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Plagiarism-Detection Software Confirms Shakespeare Play

stoomart Re:Divine inspiration (185 comments)

Seriously, if it could be made to handle Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, it would be interesting to identify which books share authors. I'd be very curious especially about the ones who's authors are more disputed such as the book of Hebrews, the gospels, and the Tanakh/Pentateuch.

more than 5 years ago



Free slogan anyone?

stoomart stoomart writes  |  more than 7 years ago

stoomart (1092733) writes "The other day, one of my fellow IT workers (who loves M$ so much you'd think they're putting his kids through college) asked me why I liked Linux and other free software so much, to which I replied "If it's not free, it's not worth paying for". Enjoy"

stoomart stoomart writes  |  more than 7 years ago

stoomart (1092733) writes "When going to www.dell.com today, I was surprised to see their Ubuntu product line staring at me. After clicking on the link, another surprise was that they are now offering an XPS 410 N with Ubuntu.

This is very cool to me because it seems that they are actively trying to validate their other products to run Ubuntu. Hopefully this leads to a choice between MS Windows and Ubuntu when choosing any product."

stoomart stoomart writes  |  more than 7 years ago

stoomart (1092733) writes "I've never had a camcorder before but now that my wife and I have a new baby girl, I want to start capturing her life in digital videos along with the mass of digital pictures we already have.

Here are the only criteria I'm looking for.

- Able to directly connect via USB or Firewire (preferably USB but not required)
- Use non-optical storage (flash or hard drive)
- Be compatible with Linux/OSS
- I would like to stay around or under $300

For everything else, I'm up for suggestions.

Thanks, Stoo"


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