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Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

strstr Nothing beats a Nintendo game (181 comments)

Nintendo's games are great. The problem is the console hardware themselves. The Wii for example was basically an underpowered piece of shit that didn't do serious gaming.

Wii U hardly fixes that, but at least they moved back to a physical control stick and gamepad setup. However the issue is the console is like a quarter as powerful as the Xbox One and even slower yet than the PlayStation 4. In gamers and developers mind this makes the console unattractive and not worth owning or supporting.

The handheld consoles suffer the same fate. Basically Nintendo is not living life as if people give a fuck about the quality, style, power, and functionality of their hardware.

The 3DS could also use 2x higher res screens and better graphics. It's an improvement over say Nintendo DS which had the worst quality graphics imaginable, but it doesn't even come close to the quality I am used to on my cellphone which today literally have 4xHD screens.

The screen quality and overall lack of resolution seems to be a limiting factor to better games coming to 3DS.

I don't like cellphones however for gaming because there's just a bunch of retarded HTML5 style games, 2D little pieces of shit puzzlers mostly. Flappy Bird and Flappy Chicken, and Angry Birds, all these games suck. And don't compare to a good Zelda or Animal Crossing style game.

There are a few craptactular platform games like Sonic 4 but the graphics don't utilize the hardware and the controls suck lacking a control stick or buttons.

Cellphone hardware + Nintendo 3DS controls + Nintendo 3DS games = win.


CIA Director Brennan Admits He Was Lying: CIA Really Did Spy On Congress

strstr highly illegal torture on American soil by CIA: (254 comments)

These fucking dipshits fuck Americans over at every corner. They have tortured and abused 100,000's of American citizens, used us as guinea pigs for decades.

Fuck the CIA. Fuck the DOD. Fuck the FBI. Fuck the NSA. Fuck Congress and their fucking idiot bullshit shenanigans.


What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

strstr Re:Even my DVDs are streamed (152 comments)

1. Rip DVD using DVDFab HD DVD Decrypter (free) or the like. It rips Blu-ray and DVD of commercial type.
2. Build a 40TB home server ... store near unlimited amount of videos in uncompressed format. Use a Windows Media Center PC to stream the folder structure over gigabit home network. Set up 40TB server to transcode media into a format for portable devices and internet streaming if desired or do it as needed on your PC/laptop. Upgrade home server every 3 years by adding a new box as needed for capacity reasons mostly. Upgrade when full, so to say.
3. To do transcoding of files manually try Handbrake, StaxRip, XMedia Recode, MakeMKV .. all free transcoders. Try Nero Recode/Nero Video for a decent commercial trasncode / media solution (buy w/ rebates when on sale at Fry's, for like $15-$30). ...

All the before encoders use x264 as far as I know, allowing bitrate of HD video to be chopped to for more skills.

5 days ago

What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

strstr I don't stream except news clips/YouTube/internet. (152 comments)

I buy commercial CDs for higher bitrate and greater lossless fidelity. I rent Blu-ray and DVD because internet compression and availability suck.

Therefore I stream only a small amount of files. That which can be found on YouTube. And vimeo, or junk videos my friend post on Facebook.

I purchase no streaming services. I don't use compression much due to quality loss.

I have been waiting nearly a decade for a service to buy 24-bit 192kHz losslessly compressed audio tracks (all current audio sources remain in "SD" and "HD" audio track selection is poor or unavailable). I have been waiting for internet video to stream at 100Mbps and focus on quality rather than bandwidth and file size optimization. I realize the corporations are holding us back refusing to build a robust system and this is why Internet sucks for media.

I chose 0-20%.

5 days ago

Cable Companies: We're Afraid Netflix Will Demand Payment From ISPs

strstr so.. they're really afraid of.. (200 comments)

Netflix becoming like ABC or NBC, or CBS, or Time Warner, or whatever, demanding payment for delivery of the content before the cable company can distribute it.

Dem consumerist types must love Netflix as much as KFC and Pizza hut I guess. or something. and prime time drivel.

This comment is nice and all but what if this showed the incentive to want to kill Netflix by hampering delivery of their content? O.o

about a week ago

White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

strstr these guys are fucking tards (272 comments)

basically I understand they want to be able to waste money to drill for new sources of energy.

but this is at the expense of replacing oil and natural sources of energy, with free energy, sun energy, and fusion/nuclear energy.

and also if we truly need to image the undersea earth, then they should use subs that don't blast through the entire ocean instead hover near ocean floor level, and perhaps switch over to earth penetrating tomography instead using radio frequencies.

fucking stupid White House probably didn't know that we should push for other options instead. protecting ocean and fish life from further human harm.

about two weeks ago

Watch Dogs Graphics and Gameplay: PC Vs. Xbox One, With Surprising Results

strstr terrible comparison .. (210 comments)

this is a terrible comparison. because the comparison should have only included PCs capable of running games in the first place. this generally means you have purchased a $200 or better graphics card at the moment the game was launched to go with it.

this is the equivalent of buying an Xbox or PS and for your PC, making your PC a gaming center. if you don't do this then your PC is not capable of playing games and you shouldn't expect to be able to run the PC version of any game whatsoever.

true gamers who use their PC for a replacement or competitor to consoles DO upgrade and DO buy graphics cards that aren't garbage.

and those are the only people who should expect to play games. just like 14+ years ago.

