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The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

stoborrobots Re:Read one, write other (563 comments)

... sheer sales numbers tell the whole story. Desktop PC sales are pathetically low these days...

Actually, they only tell half the story. Approximately 0% of the regular PC users I know have acquired a new PC in the last 5 years - they bought a Core2Duo or i5 back in 2008 and it still does 100% of their home-based internet-using requirements. Yes, they sometimes use tablets or phones in addition, but that hasn't replaced their use of their PCs, just added to it...

Corporates, as you indicated, buy new PCs regularly, but home use (other than gaming) hasn't needed a new PC for many moons...

about a week ago

Bellard Creates New Image Format To Replace JPEG

stoborrobots Re:Compare to... (377 comments)

While my inclination is towards BPG, the argument could be made that it would be superior to implement a javascript decoder for those other file formats, if they provided better quality at lower file sizes...

about a week ago

Google Releases Android Studio 1.0, the First Stable Version of Its IDE

stoborrobots Re:Can this be... (114 comments)

IDEA, which this is based on, is a long-standing J2SE/J2EE IDE which has had a decent reputation. Whether the Android-customised version is still able to facilitate J2SE/J2EE development will remain to be seen, but I can't imagine why that would be difficult...

about two weeks ago

Cisco Slaps Arista Networks With Suit For "Brazen" Patent Infringement

stoborrobots Re:Come on people, (96 comments)

Hell, that one has to type "configure terminal" when you're SSHed in to a switch and obviously trying to configure it from the terminal is silly.

Umm, except by default, you're in diagnostic mode. When you remote in, the system assumes that you're trying to check something. Configuring stuff is a high risk endeavour, so you need to explicitly choose to enter that mode.

It's akin to the i command in vim to enter insert mode to type text.

about two weeks ago

Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

stoborrobots Re:Deliberate (652 comments)

... but once we start ticking off the body count of the millions dying to radiation poisoning and starvation, we might want to reconsider that path.

What makes you think that? We are already ticking off the body count for coal, and have been for years, yet we repeatedly fail to reconsider our decision to use coal...

about three weeks ago

Longtime Debian Developer Tollef Fog Heen Resigns From Systemd Maintainer Team

stoborrobots Re:Who are you calling "immature twats" ?? (550 comments)

Don't know. I don't run xfce, so I don't know what it depends on. Here's how I did it, if you're comfortable with aptitude's interactive resolver:

bash# aptitude -s purge '?name(systemd)?installed' libsystemd0+

then review the list of conflicts and suggestions in simulate mode. (I started without explicitly marking libsystemd0 for install, but after I realised its list of reverse-dependencies, I relented.)

I proceeded by looking at the 800ish packages it suggested removing, picking two or three packages I use and marking them as rejected (in my case, initially kmail, kdm, xserver-xorg-video-all), cycling to the next suggested resolution. then repeat. Whenever it suggested installing a systemd package, I rejected that suggestion too.

Eventually I settled on removing about 20 packages I didn't need (networkmanager, gnome-shell, some evolution packages, etc). Then I re-ran it without the simulate option.

Afterwards, I realised that I really wanted something to manage the network for me, so I had to manually bring the wifi network up, and

bash# aptitude install wicd-gtk wicd-cli

about a month ago

Longtime Debian Developer Tollef Fog Heen Resigns From Systemd Maintainer Team

stoborrobots Re:Who are you calling "immature twats" ?? (550 comments)

Serious question here: how avoidable is systemd currently?

For what it's worth, I managed to purge everything systemd-related from my debian testing system the other day. I had to replace NetworkManager with WICD, which is a pretty good straightforward replacement (although you need to re-create your configuration). Also, I run KDE, so that made things easier.

As I understand it (if I correctly noted the packages which got removed), you can't run a gnome system without systemd; however, you can still run debian jessie with kde without systemd.

