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How moderation hooks you up

stroustrup stroustrup writes  |  more than 11 years ago Why do we spend so long on slashdot?
1. Is it the intriguing articles they present us that hooks us up?
2. Is it the insightful discussions?
3. The information provided by posters?
4. The humor and entertainment?
5. The urge to seek approval and recognition of our peers?
Ans: 5
I think there are two kinds of posters on /. .
One is the kind who just read comments and go away, and very rarely post anything. Even if they did, they do it anonymously.Let's call them 'browsers'
The other kind post comments and participate in discussions. They are not reserved about expressing their opinions. Let's call them 'posters'
The 'posters', I am sure, are spending an awful lot of time on /. . First, to read and understand the various kinds of posts by other people. Second, to think about and write their own posts. Third, and most imporatant to check if their posts have been modded up and replied to and got noticed.
The system of ranking users as good, bad, excellent, neutral etc. is like a game. You play to be the game and get hooked up. You want the approbation and recongnition of others. You want to be modded up and recognized as an intelligent person.
Thus, you end up spending innumerable hours on this website, which gives you an opportunity for saying things you want to say and be recognized by many others.
A tip for those who wan't to cut loose this addiction: Don't post with your ids. Post anonymously always. That way, you will never have to go back and check if they modded you up or down, as that will not help you in any manner. Also, if you post anonymously, nobody can keep a tab on you and watch your every move.
I know some groups of people here who are very keen to mod some other groups down regardless of whether the other group posted good comments or bad. So, avoid the un-necessary heartbreaks over unfair treatment. Just post anonymoulsy, without expecting any resutls and recognition for your posts. Be a 'browser' not a 'poster'. whoever wants to get the best of your posts will get it.

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