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Private Data On iOS Devices Not So Private After All

strredwolf Article got it wrong (101 comments)

Almost all the reports are getting the gist of the paper wrong -- any press summation that doesn't go into the paper to understand it will get it wrong. The paper goes into deep detail that Apple has several services that, while protected by several layers of security that could be bypassed, can transfer data in the clear. There are also several services that don't have any obvious connecting software.

It's a rather deep hacker-style dive into iOS.

A good video about this is by TWiT Network. At Security Now ep 465 has expert Steve Gibson explain the actual paper.

about 2 months ago

OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

strredwolf The commits are funny into themselves. (379 comments)

A Tumblr site popped up a few days ago called OpenSSL Valhalla Rampage. The blogger there is going through all the commits and posting the juicy funny comments there. This includes killing... and rekilling... VMS support (which reminds me of Maxim 37: there is no such thing as overkill...), stripping out now-stupid abstractions and optimizations of the unoptimizables, and more.

about 5 months ago

Putting the Wolfram Language (and Mathematica) On Every Raspberry Pi

strredwolf Or, free Mathematica with $35 purchase of a Pi* (99 comments)

An offer of over $300 in value! Get yours now!

* Based on purchase of a Model B from direct authorized sellers. Does not include shipping or purchase at authorized resellers. Must be run from a Raspbery Pi computer board. Storage, display, keyboard, mouse, and power supply not included. Model A does not include Ethernet.

about 10 months ago

Debian 7.0 ('Wheezy') Release Planned For 1st Weekend in May

strredwolf Multimedia's still damaged. (226 comments)

LibAV's a badly forked version that's several revisions behind FFmpeg. Plus, this is Debian -- non-free codecs like H.264 are stripped out and are probably really supported by a seperate non-free repository.

I'd rather strip LibAV out and compile my own version of FFmpeg for faster encodes.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Convince a Company Their Subscriber List Is Compromised?

strredwolf Levels of escalation (247 comments)

1. Open up the compromizing email's headers. Locate the first ISP beyond yours -- 99% of the time it's not there's. Contact THAT company.
2. File a complaint with the FCC. They are getting more active against exploits.
3. Locate your Attorney General's office and ask if there are any state laws against spam. There is one in Maryland that is compatible with CAN SPAM, and has been tested in the courts. If you got one, lawyer up and sue the company -- some companies only respond by judicial inquiry.
4. Blacklist the company publicly.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Anti-Spam Service Extortion?

strredwolf Re:Not blackmail, but libel (279 comments)

True, but then they'd be hit with proof: The spam that hit the spamtrap from that IP address. They keep those things!

UCEProtect isn't the first one to get sued. It won't be the last.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Anti-Spam Service Extortion?

strredwolf There is a reason you are listed. (279 comments)

There is a reason you are listed:

* You have spam originating from your system for too long of a time.
* You are unresponsive to reports.

So, your entire network range is listed. Everyone is bouncing emails. Everyone is complaining to you, and you've noticed. You've been forwarded the site, and you're contemplating just paying them off... except that it just won't work. You'll be relisted again, and with reason -- someone on your network spammed and nobody's listening.


* If you haven't done so, open up abuse@ and point it to somebody with the power to diagnose, disable, and close accounts.
* If the guy behind abuse@ doesn't have said above power, GIVE IT TO HIM.
* If the guy behind abuse@ does, but doesn't use it, FIRE HIM.
* If you haven't done so, disable outbound port 25 at your border router with the exception of an out-bound SMTP server.
* Put an outbound spam filter in place.

If you are unwilling to do the above, then there is one last thing you will eventually do: CLOSE SHOP.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Geekiest Way To Cook a Turkey?

strredwolf Around your car's engine (447 comments)

Simply put, do it Mythbusters/Alton Brown style. Their recent episode of Mythbusters did a full dinner that was cooked by the car's engine.

about 2 years ago

Canonical To Remove Sun Java From Repositories, Users' Machines

strredwolf Writing was on the wall (307 comments)

Gentoo saw the license expiring, and did a proactive thing: flipped the "fetch restriction" flag back on, forcing users to pull it manually and slap it into the right place to install/upgrade.

about 2 years ago

Bin Laden Hideout Recreated In Counter-Strike

strredwolf First CS, then.... (502 comments)

...soon, Team Fortress 2. This will be the next RedFort.

more than 3 years ago

GNOME To Lose Minimize, Maximize Buttons

strredwolf Option/feature removal has been going on since v2 (797 comments)

First, half the features in Gnome 1.x go in Gnome 2. Then the steady removal of options and features. Now they're *)!@#( with the window features that are standard on all windowing systems in the major OS's?!?

I'm glad I already moved onto KDE. I couldn't hack Gnome Option/feature Removal Syndrome (GOFRS).

more than 3 years ago

4chan Gives 90-Year-Old Vet a Great Birthday

strredwolf Now keep doing it. (363 comments)

The power of 4chan and Anonymous is tremendous. It must be held carefully. This is one good example of how to put this power for good instead of evil.

about 4 years ago

Best Solutions For Massive Home Hard Drive Storage?

strredwolf Drobo. (609 comments)

Sounds like you need a Drobo (from The various units are expensive, and you'll probably need the Drobo FS if I read your post correctly. The upshot is, though, it's expandable to 20 TB of space. Just shove a drive in.

