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Regin Malware In EU Attack Linked To US and British Intelligence Agencies

stiggle Re:Separate firewall box blocking traffic (129 comments)

Stuxnet worked by the devices it was attacking being on a network - even a private network is still a network with every USB port, floppy drive and CD/DVD drive being an attack vector.

Just because something can be networked doesn't mean it should be.


Regin Malware In EU Attack Linked To US and British Intelligence Agencies

stiggle Separate firewall box blocking traffic (129 comments)

Why do these places get hacked like this?

Secure work done on a non-networked system.
The networked system is routed through a firewall (running on a different OS, so no Windows everywhere) where only traffic to specific locations is permitted.
If you want to visit a "suspect" site then start up a disposable VM running a different OS containing a browser, connect over a VPN to a less tightly controlled exit point, and use it then dispose of the VM when you're done.
Do everything possible to block admin/network shares, and remember - not everything needs to be connected to the internet.

End users want easy everything then complain when their easy systems are compromised.

2 days ago

Regin Malware In EU Attack Linked To US and British Intelligence Agencies

stiggle Re:How will I explain this to my children (129 comments)

They don't say whose standards of behavior they are adhering to.
Its only really on the standard of "a legal democracy with full disclosure" where they fall down so pick anything else and their statement is true.

National security interests - these include anything which affects the US position in the world so thats the economy, communications, military advancements, technological advancements, scientific discoveries, etc. So any industrial espionage to benefit American industry is OK by the NSA. So is ensuring that those pesky Europeans don't invent any extra secure encryption to keep the Americans out of their communications. If Disney lobby the government, then protecting Mickey Mouse is in the national interest (as its a key symbol of American freedom).

2 days ago

2014 Hour of Code: Do Ends Justify Disney Product Placement Means?

stiggle Just "let it go!" (125 comments)

Seriously, "Let it Go!"

3 days ago

What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

stiggle Re:PR screwup (519 comments)

They even the landing was "if possible/survivable"

Some of the non-scientist media journalists keep trying to play it as the lander failing. The clued up journalists and the scientists keep pushing the extraordinary data they've got back from the lander. Also they point out that they've managed to re-orientate the lander so that when it gets further into the solar system they should hopefully be able to pick up enough light to waken the lander and continue collecting data.

Rosetta is old news - we started orbiting the comet months ago.

about a week ago

A Worm's Mind In a Lego Body

stiggle Re:Accelerando IRL (200 comments)

My "bird-based" flying car just dropped out of the sky onto a rodent.
I don't think I should have gone for the night-driving Owl upgrade.

about two weeks ago

Enzymes Make Electricity From Jet Fuel Without Ignition

stiggle Re:Not subject to Carnot efficiency limit (78 comments)

Sandia Labs have a project creating hydrocarbons using photosynthesising cyanobacteria (easier to genetically manipulate)
As the hydrocarbons float - they just need to skim the top of the tank to get the product.

about three weeks ago

Marijuana Legalized In Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC

stiggle Re:But DC is different,no? (588 comments)

And even if its legal in DC - its still illegal federally and so on federal land (national parks, seashores, military bases, etc) you can still be arrested for possession. A few stoner campers found this out in Washington State - camping in a national park and smoking up got ticketed by a park ranger.


about three weeks ago

Enzymes Make Electricity From Jet Fuel Without Ignition

stiggle Still a fossil fuel with a carbon footprint. (78 comments)

So much for developing low carbon fuels - this is just kicking out more fossil fuel based CO2.
Doesn't matter what method you use to fully oxidise long carbon chains to release energy the results are still CO2 and H2O. There enzymes are only converting available energy at around 30%

about three weeks ago

Flaw in New Visa Cards Would Let Hackers Steal $1M Per Card

stiggle Re:Needs to be real money (126 comments)

Don't even need to bump into people - Scanning terminal with a range of a few feet and just stand in a crowd with it in your backpack.
Do this at say a theme park or a major tourist destination with a high turnover of passing people (eg. Tower Hill tube station in London, Champ de Mars metro station in Paris) through a narrow choke point where your scanner can pick up everyone passing and you can yield a much higher number of cards.

about three weeks ago

Flaw in New Visa Cards Would Let Hackers Steal $1M Per Card

stiggle Re:Well... no. (126 comments)

Its via the "contactless" chip system - which doesn't need to do online authentication. Its all done in the card for transactions under £20 (or hack foreign currencies). The card generates a transaction key which is passed to the bank when the shop communicates with the bank.

Using the foreign currency hack - you can ask the card for upto 999,999.99 in a foreign currency (not the default currency for the card). No one is going to use the hack to pull the full amount over - you'll use it for something like $50.00 or $49.99 so it looks less obvious on the statement. You scam cards in a tourist location where many vendors offer transactions in multiple currencies. I know a number of stores in Ireland offered me transactions in Euro, GBP or USD

about three weeks ago

Lego Ends Shell Partnership Under Greenpeace Pressure

stiggle Re:Pixie Dust (252 comments)

Generally its the delivery crew who use the sails to get the boat to where the rich guy wants to sail from. Often the crew are given a budget, for all expenses including fuel, and so anything they save on that means they have more spending money for more vital supplies like beer, beer and more beer :-)

These crews move the yachts around the world as "the rich guy" wants spring in the Caribbean, summer in the Med, fall/autumn in the Indian Ocean, winter around Australia. So you move the yacht to meet the guy and his family/friends for the holiday onboard at specific times.

You use the diesel engine when you're likely to miss the departure/arrival dates.
Its a fun life but badly paid, but you get to spend your time on a luxury yacht.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How Would You Build a Home Network To Fully Utilize Google Fiber?

stiggle Re:For crying out loud (279 comments)

Dragging CAT6 is better than a phone line as you can use it for so many other things (aswell as a phone line).

about a month and a half ago

Hackers Compromised Yahoo Servers Using Shellshock Bug

stiggle Re:Color me shellshocked! (69 comments)

So sys-admin only use Debian based systems?
What about RHEL, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Tru64, VMS, Windows/Cygwin

How about all that networking kit which use Bash for their scripting & WebUI

about 1 month ago

Sierra Nevada Corp. Files Legal Challenge Against NASA Commercial Contracts

stiggle Re:Boeing bought more politicians. (127 comments)

There are a number of other organisations who are interested in putting people up.
SpaceX has signed an agreement with Bigalow to launch their habitats and send people up to them.

I'm sure the Europeans would buy rides on US launches

So while NASA is the primary customer, there are others who will also use the facility once it exists.

about 2 months ago

SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

stiggle Re:Some details about the 3D printer (129 comments)

You want a laser based 3D printer that fuses metallic dust rather than the plastic string melters.

about 2 months ago

Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

stiggle Re:Downloading music for free? Scandelous! (323 comments)

Even better as you can track the click-through and know they are good to target for more U2 merchandising emails.

about 2 months ago

Developing the First Law of Robotics

stiggle Re:I, Robot from a programmers perspective (165 comments)

But if you then mugged the bank robbers - that's a lesser law broken and so not as bad bank robbery, although the rewards would be the same.

about 2 months ago



Atheist Bus Rides Again

stiggle stiggle writes  |  about 5 years ago

stiggle (649614) writes "The Atheist Bus adverts from last year is back again in the final part of their campaign. This time advocating letting children decide for themselves if they want to follow a religion and to leave the choice to them. They're using static billboards in a number of major cities rather than the bus adverts from last year.

The Guardians Comment if Free section also has an article on the adverts. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2009/nov/18/atheist-bus-campaign"

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