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Hackers Steal Data Of 4.5 Million US Hospital Patients

stephanruby Re:Nice contrast.. (111 comments)

with the story about 'doctor visits' over Skype, and how many posters were railing against how they were afraid of eavesdropping/decrypting of their Skype conversations. Where are they now!

These days, most of them are currently in China getting free medical advice and racking medical bills over Skype.

about two weeks ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

stephanruby Re:Niggers. (359 comments)

There is more to it. Media hide a lot of shit. My family got quite repulsed when I told them the problem of contagion is due to in most parts of that area, the ritual ceremony being drinking the water you use to wash the corpse.

Yes, that's obviously why Western Doctors coming to help are getting infected too.

They're all in it for the cultural exchange.

about two weeks ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

stephanruby Re:What are they complaining about? (341 comments)

Thanks, this is interesting. I find myself corrected.

I wonder if Uber is getting banned from that city for not hiring those types of licensed drivers, or if it's because their people didn't take the normal Taxi certification, or if it's for something else entirely.

about two weeks ago

Two Years of Data On What Military Equipment the Pentagon Gave To Local Police

stephanruby Re:Real Problem (264 comments)

Actually many (not all) of the policemen and policewomen in the U.S. are ex military. They've been trained on the equipment that was donated to the police departments. What we should be asking is why have we come to a time/place that we think we need a swat team knocking on a door for an eviction, or even a low profile drug related arrest.

Actually you would go in with SWAT too, when the person you're invading the house of is ex-military.

about two weeks ago

Knocking Down the Great Firewall of China

stephanruby Re:How about backing off? (167 comments)

The day I lost a lot of respect for Open Source is the day they went political.

Open Source isn't a person. It's neither political, nor apolitical. Open Source is a tool that makes sharing software much easier. That is all.

They have their own rules and regulations and you should respect them and not interfere..

Why should I? If a friend of mine in China wants me to give him access to github because its government blocked it for some reason (as it has done in the past), then I will certainly give it to him. Not that I was ever asked, everyone I know in China already pays (or has their own company pay) for a private proxy to ssh through.

You have no right to decide what's right or wrong or to push your means to them,

I have the right to say whatever I want, and they have the right to ignore me. Just like you have the right to say whatever you want, and I have the right to ignore you. The same goes for my government, please feel free to try to influence it. Most people running my government are self-serving idiots anyway.

about two weeks ago

Google Brings Chrome OS User Management To Chrome

stephanruby Re:Has been in Chrome for a while now. (68 comments)

the settings discussed in TFA have been in chromes chrome://flags for a least 6 months..

The setting was indeed there in ChromeOS, but for me, the only way I had to login into multiple Google Apps profiles at the same time was to use Xfce4/Ubuntu/Crouton on top of my Chromebook Pixel.

Enable Google Profile Name and icon

It is now the default, apparently.. in Canary.. (the alpha build) but this has been an option for a while now in the regular Chrome builds...... I used it for about a week and wasn't all that fond of it due to it wanting my password.. but maybe it was some option I had enabled that caused that.

It only needs your password once in a while. The rest of the time, it doesn't ask for it.

In any case, note that this multiple profiles settings is for having multiple google apps/gmail profiles, it's not meant for someone to have multiple profiles other than Google Apps/gmail profiles. In that sense, that feature is nothing like the multiple profile setting we used to have on Firefox years ago.

about two weeks ago

Google Brings Chrome OS User Management To Chrome

stephanruby Re:surprisingly useful. Never booted to Linux (68 comments)

When doing assignments it typically asks to to write the homework in one of several formats (word, ODF, PDF, text etc.) and upload it through a web page. This simply does not work with ChromeOS. You cannot navigate to the Google docs files from the browser and select a file there to upload.

This "Files" feature is available on ChromeOS since at least one year ago. You should definitely try it again.

Also, you should take a look at the Chrome web store to find some free app/extension that can automate that part of the process to make it easier. The Chrome web store is not that great yet, but it still should have what you need.

about two weeks ago

Google Brings Chrome OS User Management To Chrome

stephanruby Re:ChromeOS (68 comments)

Even old grandmas and non-power users would probably find it goddamn useless.

That's true enough, but that's also one of its core strength.

If I ever have kids, a super cheap computer without good computer games is what I will buy them. The same goes for Grandma. It doesn't matter to me if she can't edit her pictures as well as she did on her PC. The fact is, her old PC is unusable now because of all the applications she installed on it, and all the duplicate pictures and videos she kept putting on there. As her main line of technical support, getting my grandma a Chromebook was the best decision I ever made.

about two weeks ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

stephanruby Re:What are they complaining about? (341 comments)

A) I drive _non commercially_ less than 8 people: I need no special license

I don't disagree with this part.

B) I drive _non commercially_ 8 people or more: I need a special license, I drive 2000km next weekend and we are exactly 7 in the rented car, and we had to sign a paper that we are actually only 7 as the car has 9 seats.

I don't disagree with this part.

