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NASA Pondering Two Public Contests To Build Small Space Exploration Satellites

stastuffis Beta. Suicide. Difference? (127 comments)

I've been coming to this place for a while, mostly for the discussion.

I don't post much at all, but without an effective and easy way to consume/produce comments, this place is fucking worthless.


about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: To Hack Or Not To Hack?

stastuffis Show them this post! (517 comments)

I'd do it as one last effort. And then vanish and say nothing more about it.

more than 3 years ago

Android Passes BlackBerry In US Market Share

stastuffis Price wins! (250 comments)

The main driving force is always price. Always. That's why I believe Android will continue to win, and it's simply a huge perk that we have access to the source (even though delays frustrate the entitled folk).

Apple popularized the smartphone market, meaning they brought the 'taste' to the mainstream. They did the same with MP3 players. However, when comparing products, Android may not be optimal for everyone's tastes, but if it's 'good enough' then it's a formidable substitute. And at a lower cost, it will not lose.

more than 3 years ago

iPad Launches, FCC Teardown Leaked

stastuffis Re:Let the hating begin (on /. anyway) (617 comments)

I swear the anti-Apple crowd are far and away worse than the real fanboys. Even in the worst-possible scenario, with everyone who likes Apple kit being a fan (ahem, including both genders, here) , at least the fans have something they like, appreciate, and enjoy using. The haters just hate. And that's pitiably sad.

Oh really? I find them both equally irritating.

I had a friend requesting advice for a laptop that may be used for video editing. His budget was $500 and he was thinking about a Mac since Windows XP was giving him issues on an older desktop. Out of the woodwork, the discussion was filled with rabid Mac fans pushing him to buy without regard to the price point, many recommending outdated models and offering their old ones. My contribution was that he had options, especially for his needs, his budget and the relative decency which is Windows 7. There was no option for these other people.

Yet he impulsively bought one not soon after. Funny thing. He went on craigslist and accidentally bought a stolen one. He has been subpoenaed to testify against the thief. His blog post here (no ads, it's just his story).

more than 4 years ago

UN To Create Independent Panel To Review IPCC

stastuffis Who Cares? Focus on the solution. (342 comments)

Whether or not I believe we are spelling our quick demise is really none of my concern. Many publications on the topic have claimed much of the damage is irreversible. Some seem to inappropriately model the data (read: make accurate predictions). Inability to make such predictions isn't proof of incorrectness, but instead, it makes me ponder the usefulness. However, while I do I have my reservations on these findings, I do have a strong opinion on energy. With our current plans, it's quite finite.

In short, I'd rather have more money being poured into renewable technologies, even at the expense of climate change research (not cutting it). If we know the proposed solution is a future-bound inevitability (regardless of the validity of climate change theory), what's all the fuss for? I'd just suggest to look at how much money and power the industry of energy holds. That's why it's political.

I will add that I believe what bothers me about some "Global Warmists" is the animosity and push for dramatic overnight change. Some people even discard nuclear energy, dubbing it too dirty. Sure, it's not perfect but it's a farcry away from coal and a good stepping stone as we search for better answers.

Infrastructures have to be rebuilt. New technologies must be found. Limitations must be overcome (wind, etc.) Resources must be considered every step of the way. Money is also required. Focus on the solution. It will be needed no matter the issue.

more than 4 years ago

Malware Can Download Child Porn To Your Computer

stastuffis Call me crazy but (586 comments)

Such a virus could serve three purposes in my mind:

1) Disseminate and house child pornography anonymously
2) Bored person playing a cruel prank
3) An attempt to legitimize the "infected computer" defense. No way I knew about it. My computer is infected.

more than 5 years ago

Staying In Shape vs. a Busy IT Job Schedule?

stastuffis What a loaded submission - find a new job. (865 comments)

You work a 60-hour work week. Apparently, you also get a poor amount of sleep. Working out involves recovery time. Adequate sleep is paramount to a sound body and mine.

You can't do a workout program? You can't wake up early? You really can't do anything outside of your days off. You want a magic fit pill? You want longer days? You want what does not exist.

