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BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer

stewsters Re:Incredible (429 comments)

This is the more accurate analogy to ARP poisoning. Its possible the bit-torrent user had their client configured to only use a few connections, but this is indiscriminate.

about two weeks ago

BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer

stewsters Be careful (429 comments)

I am pretty sure that running this would be illegal on a public network. If you get prosecuted, "automatic ARP poisoning" is not a safe sounding term to tell the jury.

about two weeks ago
top Compromised To Serve Malware

stewsters Thats not good. (103 comments)

This is going to be a large one. Many small to medium websites use their cdn for hosting JQuery rather than pulling it down and hosting it themselves. Kinda feel a little better about hosting it myself now.

about 1 month ago

How Governments Are Getting Around the UN's Ban On Blinding Laser Weapons

stewsters Re:One of those strange rules of war. (180 comments)

A laser bright enough that the reflections cause permanent or temporary blindness shown on a building in a frequency that humans cant detect could be pretty dangerous. Loss of sight for large civilian segments would be useful for the military, but would cause much collateral damage as everyone driving crashes into each other.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes?

stewsters Get rid of them. (268 comments)

Try to understand the impermanence of data and let them go. You are just going to torrent the blue ray rips next time you want to watch them anyways.

about a month ago

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

stewsters I am guessing they will make a sequel (330 comments)

My guess is that 2.5 billions is more than Minecraft and was worth. So why would Microsoft buy it?
They said they wont make changes to Minecraft, so how will they make money?

Announcing Minecraft 2, high definition, exclusively for XBone. In game mod store, where you can sell your texture packs for 99c and you get to keep 33% of the profit! That's how you push consoles to kids who grew up on the Minecraft while still raking in money.

about a month ago

5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked, Google Says No Evidence Of Compromise

stewsters Probably a few sites were hacked (203 comments)

With a gmail account anything after a plus is ignored. You can then use to denote what service you are on. It looks like some people did this, and seems like these credentials are stolen from a few different sites. Here are the most popular after plus endings from the 5 mill:

xtube : 176
daz : 133
1 : 125
filedropper : 88
daz3d : 66
eharmony : 64
friendster : 63
savage : 62
2 : 60
spam : 57
bioware : 54
savage2 : 52
bryce : 51
hon : 40
freebiejeebies : 32
3 : 28
eh : 27
4 : 25
policeauctions : 19
bravenet : 18
filesavr : 18

about a month and a half ago

The Data Dome: A Server Farm In a Geodesic Dome

stewsters Re:100+F or 38+C typical annual high (62 comments)

You then need an identical data center in South America, and switch which one you use every half year. The cloud.

about 2 months ago

Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time

stewsters Re:Just like C then? (371 comments)

What does that give me that Java's futures doesn't?

about 2 months ago

Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time

stewsters Re:Oh noes! (371 comments)

You can program java in vi. Its still just text files. That memory is mostly used for things like autocomplete and refactoring support.

about 2 months ago

40% Of People On Terror Watch List Have No Terrorist Ties

stewsters Whats to stop them (256 comments)

So if they know that 40% don't have terrorist ties, perhaps they should clean up their list?

about 3 months ago

"BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil"

stewsters Re:Simple (205 comments)

"Click OK to connect mouse"

It leave a bit of a chicken and egg problem for normal users of systems without a keyboard built in.

about 3 months ago

Crytek USA Collapses, Sells Game IP To Other Developers

stewsters Re:StarCitizen? (121 comments)

The main German studio "Crytek" is still working. They are closing subsidiary studios, so I don't think it will immediately cause any problems.

about 3 months ago

Countries Don't Own Their Internet Domains, ICANN Says

stewsters Its a name (113 comments)

Its a name, specifically for a country. You can't sue someone and take away their name. What if I sued the US government and then got awarded their name, and they had to change theirs to something else? That's ridiculous.

about 3 months ago

Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance

stewsters Good progress, still needs more work (176 comments)

While the changes are good, I do not think they go far enough.

Allowing full monitoring from someone two hops away from a suspect still can involve a lot of people. What if a suspect were to call Time Warner, then I was to call the same number later that day? It could potentially be a very large number. Also what qualifies as being a suspect? It may be that there are a half million suspects, and a majority of the earth's population is two hops away.

It also doesn't remove the First Amendment violations on the National Security Letters.

about 3 months ago

$299 Android Gaming Tablet Reviewed

stewsters running at 1080p (65 comments)

"running at 1080p"
Take that, Xbone.

about 3 months ago


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