The only packages which are coming from the systemd source package on my system any more are udev and libsystemd0 - however, given that systemd-sysv and systemd-logind are no longer installed, I consider that basically a win.

libsystemd0 is only still there because cups-daemon and kde-runtime require it; but given that it only defines the interfaces, it seems benign.

udev and libudev1, despite being packaged as part of the systemd source, do not depend on it according to the package info...

about 1 month ago

Google Wallet API For Digital Goods Will Be Retired On March 2, 2015

stoborrobots Re:Google's Paypal (105 comments)

In fact, it's double-clickbaiting us - it's claiming that the product is being retired "quietly", "without an official announcement" while simultaneously linking to the official announcement...

about a month ago

Denmark Faces a Tricky Transition To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

stoborrobots Re:Use the money you save (488 comments)




http://bze.org.au/media/newswire/living-green-power-renewables-131007 (and that's from the energy market!)


about a month ago

When We Don't Like the Solution, We Deny the Problem

stoborrobots Re:Senator James Inhofe (282 comments)

... Those that did got more attention. Those that got more attention are the ones more people heard about... If they hear reports about something awful about to happen and it doesn't happen...

Interesting... And who chooses what gets attention? If the problem is that people are paying attention to the wrong speakers, how do we correct that? How do we make sure that people are hearing the correct predictions?

Because, as you pointed out, the majority of the predictions ARE correct, and global warming IS happening - but people are being directed to pay attention to a few irresponsible speakers, and are thus losing confidence in all the speakers...

That appears to be the main obstacle you have identified...

about a month ago

Washington Dancers Sue To Prevent Identity Disclosure

stoborrobots Re:In the uk (461 comments)

They should stop keeping records of ... expert witnesses...

Then how will they be able to find an expert witness when they need one?

about a month ago

We Need Distributed Social Networks More Than Ello

stoborrobots Re:Idiotic premise (269 comments)

Newspapers are a bad example, as is online TV, because both their non-internet incarnations are predominantly ad-funded anyway...

Pick a service that's subscription-based in real life, and there are often plenty of successful paid online versions of it...

about 2 months ago

Google Beefs Up 2-Step Verification With Physical USB Security Key In Chrom

stoborrobots Yubikey? (2 comments)

Google reinvented Yubikey?

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview?

stoborrobots Re:Are you patenting software? (224 comments)

At the same time, the RSA patent is the perfect example of why software patents are a bad idea: the RSA patent essentially patents a mathematical formula. Should I be able to get a patent for solving a previously unsolved mathematical equation?

about 2 months ago



GAO finds inadequate planning and oversight caused HealthCare.gov cost blowout

stoborrobots stoborrobots writes  |  about 4 months ago

stoborrobots (577882) writes "The Government Accountability Office has investigated the cost blowouts associated with how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) handled the Healthcare.gov project. It has released a 60-page report entitled Healthcare.gov: Ineffective Planning and Oversight Practices Underscore the Need for Improved Contract Management, with a 5 page summary. The key takeaway messages are:
  • CMS undertook the development of Healthcare.gov and its related systems without effective planning or oversight practices...
  • [The task] was a complex effort with compressed time frames. To be expedient, CMS issued task orders ... when key technical requirements were unknown...
  • CMS identified major performance issues ... but took only limited steps to hold the contractor accountable.
  • CMS awarded a new contract to another firm [and the new contract's cost has doubled] due to changes such as new requirements and other enhancements...

Larry Seltzer has more over at ZDNet."
Link to Original Source


Sea-Tac Airport runway access, no questions asked!

stoborrobots stoborrobots writes  |  more than 6 years ago

stoborrobots (577882) writes "The Seattle Times is reporting an incident where two civilians got unescorted access to the runway at Sea-Tac Airport in a van with names unasked, ID unchecked, and vehicle unsearched.

When [retired Army lieutenant colonel Greg Alderete] realized he had driven a van onto a runway tarmac at Sea-Tac airport — and that no one had asked his name, checked his ID or searched his vehicle — well, he just about lost it."I was appalled," Alderete says. "If you go in the airport's front door, they take away your tube of toothpaste. But the back door? That's the weakest security of any critical facility I've ever seen."

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