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Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

stevencbrown Re:Trust us with your payments (730 comments)

I think we just found the goatse guy...

about 5 months ago

Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries

stevencbrown The Special Relationship (242 comments)

As a Briton, I'm just glad my country made the list. Finally the special relationship counts for something - God Bless America!

about 7 months ago

Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?

stevencbrown Re:Maybe it's just us (608 comments)

ha ha, have never heard that before. I'm buying that book on the strength of that quote.

about 9 months ago

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

stevencbrown not good enough (244 comments)

really don't see why anyone would get this.

Expensive for needing a main device as a companion - making hands free calls is not a good enough reason for a $300 device, and the other items "alerts you of incoming texts/emails/etc" is a bit so what - if you have to pair this to a phone, having it near enough will mean that you'd get notified of this anyway.

I think it needed either a cool factor (flexible/wearable), or to be very useful (standalone device that could replace a phone).

about a year ago

Scientists Recover Wooly Mammoth Blood

stevencbrown Re:Photo Op (190 comments)

you can order your steak any way you want in France - they'll serve it however they feel like cooking it - that's the French culture...

about a year and a half ago

Equipment Failure May Cut Kepler Mission Short

stevencbrown Re:Remember Hubble? (76 comments)

easy. if it's in earth trailing orbit, just launch something out of earth orbit, and the stop it. Kepler will eventually come along, and whatever we've sent up came just fix it. Shouldn't put us off just because it'll be going at 107,200 km/h...

about a year and a half ago

To Avoid Confusion: Oracle's Confusing New Java Numbering Scheme

stevencbrown Re:Oracle has always had confusing version numbers (183 comments)

No it wasn't...
11gR1 is 11.1.x, and 11gR2 is 11.2.x.

11.0 doesn't exist.

I agree 11g badging has been a bit confused for some products (11g WebLogic Server is 10.3.6), but the database versioning is pretty clear.

about a year and a half ago

North Korea Declares a State of War

stevencbrown boring (628 comments)

message to NK - shit, or get off the pan...

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Should Bitcoin Be Regulated?

stevencbrown Bored (385 comments)

If Slashdot now sponsored by the Bitcoin promotional council or something?

seems like a story a day about it this week, I do find Bitcoin fairly interesting, but not reading about slightly different thoughts on it every day...

about 2 years ago

Human Rights Watch: Petition Against Robots On the Battle Field

stevencbrown Re:Obama already leads the way (275 comments)

the post you're replying to is one line long, and you still can't read it right? When did Stalin or Hitler when Nobel Peace Prize?

about 2 years ago

David Braben Kickstarts an Elite Reboot

stevencbrown Re:Going to have a hard time topping modern remake (173 comments)

absolutely right on the money.

Elite was a huge achievement for the time, of which Braben can be justly proud.

He's spent the years since heading up a development studio who seem to have cranked out years of bargain bin pish, and is now seeking some sort of relevance again.

Nothing about his track record suggest this has a high probability of even being average...

more than 2 years ago

The Growth of Google Summer of Code

stevencbrown Annoying name (20 comments)

I always got irrationally annoyed when reading about Summer of Code, thought the name was utterly lame. But it's possibly because I watched Seinfeld's Summer of George episode around the same time, and thought that his summer sounded a lot more fun...

more than 2 years ago

CmdrTaco Looks Back on Fifteen Years of Slashdot

stevencbrown Re:Summary of the last 15 years (178 comments)

If you can arrange this into a "We didn't start the fire" type song, then I believe you'll have written the best ever slashdot post.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Loses Users, Satisfaction Higher at Google+

stevencbrown Re:Hmmmm, yeah (274 comments)

there is a definite spin to the article - not like slashdot.(!)

I like G+ as well, but just don't see how it ever reaches critical mass, and even if it does, will it supplant facebook, or will it just become as annoying as facebook.

I use 3 social media sites, and feel the all fulfill a certain niche, and not sure that will change for a while.

