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US Drone Fleet Hit By Computer Virus

stinkytoe Re:On Chip (370 comments)

Is it possible to make a setup that would boot Windows off of a prom or CD/DVD (something with no possibility of writing to from the kernel even if it is exploited), and mount a read/write, no execute permission volume for the 'My Documents' folder? ( or equivalent?)

This would be trivial in a modern *nix, but for some reason most of the UAS companies prefer to use windows. Some even use Windows CE on the actual bird. I can't fathom why personally, but they do.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Protect Data On Android?

stinkytoe Just by hooking up a USB? (238 comments)

On my G1, with either the stock firmware or cyanogen mod, I have to turn on mobile storage before the sd card and such are mountable through the USB. So, at least in my case, the pattern lock is effective for blocking USB access also (at least as effective as is it at locking anything else). Is this different for other firmware/models?

On the other hand, If I had the physical access, I could just yank the battery and plug the SD card into my laptop. So for that reason, I wouldn't rely on the pattern lock to secure anything sensitive anyways, regardless of how strong/weak it is. It's really only good for keeping somewhat honest people from digging through your text message history and such.

more than 3 years ago

A New Human-Seeking Drone, Much Cheaper Than a Predator

stinkytoe Re:Too many drones, not enough eyeballs. (178 comments)

You're pretty much right on the dot with the problem with UAVs these days. It doesn't take all that much technical expertise (nor much sophisticated technology) to be a UAV operator. It does, however take a lot of trust and responsibility.

more than 3 years ago

A New Human-Seeking Drone, Much Cheaper Than a Predator

stinkytoe Re:No Hellfires? Meh! (178 comments)

Honestly, outside the military, I could see how this makes sense to you. But in practicality, there are other, more pertinent missions that this UAV would be more suited for. For example, I work on UAVs for the Marine Corps. We're are far more interested in the smaller, more field expedient UAVs that we can operate in theater and provide direct intel to our riflemen brethren. If we need a large, hard target taken out we call other support (cobras, arty, our jets, air force jets etc...). But on the level I work at, we already have motivated Marine grunts nearby and don't need the heavy shit. We just have to keep eyes on the situation to aid them in tracking the enemy, they to the work. So while there is a place for UAVs to make the kill (and honestly i'm surprised that Osama wasn't taken out by an Air Force Reaper), most situations still require boots on the ground, and the smaller more local UAVs are more suited to that goal.

more than 3 years ago

Spam Text Prematurely Blows Up Suicide Bomber

stinkytoe Yeah Baby! (573 comments)

Surfs up space ponies! I'm making gravy without the lumps!

about 4 years ago

Graduate Students Being Warned Away From Leaked Cables

stinkytoe Re:Guilty much? (685 comments)

I am current active duty military with a clearance, and i was told the same thing. That being said, as long as i am active duty i will obey and not visit the site. Not for any fear of reprimand (honestly how would they know?), but because of my duties and responsibilities that were the reason for me being granted a clearance in the first place.

more than 4 years ago

New Method for Random Number Generation Developed

stinkytoe Re:This is a random comment. (395 comments)

I remember something called the "M&M" principle from a book i read as a kid. I don't remember the book, though, so any reply as to the source would be appreciated.

The basic principle is this: if you take a jar of red, green and blue indestructible M&M's and shake it for a million years, at any point in those million years there will be huge clumps of red, green and blue M&M's, interspersed with regions of near perfect dispersion. Never (or at least extremely rarely) will the entire jar be entirely evenly dispersed, or as evenly grouped as it was when you started. The explanation for this was that, of all possible arrangements that those M&M's can be in, almost all will show clumps and evenly mixed regions, only a few will be nearly all evenly dispersed or all grouped.

more than 4 years ago

New Method for Random Number Generation Developed

stinkytoe Re:It's like "In Soviet Russia..." (395 comments)

I tend to stick to Cowboy Neal.