C) I drive commercially: I always need a special driving license, regardless of number of passengers. Even if I'm the hired driver for a CEO or whatever, if My job is to drive a single person around, I need a special permit for that.

I did google for something that substantiated this claim, but I couldn't find anything (other than what I already found). If you could provide an official source for that, or even a forum post from someone who claims to have first-hand knowledge, I'd gladly accept it. It can even be in German, I don't speak German, but I can use Google Translate.

Now I'll understand if you don't feel the need to justify yourself to a person you do not know, and I'll even understand if you don't feel my comment is worth replying to. After all, we all have lives outside or Slashdot.

Just don't expect me to change my mind simply because you say there is such a law out there.

about two weeks ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

stephanruby Re:What are they complaining about? (341 comments)

Yes, you provided a source, but it was wrong. I can appreciate how you got caught out and are now pretending that the test and the license passing the test provides are two different, unrelated things.

I didn't get caught out. I did say "driving test" in my original post. You're implying I didn't.

In Germany, if they carry less than 8 passengers and if their vehicles are below a certain weight, then they don't need to take a different driving test.

And what do you mean by "unrelated things" any way? The taxi license does pre-require a normal automobile driver license to begin with. And the normal automobile driver license does require a driving test (although, the taxi license doesn't require any additional driving test, except for a stringent geographical knowledge test and a criminal background/medical/eyes check, which I've already mentioned in my original post).

In Germany you need a special series of tests to get the special license for carrying paying passengers.

That's what I essentially said in my original post (except I was a bit more precise, since bus drivers do not need to take a taxi local geography knowledge test and bus drivers are required to take an extra driving test that taxi drivers of smaller vehicles are not required to take).

I think you'll find that if you re-read my original post, you'll agree with almost all of it (except for my opinion about the local geography knowledge test being outdated, I assume you'll probably disagree with me on that part).

about two weeks ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

stephanruby Re:What are they complaining about? (341 comments)

It's required by all commercial passenger traffic so it's not as f it discriminates against Uber after all.

No, the specific geography test I mentioned is only for taxi licensing, not for any other kind of commercial passenger traffic.

That's a pretty pathetic sum for traffic insurance.

You got me there.

The US, California especially, is actually pretty pathetic where it comes to car insurance coverage. In Germany, I would expect Uber's insurance to be much higher.

about two weeks ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

stephanruby Re:What are they complaining about? (341 comments)

Thats 15 to 30 times Uber gives you... you in the US.

Like I said in my other post, the existing insurance system in the US, and especially in California, is actually very pathetic.

about two weeks ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

stephanruby Re:What are they complaining about? (341 comments)

In Germany, if they carry less than 8 passengers and if their vehicles are below a certain weight, then they don't need to take a different driving test.
That is incorrect. This is only valid if you don't commercially transport passengers.
If you actually do transport passengers comercially, you need an extra driving license, and you need the same extra license if you transport more than 7 or 8 people _non_ commercially (in one vehicle) like e.g. if you bring boy scouts into a camp. Every bus driver bringing kids to school has such a license!

I mentioned the term "driving test", not driver license. Also, I provided a source. You didn't. And I did mention that you needed a taxi license in my following paragraph.

outdated local geography test that has been rendered completely useless by mobile applications such as Google Maps Navigation and Waze.
Well, I usualy have trips that are not longer than 15 minutes, and I appreciate it if the driver does not need 2 mins to set up the navigation first, especially if the spelling of the target is odd.

Then you should use Uber then, because you confirm the address on your own mobile phone, everything after that is fully automated, and the Uber driver doesn't have to set up anything.

In the US, Uber covers you for up to one million dollars.
Erm, do you actually own a car? I guess not.

I do, but only in California. The minimum mandatory coverage in California is actually crazy small.
$15,000 for injury/death to one person
$30,000 for injury/death to more than one person
$5,000 for damage to property

Not only that, but unlike most European countries where the system of stickers makes driving without insurance almost impossible. In the US, it's actually quite easy to do so.

about two weeks ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

stephanruby Re:What are they complaining about? (341 comments)

I don't know why Uber is complaining. All they need to do, after all, is to recruit drivers with a commercial license;

In Germany, if they carry less than 8 passengers and if their vehicles are below a certain weight, then they don't need to take a different driving test.

What they do need however is a license to operate a taxi, and that's determined locally, with a criminal background/medical/eyes check, and a very stringent but outdated local geography test that has been rendered completely useless by mobile applications such as Google Maps Navigation and Waze.

For my part as a potential user, liability is the real issue. I would never risk taking a car service where I'm not fully covered in the case of an accident.

In the US, Uber covers you for up to one million dollars. For other countries, just check the relevant Uber web site for the country you're in, and see how much insurance they have. My bet is that you'll probably have better coverage when you travel as a passenger/driver with Uber than if you were to drive yourself personally.

about two weeks ago

Wikipedia Gets Critical Reception from UK Press at Wikimania 2014

stephanruby Re:Meanwhile the general public in London... (113 comments)

And "defamed" or called out on something questionable? Genuinely asking, I never heard of this British journalist until today...

