Not much aperture (19 comments)

I wonder what the real step forward is (field of view? accuracy? software?), because that is not much aperture. 1.5 square meters in all, compared to 6 square meters on Kepler and 18 square meters on Hubble.

The collecting area of HST is ~4.5 m^2. (2.4/2)^2 x pi
Collecting area of Kepler is ~0.7 m^2

You also have to consider e.g. field of view and observation durations for use in planet searches.

about two weeks ago

Study of Massive Preprint Archive Hints At the Geography of Plagiarism

starless Re:Study pinpoints "lazy" authors too (53 comments)

I work a lot with data from astronomy satellites. A lot of the first steps of the analysis, and describing the spacecraft
and its instruments are very close to the same from paper to paper of mine. (And similarly for other people doing similar
work.) This results in a lot of near (and sometimes exact) duplication of text. However, I believe this is still valid
and necessary. The heart of the paper - i.e. the new results and conclusions - does still differ of course!

about 1 month ago

Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

starless The Most Shocking Thing (764 comments)

The shocking thing for me was that Tim Cook appears to be religious.
I did not suspect that at all.

about 3 months ago

US Army May Relax Physical Requirements To Recruit Cyber Warriors

starless Re:Good luck with that (308 comments)

Will the promotion points for Physical Training be altered for "cyber warriors"?

I think they just change the spelling slightly, and make it promotion points for Physics Training...

about 3 months ago

Days After Shooting, Canada Proposes New Restrictions On and Offline

starless Re:Terrible Summery (308 comments)

This summery is appalling.

That's because it's now autumny (at least in the North).

about 3 months ago

Decades-old Scientific Paper May Hold Clues To Dark Matter

starless Re:"The data come from" (93 comments)

I'm wondering what you're complaining about...
That's the exact same text as in the Science news article.

Are you objecting to the present tense, or are you confused by the correct
usage of "data" as a plural?

about 3 months ago

Michigan Latest State To Ban Direct Tesla Sales

starless Re:Tesla wasn't the target, it was China (256 comments)

I can't justify two cars, and if I own a car, it has to be able to drive 1000 miles in a day.

If you routinely have to drive so far then an electric wouldn't work for you.
However, if driving long distances is rare then an electric plus occasional rental (e.g. zip) ought to work.

about 3 months ago

Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

starless Re:Cochrane review of red-light camera studies (398 comments)

And a Cochrane review of speed cameras concludes:

The quality of the included studies in this review was judged as being of overall moderate quality at best, however, the consistency of reported positive reductions in speed and crash results across all studies show that speed cameras are a worthwhile intervention for reducing the number of road traffic injuries and deaths. To affirm this finding, higher quality studies, using well designed controlled trials where possible, and studies conducted over adequate length of time (including lengthy follow-up periods) with sufficient data collection points, both before and after the implementation of speed cameras, are needed.


about 3 months ago

Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

starless Cochrane review of red-light camera studies (398 comments)

A Cochrane meta-analysis of red-light camera studies concludes:

Red-light cameras are effective in reducing total casualty crashes. The evidence is less conclusive on total collisions, specific casualty
collision types and violations, where reductions achieved could be explained by the play of chance. Most evaluations did not adjust for
RTM or spillover, affecting their accuracy. Larger and better controlled studies are needed


about 3 months ago

Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More

starless Re:Touch ID for $100?? (355 comments)

If you look at this comparison chart you can see that the iPad Mini 3 is exactly the same as the existing iPad Mini with Retina Display (now called iPad Mini 2) with the exception of two things:

  1. It's got Touch ID
  2. It's $100 more expensive

I'm not entirely convinced that Touch ID is worth the extra $100. Hopefully the IHS teardown will indicate if there is anything else of value between the two.

If there was anything else worthwhile, wouldn't apple be boasting about it rather than us having to wait for a teardown?
I am convinced that Touch ID isn't worth $100 to me...

about 4 months ago

How Nigeria Stopped Ebola

starless Problem with CDC guidlines (381 comments)

From the NYT today:

Federal health officials effectively acknowledged the problems with their procedures for protecting health care workers by abruptly changing them. At 8 p.m. Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued stricter guidelines for American hospitals with Ebola patients.

They are now closer to the procedures of Doctors Without Borders, which has decades of experience in fighting Ebola in Africa. In issuing the new guidelines, the C.D.C. acknowledged that its experts had learned by working alongside that medical charity.

The Doctors Without Borders guidelines are even stricter than the new C.D.C. directives

about 4 months ago

Back To Faxes: Doctors Can't Exchange Digital Medical Records

starless Re:HL7? (240 comments)

Hmm... but this is a boon -for lawyers-.

I stand by my original statement. There is no limit to how negative this could go.

Yes, so you can't overestimate how good it is for them.
You need to either say:
cannot be overestimated.
should not be underestimated.


about 3 months ago

Back To Faxes: Doctors Can't Exchange Digital Medical Records

starless Re:HL7? (240 comments)

The boon this provides... for lawyers... cannot be underestimated.

I suspect you mean
cannot be overestimated.

about 4 months ago

Facebook Cleans Up News Feed By Reducing Click-Bait Headlines

starless Re:Stop there (61 comments)

They need to be careful and make sure they don't reduce Robin Williams tributes or Ice Bucket Challenges. Otherwise there won't be anything left :(

Don't worry - there will always be pictures of food and people's children and pets...

about 5 months ago

Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

starless Re:This is what they mean by "point of no return" (273 comments)

Methane is big. A huge greenhouse gas. It knocks the socks of carbon in all ways except that there's not that much of it(yet). It also doesn't "clean up" nearly as nicely after a couple of centuries of forest expansion/ocean calcification.

Actually, I believe the the lifetime of methane in the atmosphere is a lot less than that of CO2. So, although it's a more "potent" greenhouse gas, the long term effects of CO2 are worse because of CO2's longer lifetime.
See e.g. this article on the effects of methane compared to CO2.
When methane is released chronically, over decades, the concentration in the atmosphere will rise to a new equilibrium value. It won’t keep rising indefinitely, like CO2 would, because methane degrades while CO2 essentially just accumulates. Methane degrades into CO2, in fact...

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

starless Re:More details, please (131 comments)

I think the question is really intended to elicit general comments on good places to buy batteries, as much as one particular battery type.
That makes it of much more general interest to slashdot readers.

about 5 months ago

3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

starless Re:What? (393 comments)

NASA does not build a damned thing.

NASA builds lots of things, including scientific instruments and spacecraft. (Even if spacecraft are typically outsourced).
Although indeed it doesn't build launch vehicles.

about 6 months ago

T-Mobile Smartphones Outlast Competitors' Identical Models

starless wifi calling? (127 comments)

Did the study include the effects of calling over wifi?
I have t-mobile and connect to wifi networks at home and work for my phone connection and my charge lasts a lot longer than
when I'm away from wifi networks I can use.

As far as I know, I think t-mobile is the only carrier to implement calling over wifi.

(What, RTFA and check if that's mentioned? Of course not...)

about 6 months ago


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