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Measuring Real Time Public Opinion With Twitter

stripmarkup Re:Won't work for long (54 comments)

They already have. Check out our site, http://trendistic.com/ . We have been tracking trends on Twitter for the past year, and we've seen all sorts of phenomena, from grassroots campaigns: http://trendistic.com/iranelection/_90-days 5o get-followers-quick spam, politics, etc. http://trendistic.com/followers/_180-days (click anywhere on the chart to see what people were saying at the time).

more than 5 years ago

Safest Seat on a Plane, Or How to Survive a Crash

stripmarkup Re:What are the odds? (454 comments)

Obviously it depends on how much you fly. So far this year I've flown 27 segments (take offs and landings) on work assignments. I wonder what's the average per person.

more than 7 years ago


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