There is nothing really wrong with him. He's mostly known for his talk radio show, not his articles.

On his radio show, he has people calling in, but he frequently cuts people off (as most good radio show hosts do).

Here is what I found through the wikipedia revision history:

James is in very vocal support of continued mass immigration into the UK, sees no negatives to it, and labels anybody who questions the desirability of this as 'racist' or 'bigoted'.

If any white Anglo Saxon caller to his show should dare to say that they feel even slightly threatened by the influence of new 'cultures' forced on the neighbourhood that they, and generations of their family, were born and brought up in, James will bully them before cutting them off, normally using an ad break or the travel news as an excuse. Women often get this treatment too. He is clearly more comfortable bullying them.

However, James also regularly offends many new immigrants to the UK by mocking religion in a very offensive manner, and it could therefore be argued that he causes far greater offence to these new immigrants, on an almost daily basis, than any BNP supporter ever has. His frequent mockery of religion has also demonstrated his hypocrisy as James has admitted that he had his daughter baptised.This will probably be a 'Get the kid into the successful local Catholic School' ploy. Luckily the priests involved at his local Catholic school, St Mary's in Chiswick are aware of James, his views on religion and his lack of practice. He may be shocked when he finds that having attended Ampleforth will not be enough.

To be fair, I haven't looked at everything, but if this is the only kind of content he's complaining about, then he had it easy. Anyone with half a brain would see the bias in these unsourced comments.

about two weeks ago

Geneticists Decry Book On Race and Evolution

stephanruby Re:Are You Kidding? (541 comments)

In the book, Wade suggests that such genetic differences may help explain why some people live in tribal societies and some in advanced civilizations, why African-Americans are allegedly more violent than whites, and why the Chinese may be good at business.

To be fair, what you're quoting is what a journalist said about the author. It's not even a quote of the author, it's an interpretation by the journalist of what the author supposedly wrote. If second-hand paraphrasing is enough to condemn someone absolutely, then President Barack Obama must be the devil himself according to right-wing talk show hosts and Fox News reporters.

about two weeks ago

Silicon Valley Doesn't Have an Attitude Problem, OK?

stephanruby Re: Tech workers in Silicon Valley (262 comments)

I can't pick up private friends using public stops. Nobody but the tech scum bro grammars have that type of access to public resources for private gain.

So instead of having 20 to 30 people in a Google bus during rush hour, you want those 20 to 30 tech scum brogrammers on the road driving their own car?

I'm sorry, but these types of agreements are nothing new. Private car pools often get preferential treatment. For a couple of hours they can get their own lanes and their own pick up/drop off areas (areas which are usually public parking spaces the rest of the time). Not to mention, school buses, university shuttles, and even private university shuttles, often share bus stops with city buses when there is a need and the city agrees to it.

If you ask me, getting as many idiot drivers off the road during rush hours is a good idea (it's not like they don't have the money, so if they don't go by shuttle, they won't have trouble buying their own cars, increasing car congestion, and driving up the rent of private garages in the city).

about two weeks ago

F-Secure: Xiaomi Smartphones Do Secretly Steal Your Data

stephanruby Re:Why "relatively" private? (164 comments)

I want it totally private. Has the concept of privacy gotten so totally lost that people seem okay to settle for relative privacy?

By the way, the best way to keep your data private is to keep it out of your untrusted phone/computer/whatnot, and use bogus data when you need to enter something.

Exemples: use "Acme inc." as your home phone number's name in your addressbook, and nicknames for your contacts. Don't enter your full address as your home in your satnav's app but someone's address in a street close-by, etc.

If you want privacy, don't use an address book, memorize your friends numbers. On that topic of friends, don't have more than two friends. That will minimize your exposure. The first one can be called Mr. White and the second one Mr. Black, and again, don't be lazy, do not enter their nickname into the address book.

Do not use gps navigation, get yourself an old fashion magnetic compass. Magnetic compasses have worked for centuries. And they'll keep on being useful for many centuries to come. Turn on your phone only at specific hours on certain dates. The rest of the time, keep your phone turned off, battery removed, and the phone tucked away in a Tesla envelope (along with some extra sim cards). And if someone ever comes knocking on your door, or calls you by mistake, you're a Jehova's Witness and you're into Multi-Level-Marketing.

That's what I would call total privacy, and even then it wouldn't be completely total.

about three weeks ago

Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome

stephanruby Re:Why is (201 comments)

BTW- as far as I am aware, no distro includes or supports Chrome, anyway... only Chromium (which is open source).

What do you mean by support?

On my linux box, I have both Chromium and Chrome installed. Chrome makes it easier to switch google apps profiles than Chromium.

about three weeks ago

FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

stephanruby Re:text is easier to give addresses (80 comments)

I think in some regards being able to send an SMS in an emergency, with important details like the exact address(including quadrant in cities like Washington DC).

They should just let users send direct Facebook/Google+/Twitter messages to 911.

This way, they'll know what you had for breakfast this morning and who to call in case the initial gps address isn't enough.

about three weeks ago


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