The answer is blatantly obvious: find a new job or face the fact that your mental and physical state will erode over time.

It is comforting to know that IT doesn't require common sense.

more than 5 years ago

Piracy and the PSP

stastuffis Re:Poor excuse (272 comments)

Piracy is rampant on the DS too, and there's tons of money being made there.

Agreed. Buy a flash cart, a microSD card and you're off to the piracy races for the DS. Much less complicated than PSP modding even though that is relatively simple.

It boils down to a few things: price, game selection and allure of the hardware.

It automatically failed on price. Remember, when its price dropped the PSP received a decent boost in sales. Unfortunately, due to their sparse selection of quality games, I don't think it held much interest.

The launch of the DS was stronger. The DS Lite reinvigorated and popularized the console. Also, it provided an interesting way to play games. Now games could be made that actually interested mom and pop (read: Brain Age). The PSP stuck with hardcore technological advantage and fell on its face. Not to mention the 'nub' joystick is a pain to get used to or the disparity in battery life.

Sony has no one to blame but themselves, but honestly, they've done relatively well in an arena that Nintendo absolutely slaughters.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Says No Profit In Vista-XP Downgrades

stastuffis Re:Customization cost (315 comments)

Maybe their whole production process is customized with a Vista image. Imagine that you now have an employee that needs to yank out the vista hard drive, throw in an xp hard drive, and then have another employee make sure that it is an XP system before it ships out. Not to mention the cost of changing the OS sticker on the laptop...

I'd also imagine that such a production process could have custom XP deployments for their machines especially when there seems to be a demand for it. I was given an HP laptop with Vista on it as a gift. It took me less than a day to hunt for the drivers and get it running despite it being a bit of a pain. Now why can't a company with much better resources than me alone accomplish this same task much quicker?

The software/computer industry has always gone the way of forced obsolescence. It has guaranteed revenue for quite some time. With Vista, what we are seeing is consumer backlash with this concept. Couple that with the speeds that your average PC has, and other than hardware failure, your average PC consumer shouldn't need an upgrade for years unless their needs increase.

more than 5 years ago

Avoiding Wasted Time With Prince of Persia

stastuffis Re:New PoP is awesome thanks to the lack of death. (507 comments)

I estimate I spent about 10 hours on the game, and I would far rather have 10 AWESOME hours than 40 hours of padded frustrating crap. I'm old enough I don't want to waste my time on stupid sh@# just for the sake of being hardcore like an internet suicide.

The combat is eventually a bit tedious, yes. I'd prefer the game be even MORE stripped down. I'm perfectly willing to drop $40 for 8 hours of making you feel like a total badass.

Elika is amazing - she is never annoying (which is astounding for a companion) and the dialogue is interesting and funny. And the ending is just fantastic; it deserves a mention even separate from the lack of death. I can't say anything much without spoiling it, but I love how it asks you (and you likely comply gladly) to subvert everything you've done.

I can't tell if you're talking about a movie or a game. But then again, they'll starting to slowly merge IMO. HD graphics, motion control and CPU power getting better and better. Virtual reality is on its way. Part of me is psyched and the other part worried.

about 6 years ago

Why the Kill Switch Makes Sense For Android

stastuffis Re:I don't agree (384 comments)

Kind of like buying a house and having to pick the lock to get inside. No thanks.


More like buying a house, having to pick the lock, and occasionally the guy you're paying comes and changes the locks. Did I mention that if you want to renovate your bathroom, too bad. The homeowner has decided the bathroom provided is optimal.

more than 6 years ago



stastuffis stastuffis writes  |  more than 8 years ago

stas (632932) writes "Earlier today, IGN reported about their encounter with a retail Playstation, and while much of it remained positive, it is worth pointing out that if you were expecting any component or HDMI cables, you won't find any. On top of the $600 machine, they will come at an extra cost as it only includes a "Multi-AV cable with composite connectors." For a company that makes claims of controlling this next generation of consoles, it certainly is not offering much incentive to jump on board."


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