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How Indie Devs Made an 1,800-Player Action Game Mod In Their Spare Time

stephanep Re:I did the math, with P2P you can get 50,000 (87 comments)

I assume you validate not only the authenticity but also the feasibility of each command. A single cheater could run 10 nodes to blend reality in his favor or report as cheater some innocent players. Then you have to handle data persistence, taking in account that any node can have connection problem at any time. Client/server(s) model for any robust real time action game has still a bright future in the current decade. (they will put the "cloud" tag on it to be trendy tho)

more than 2 years ago

Linaro Tweaks Speed Up Android, By Up To 100 Percent

stephanep benchmark on a framerate capped OpenGL test ? (97 comments)

In the last screen of the benchmark/demo, you see 4 different tests that are each one individually exactly at 60FPS +/1 FPS for the Linaro build and 30FPS +/- 1 for the stock build... Better not question the coincidence and make a slashdot article about that 100% speed improvement !

more than 2 years ago

Mandriva's Open Letter To Steve Ballmer

stephanep some reasons to keep linux... dual boot ? (357 comments)

Even for non linux-enthusiastic users, replacing linux by windows on this offer cant be a choice based on a technical and unbiased decision. First, the hardware (i will assume the intel site is updated and match this offer) : http://www.classmatepc.com/classmatepc-system-hardware.html "DDR-II 256M SO-DIMM" Last time i tryed to use windows XP with 256mb ram, it wasn't exactly fast... Add any word processor on the top of it, and you can be sure scrolling on a reasonably small document with images will be a very frustrating XPeriance. With linux on a reasonably light window manager, it run just fine. Then, the software... Mandriva can come packaged with all the program a student need, and with easy "system + program" update mechanisms, while upgrading applications on windows require at least manual install (if picking freesoftware on the top of windows) or more money. Upgrading the OS : how does Nigeria plan to move to the more recent versions of microsoft windows when XP will be unsupported ? It's a 2001 operating system, and every new MS-OS double the hardware requirements. The failure of vista will mitigate the "end of life" timing of XP, but that's just for a time until microsoft can "persuade more people that Vista is good for them". I can understand mandriva guys to be disoriented by this biased fight. Could Nigeria consider dual booting... Or is more important for ballmer to delete linux than to install windows ?

more than 7 years ago


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