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Interesting Commercials

stigmatic Dot.com's vs SuperBowl (488 comments)

Some dot.com's should follow the E-Bay commercials context and get out of the advertising business.

More companies are in a rush to get their companies known without having a strong company to back it, spending millions for 30 seconds on Super Bowl airtime.

How is a super bowl ad going to help a dot.com when, most of the males watching are in a partylike mood often too drunk to log on to the net and view a web based site they see in a commerical.

Following suit was IBM's commercial where the CEO was clueless. This shows much of the aura of those who were in charge of the now defunct dot.com carnage.

Companies like Pepsi and Budweiser stand to make more no matter how much they spend since their products are geared for the show, while a dot.com is not.

killall -9 mytwocents

more than 13 years ago


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