(Note: Not a Drobo vendor, just a fan who wants one himself)

more than 4 years ago

Israel Repeals iPad Ban

strredwolf Ban lifted, but limited to one per person. (180 comments)

At least they finally got it tested so it proved what it said. Isralies are picky to a fault.

But you can't ship 'em in yet. Limit's only one per person, so no gifting yet.

more than 4 years ago

Keep SSH Sessions Active, Or Reconnect?

strredwolf Reconnect. (307 comments)

Seriously, reconnect. The keys used for the encryption will change, and it's multiply keyed to boot. Check the discussion on SSL (which SSH uses) on Steve Gibson's Security Now podcast.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Bots Effectively DDoSing Perl CPAN Testers

strredwolf Check the blog... (332 comments)

Looks like Microsoft's Bing managers are on it. They'll make it worse in no-time flat. :)

BTW, the difference between a DDOS and a Slashdotting? You know why your site went down -- you got linked!

more than 3 years ago

Preventing My Hosting Provider From Rooting My Server?

strredwolf Yubikey and YubiPAM (539 comments)


1. Require all passwords to be Yubikey OTP passwords on any login prompt.
2. Refuse access, and only give them the logs manually.
3. When they shut your server down and open it up to yank the drive, hit 'em with a breach of lawsuit.
4. ????

more than 4 years ago



Hyperloop's Math just doesn't add up

strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  about a year ago

strredwolf (532) writes "Elon Musk's Hyperloop looks like a winner on the face of things... but if you get down to the details, you'll find that the math just doesn't add up in comparison to California's High Speed Rail. Hyperloop's only 10% capacity of HSR and can't run every 30 seconds safely... and the construction and location details leave much to be desired."
Link to Original Source

Caltech makes flexible, 86% efficent solar arrays

strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  more than 4 years ago

strredwolf (532) writes "Caltech has released a flexible solar array that converts 95% of single-wavelength incandescent light and 86% of all sunlight into electricity. Instead of being flat-panel, they stand thin silicon wires in a plastic substrate that scatters the light onto them. The total composition is 98% plastic, 2% wire — the amount of silicon used is 1/50th that of ordinary panels. So as soon as they can get these into market, solar will be very viable and cheap to produce."
Link to Original Source

strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

strredwolf writes "In their offical blog, Livejournal admits to botching the suspension of 500 accounts. They promise a re-review of all affected accounts. Some just need to tweak their interests to be in line with LJ's policies. For example, some have "rape" or "pedophilia" as an interest. LJ takes that (as documented) as "I support rape/pedophilia." Changing it to "discussing_rape" would clear that policy of LiveJournal. Quote: "We never intended this policy to cause the removal of journals that were have perfectly valid discussions about literature, law or culture. We never intended the policies to take down journals or communities clearly opposed to illegal activities but clearly we did. We love our members of fandom and respect their role in our community. We made a mistake and now we are going to try to fix it.""
Link to Original Source

strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

strredwolf writes "The Linux sponsored #77 Indy car crashed on lap 37 in the Indianapolis 500. The driver has walked alway seemingly fine after smacking the SAFER-equipped wall at around 218 MPH at 30th place. It's a terrible way to end the Tux 500 project."

strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

strredwolf writes "Despite generating over $12,000 in funds, well short of the $250K goal, the Tux 500 Project was able to secure a spot in the Indy 500 with driver Roberto Moreno piloting the Linux #77 Indy car. He's back in the pack in 31st place but was able to secure it by re-qualifying with an average speed of 220.299 MPH. Will Moreno be able to pilot the penguin-tipped Indy car to victory next week at the 91st Indianapolis 500? Maybe if more donations will come in..."

strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

strredwolf writes ", the Russian, has declared that the Dillo light weight web browser to be frozen in time. The report is in Russian but a translation follows thanks to Grigory Tuboltsev at (sent to the main Dillo list): "Dillo project freezed. Dillo browser project has been freezed because of lacking of time. 2 main developers tryed to find financing sources but no organisation was interested in supporting Dillo. You can find some details in the mailing list here /2006-November/003146.html or here /2007-January/003152.html"."



Boffins build bendy paper battery (2.5V, postage stamp size)

strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Finally some hard data. 2.5V in a postage-stamp size. How many amps?


strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  about 12 years ago

You know... I'll think I'll keep some items of a more technical nature here in this journal. Kinda like Jerry Pornell's musings from Byte magazine... except maybe more intresting.


strredwolf strredwolf writes  |  about 12 years ago

I just saw an ad from Virgin for prepaid cellular, and after a little checking on saw that it was carried over Sprint, and was comparable to a flat-rate AT&T Free2Go plan.

It also looks like Voicestream^W T-Mobile dropped their prepaid plan, leaving it up to AT&T, Verizon, and TracFone.

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