Facebook, for semi-interesting mix of updates from a variety of friends and acquaintances, just dip in now and again when I'm bored, certainly don't feel I'm missing out on anything if I don't check.

G+ fulfills more of my tech need, as I most of the stuff I follow in there is more tech related, and I tend to check it every day, and usually get some interesting reading out of it. (though had to unfollow NASA, they provide way too many updates if they had been landing somebody on Mars, let alone just updates about the effects of micro gravity on small screws).

Twitter is good for when I'm on the toilet and doing a dump.

more than 2 years ago

Larry Ellison Buys His Own Hawaiian Island

stevencbrown Re:Uh-oh. (398 comments)

And he looks like Hank Scorpio!

All we need is oracle to open up a germ warfare division, though think he'll have to settle for the western seaboard rather than the eastern, if he's based in Hawaii?

more than 2 years ago

More Plans For UK Internet Snooping Bill Revealed In Queen's Speech

stevencbrown Re:Parasites (114 comments)

I'm British, and I personally fully support the Queen's role in this country. Leaving aside the tax dollars to support them (which I would reckon is probably offset by tourist spend on people coming to see the royal sights), her role is invaluable. Even though she doesn't have direct powers, providing that stability and consistency is, for me, a necessary role when dealing with the lizard like politicians that we have.

I dread to think how silly the forming coalition bun fight from a couple of years ago would have been - the media were in hysterics about a coalition, who it should be - having someone who has seen loads of prime ministers and governments come and go at the heart of the process is very useful.

Our alternative would be an directly elected head of state. The thought of a President Blair (which he tried his best to be) swanning around is nauseating - give me a figurehead like the Queen any day of the week.

more than 2 years ago

Google Glasses Announced

stevencbrown Re:Sixth Sense (249 comments)

whatever happened to the sixth sense tech? I thought it looked great, but it was 3 years ago, I've done periodic searches for info since, and nothing actually seems to be happening in terms of getting it to market??

more than 2 years ago

New Doctor Who Companion Announced

stevencbrown Re:I dislike the whole premise of the show. (255 comments)

And while some might argue that's part of the fun of it the show pales in comparison to shows like Red Dwarf that were also very random but at least had an internal logic that remained consistent to itself at least for an episode or two.

Would that be the Red Dwarf where Lister has his appendix removed... twice? :-)

more than 2 years ago



Best way to avoid drowning in the App Store?

stevencbrown stevencbrown writes  |  more than 5 years ago

stevencbrown (238995) writes "I just submitted a game to the App Store, and have been disappointed by the pretty slow sales. The only market that we've had any (small) success in is the UK, as that's where we are based, and our initial email round our acquaintances did enough to push us onto one of the Top 100 category lists, but outside the UK we're getting no traction at all.

The disappointing part is that any of the dedicated forums we've posted it to (like toucharcade) have resulted in glowing reviews, and people who have really enjoyed what we've done. That and the fact that when we look at the lists of the more popular games, they are full of "iMob — 50 points" and variations that take up loads of slots, and make it very difficult to get on the all important Top 20/100 lists.

So, we're not really sure what to do to try and push it. A Lite version is in the approval process, but other than that, what can we do to spread the word, and give it a kick?
Has anyone had any success with advertising anywhere?

And just to get a plug in, our game is a Monkey Island style "point and touch" adventure about a time travelling fridge (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/all-fridges-are-psychotic/id344310546?mt=8) so it is probably pretty niche — but think this probably does apply to any small, indie developers trying to get a game recognised."



My new iPhone game

stevencbrown stevencbrown writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Have just got approval and released a game for the iPhone. A point and touch adventure, it's in the same vein (hopefully) as Monkey Island et al. Julius Brown want to be in movies, and has written a script to enter in a local competition. When it all goes wrong, only a time travelling fridges can save the day!

iTunes link - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/all-fridges-are-psychotic/id344310546?mt=8

Website - http://flaghippo.com

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