This encourages a mental image that i would rather not have.

more than 4 years ago

What Happens In Vegas Happens In Afghanistan

stinkytoe Re:Additional risk to us: (522 comments)

Funny you should quote John Wayne, since he normally portrays values of fairness. It's not about dying for your country, it's about fighting fairly while still doing everything to win.

All I'm saying is those who don't fight fair should not also expect to be *respected* for their efforts.

Is this a boxing match or a war?

more than 4 years ago

What Happens In Vegas Happens In Afghanistan

stinkytoe Re:Fly-by-wireless-link for the win! (522 comments)

In WWII the US did intentionally slaughter a couple hundred thousand civilians in Dresden and Japan

And Berlin, Monte Cassino, Okinawa, Tokyo, etc...

I'm not going to justify these actions, they were horrendous. Nonetheless, they were all done for the purpose of ending the war.

Not the intended goal of the insurgents whom we are fighting, who are actively seeking out such conflict.

more than 4 years ago

What Happens In Vegas Happens In Afghanistan

stinkytoe Re:Fly-by-wireless-link for the win! (522 comments)

They might own the ground in the war zone, but we own the air.

The problem with this philosophy is, simply put, we own the ground also. Decisively. Yet they are still there.

Their goal is not traditional military superiority, their goal is to win the political game. As proof of how effective their campaign may eventually be, consider this. The U.S. won every battle in Vietnam. Every single one. Most by an embarrassingly huge margin. But, who has control of the Vietnam peninsula today? How did they achieve this?

more than 4 years ago

Pieces of employer-supplied clothing I own and wear:

stinkytoe Re:Military (343 comments)

hmmm, just to contrast, not trying for a inter-branch flame war, here's the Marine Corp's list.

3 Desert MARPAT trousers. (only 2 were issued)
3 Desert MARPAT blouses. (ditto)
3 Woodland MARPAT trousers.
3 Woodland MARPAT blouses.
2 pair infantry combat boots.
3 steel toe boots. (i'm in the wing)
2 Desert MARPAT 8-point covers. (hats)
2 Woodland MARPAT 8-point covers.
1 Desert MARPAT boonie cover.
1 Woodland MARPAT boonie cover.
14 skivvy shirts.
14 pr. boot socks.
1 neck gaiter.
2 polypro tops.
2 polypro bottoms.
1 tan watch cap.
1 black watch cap.
1 fleece jacket.
1 pr. black leather gloves.
1 pr. glove inserts.
1 Desert MARPAT GoreTex Jacket.
1 Desert MARPAT GoteTex Trousers.
1 Woodland MARPAT GoreTex Jacket.
1 Woodland MARPAT GoreTex Trousers.
1 USMC PT Sweat Top/Bottom pair.
1 set USMC Running Suit. (i haven't gotten mine yet damnit!)

1 Service "A" Coat.
1 Service "A" Belt.
2 Green service trousers.
3 Khaki short sleeve blouses.
2 Khaki long Sleeve blouses.
1 Barracks cover. (piss cutter)
1 Green Garrison Cover.
1 Khaki tie w/ tie clasp.
2 set shirt stays.
2 pr. corfram black dress shoes.
2 pr. black dress socks.
1 Dress Blues Coat.
1 Dress Blues white web belt.
1 Dress Blues adonized belt buckle.
2 khaki web belts.
2 adonized web belt buckle.
1 White Garrison Cover.
1 all weather coat. (think inspector gadget)
1 green sweater.

