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Snowden: NSA Spied On Human Rights Workers

stevez67 Meanwhile, in other news ... (230 comments)

The sun rose in the east, the sun set in the west, and a whiny-pants fugitive hiding out in Putin-land continues to cry for attention. There will be no film at 11.

about two weeks ago

NSA Infiltrated RSA Deeper Than Imagined

stevez67 Re:Desensitizing the masses (168 comments)

They know how to sell themselves ... it involves large bags of unmarked currency and plausible deniability.

about three weeks ago

GCHQ and NSA Targeted World Leaders, Private German Companies

stevez67 Re:@people from the US (145 comments)

When you consider that Germany is doing the same to every country on the planet you begin to understand why this whole Snowden/NSA/Spying thing is not news except to those suffering from terminal naivete. Of course every other country is doing the same ... so at the end of the day it's all equal.

about three weeks ago

Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

stevez67 Re:We're on Google Apps/Chromebooks (409 comments)

That covers the ads being served "at school" but not the saving of their surfing habits and the subsequent data mining and serving of ads when the kids get home and surf on their computers away from school. Anyone who thinks Google does this out of generosity is naive. Google is setting up profiles for later use and data mining; that's their business model.

about a month ago

Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

stevez67 Re:We're on Google Apps/Chromebooks (409 comments)

The combination of quick boot time, instant data save to the cloud, low acquisition costs, no "obvious" ongoing costs, and targeted ads from Google to our kids simply can't be beat. FTFY

about a month ago

Why P-values Cannot Tell You If a Hypothesis Is Correct

stevez67 Statistics (124 comments)

Lies ... damned lies ... and statistics. The P value only tells you if there is statistical significance in the data, not whether your hypothesis is correct or incorrect.

about 2 months ago

Facebook Mocks 'Infection' Study, Predicts Princeton's Demise

stevez67 All things come to an end (193 comments)

Just look at any communications technology from the early to mid 20th century that was the "cutting edge" of the day but now is the technology dinosaur. For example pony express/snail mail - telegraph - telephone - fax - email - social media. Think it will end? Hardly.

about 3 months ago

The SEC Is About To Make Crowdfunding More Expensive

stevez67 It's simple business (366 comments)

Crowdfunding is no different than any other form of investment; it promises to deliver something in return for money. That's business and just because the business is done on the internet, mostly by people with little or no understanding of what's involved in legally soliciting capital investment, doesn't make it exempt from normal business regulation.

about 3 months ago

Yahoo Advertising Serves Up Malware For Thousands

stevez67 The usual platitudes and bullshyte promises (184 comments)

They'll continue to monitor, as in do something about a malicious ad once someone else identifies it and spreads the word.

about 3 months ago

The New York Times Pushes For Clemency For Snowden

stevez67 Exile in Russia not as comfy as he thought? (354 comments)

It's not like Snowden managed to change anything other than the public dialog. Anyone who thinks every country on the planet isn't doing the same thing as the NSA is dangerously naive. Snowden deserves his exile if for no other reason than being naive enough to think he'd actually change the way the world works.

about 4 months ago

No Question: Snowden Was 2013's Most Influential Tech Figure

stevez67 Every year it's the same thing (108 comments)

People are touted as being "the most influential" who are nothing more than drama fodder for the 24x7 news organizations. Snowden will soon be a memory, heck he's almost a memory now, and bitcoin and its ilk will fare no better over time. It used to be that people expected 15 minutes of fame, now with the pace of information flow they should expect 15 ms of fame at best.

about 4 months ago

Mathematical Model of Zombie Epidemics Reveals Two Types of Living-Dead Strains

stevez67 Re:hehe (163 comments)

There wolves.

about 4 months ago

Affordable Blood Work In Four Hours Coming To Pharmacies

stevez67 Re:How much will it cost? (282 comments)

Well, the Affordable Healthcare Act insurance plans aren't effective until Jan 1, 2014. And there's nothing in the AHA that prevents a policy from having a cheap co-pay. You're either a troll or you blame the AHA for your insurance company using the AHA as an excuse to put the screws to you.

about 4 months ago

Prison Is For Dangerous Criminals, Not Hacktivists

stevez67 Typical hind-sight logic (337 comments)

Unfortunately, whining about the spanking, AFTER having done the deed, is a non-starter.

about 5 months ago

Drive With Google Glass: Get a Ticket

stevez67 Re: utter nonsense (638 comments)

If you're holding a phone in one hand while driving you certainly don't have both hands on the steering wheel and can't respond as well to an emergency as if you did. If you're holding it in your hand what ARE you doing with it? Cuddling it? You say holding the phone doesn't present even the slightest danger, and you're wrong. You just had your day in court and lost. How do you arrive at the conclusion that holding a cell phone or any other electronic gadget while operating a 4000 lb (1850 Kg) vehicle on a public thoroughfare was a 'human right".

about 6 months ago

Chrome Will End XP Support in 2015; Firefox Has No Plans To Stop

stevez67 Re:Article says the opposite? (257 comments)

And we're still getting more than we paid for.

about 6 months ago


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