And i'm sure i am missing something. Also, from what i hear, this is nothing compared to the Navy's list, especially now that they have cammies also.

more than 4 years ago

Wii Balance Board Gives $18,000 Medical Device a Run For Its Money

stinkytoe Re:"Not for ________ use" (422 comments)

nothing better than 90 days

I forget the actual details, as i've been out of the medical equipment repair business for years, but depending on the class of equipment, med. equipment manufacturers are required to support equipment for a decent amount of time. Defibrillators and phys. monitors, for example, both require ten years of support from the manufacturer. This is due to F.D.A. regulation.

about 5 years ago

Program To Detect Smuggled Nuclear Bombs Stalls

stinkytoe Re:Umm, what? (224 comments)

That kinda reminds me of what I heard Tom Clancy say in an interview once, and I am paraphrasing. When asked how one could bring a nuclear bomb into the states he said: "Just wrap it in cocaine and bring it through the Port if Miami."

more than 5 years ago

OpenSSH Going Strong After 10 Years With Release of v5.3

stinkytoe Re:but does it... (249 comments)

Ditto for android.

more than 5 years ago

Can Unmanned Aircraft Mix With Commercial Planes?

stinkytoe Re:Where's the issue? (203 comments)

UAV's also have weight issues. The shadow, the one mentioned in the article, doesn't have any kind of radar, heck it doesn't even have brakes. This is due to the very reliable but fairly weak engine it uses. It's internal computer basically only handles the inertial nav system, the communications, and maintains straight and level flight. The ground control station makes all the actual decisions. If the AV loses contact with the GCS, it's preprogrammed either to return to a predesignated coordinate and fly a loiter pattern (hopefully getting signal back again on the way), or to deploy it's parachute.

In other words, nevermind avoiding another aircraft, this thing will fly into a mountain if allowed to fly itself. I believe that the reason that this aircraft is the one being selected for FAA approval is because of it's reliability at doing it's job even with it's limitations, not because of it's feature set. My unit, and many others, have never crashed one of these UAV's. Other UAV's, even more sophisticated ones, fall out of the sky all the time. While the shadow is not perfect, it is definately going to be the benchmark in the future for how rugged and simple versus how feature rich a UAV needs to be.

more than 5 years ago

US Marine Corps Bans Social Networking Sites

stinkytoe they always blame the marines. (202 comments)

I joined the Marine Corps just over a year ago, and one thing they taught us in recruit training is that anytime the name Marine occurs in a news story, there will be a huge blowup over the issue, and the fact that the marines are involved. For example, if an army soldier gets in trouble, they say Private Whomever. If a marine gets in trouble, the headline goes something like, "MARINE GETS DUI" or "MARINE BEATS HIS WIFE". This story definately highlights that point. They have banned social networking sites on their own intranet. They have not banned me from viewing such sites via other means. Many of my fellow marines who have deployed tell me about how they can to to a USO or MCCS tent and do pretty much what they want on the internet while deployed (depending on availability, of course). Hell if i remember correctly, when i used to work for G.E., they did similar things on their intranet, and that was 10 years ago. No one made too much noise about it then, probably because it wasn't the marine corps.

more than 5 years ago



Microsoft sues Motorola over Android Phones

stinkytoe stinkytoe writes  |  more than 4 years ago

stinkytoe (955163) writes "From the Article: "Microsoft is suing Motorola, claiming the Android operating system violates Microsoft patents; Steve Ballmer and the folks at Microsoft are suing Motorola, not Android-developer Google, because Google makes Android available for free and because Motorola is using Android, rather than Microsoft's Windows Phone, and making money." I guess the embrace and extend steps didn't work this time, so they're trying to jump right to exterminate."
Link to Original Source

stinkytoe stinkytoe writes  |  more than 7 years ago

stinkytoe (955163) writes "Nikolaus Gebhardt, developer of the cross-platform game engine library irrlicht, recently had one of his video tutorials taken off of youtube. From his blog:
"Viacom, the corporation behind MTV, DreamWorks and Paramount is now claiming they own the copyright on a video of an Irrlicht tutorial. Which is completely ridiculous, of course: The whole thing has been written by me and the Irrlicht team, even textures and skins and logos have been created by me, and an Irrlicht Engine user (veegun?) simply filmed and published it on Youtube.com. Here is a screenshot of the tutorial, it's really just a 2D GUI rendered using the 3D engine, nothing special at all."
Here is a thread on irrlicht's forum which contains a copy of the takedown notification. Makes me wonder what exactly about the video tweaked Viacom's interest."


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