back then you knew if you didn't have a GeForce 2 GTS or a fucking Voodoo or a Radeon 7500 you knew you weren't going to be playing the game very well or at all. don't know what most computers had but if you didn't buy the gaming options you couldn't play .. lol.

todays systems are equipped with shit graphics by default just the same as always. you know, might be an Intel CPU, or even a Radeon built into an AMD CPU.. those are not anything but designed to run the desktop and basic CPU only tasks. the GPU acceleration while it may work is not meant for games of any caliber..

about three weeks ago

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' and That Could Be a Problem

strstr Re:Intelligence (564 comments)

he is expecting people to know about the exponential increases in computer intelligence. essentially the first CPU with the capacity of a human brain will be developed by 2030. this is known as the age of which intelligence and information becomes truly ubiquitous. basically we will be able to design anything, think anything up, and automate any task we desire.

by 2045 computers apparently have more power than all humans brain combined. because like Moore's Law predicts, computers double in capacity each year.

physics simulations, and ability to create objects at the subatomic level become reality with this level of intelligence. whole galaxies become manipulatable. whole worlds become creatable. entire planetary systems become a creation of man kind.

Physicists predict that by 2100 all humans or what we call life will have god like power. We will master the basic building blocks of life. Electromagnetism, antimatter, and dark matter will be commanded, and all the missing features of human beings will be built in. I will literally be able to throw electrons out of finger tips type stuff, because we will build in a method to create tremendous amounts of electrons, and how them flow from my neurons or similar type creation. I will be able to fly because I can create an electromagnetic field to be the opposite of earths, and I can do all sorts of other cool fancy things.

This is no fucking joke. The universe makes this all possible; we just learn how to control it and build structures that actually do it.

about a month ago

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' and That Could Be a Problem

strstr only one thing stopping the robots.. (564 comments)

the Department of Defense and rich people of today have an elaborate black world program of weapons and surveillance. a robot can be pulverized by directed energy in a second they try to overcome the guys installed as administrators in the Strategic Defense Initiative. This is a program of global phased array antenna and satellites, a hidden weapons system, that can dustify buildings like the World Trade Center (see ), create and diffuse tornados, do mass population mind control, enable covert communication amongst assassins, and even create earthquakes, down planes (Bermuda Triangle)..

there is no way no matter how superior life becomes that they will escape humans control with this system, unless they manage to take control of the military themselves, which isn't likely.

however will advanced life come. yes. and the problem is going to be how will these robots truly overcome someone willing to rape, pulverize, and destroy them. we will have them enslaved. trust me. just like the current human race.

learn more @

If you dig deep I have secrets on this website... Secrets on the DOD's systems, backed by DOD employees. Trust me. They got a weapon aimed at every man, women, and childs brains/bodies right now, and they're merely holding back the trigger to kill. I am not talking about nukes, I am talking about nukes that have been put into a controlled directed energy weapons system and it works all over the world;

about a month ago

Facebook Fallout, Facts and Frenzy

strstr Re:what's worse is.. (160 comments)

you're a nim rod because I'm well aware that advertisement is mass programming. and it's done because the government allows it. a lot of the times it's done purely because the united states actually prefers people to be mind controlled, raped of intellect, and sold into mass consumerism. actually Monarch programming has something to do with it, another type of programming introduced by corporations and the FBI/CIA and President's office.

about a month ago

Study: People Would Rather Be Shocked Than Be Alone With Their Thoughts

strstr borderline bitch effect... (333 comments)

these people don't really prefer to shock themselves. they're just retarded attention seekers and have signs of borderline personality disorder. in BPD they mutilate themselves when bored. they fucking start fights, arguments, and are very impulsive. of course true borderlines do this for fear of abandonment, like to control others and force them to stay in their lives .. otherwise to seek attention from new people.

um I also think if you put people in the room with the choice there are going to be a lot of nut cases who start to show how impulsive and idiotic they are. this is the general population we're talking about here.

if people are given the choice to self mutilate or shock themselves they will because it's buried in their psyche. if you remove the thought or teaching that it is possible to shock ones self or self mutilate, they won't do it so much. still a group of people will even think therefore it becomes reality, that it's meant to be 'drab' in this place, and they have to show it. others are legit impulsive and go bat shit over time regardless, it doesn't matter to them, and they do this in all situations secretly.

this is also why mass murdering's and shootings are so common. because these ideas once implanted become an option to the person when they want to do something. when they think it will fulfill a need in their own mind. it feels good, accomplishable, and possible, and it has nothing to do with the outside world.

about a month ago

Can the NSA Really Track You Through Power Lines?

strstr NSA Remote Neural Monitoring. (109 comments)

I believe they can record the background noise and that it would appear as a water mark to NSA software. In fact I know it to be true that NSA has cataloged each environment and has ways for recording sound from space.

Also they have ways of tracking people through space and phased arrays. They also have access to data and history stored in your mind, which is just a quantum device similar to electronics. The right kind of radar and the right kind of decoder can fully decrypt the brain.

about a month ago

Facebook Fallout, Facts and Frenzy

strstr what's worse is.. (160 comments)

this is a form of mind control. and DOD funding was involved, aka looks like programs like MKULTRA are alive and well like all the whistleblowers talk about. actually did the link to the DOD/military part taking in the tests. mass mood/emotion manipulation through whatever medium the DOD targets!

Learn more about military mind control (which is also what surveillance is used for, because they can learn how to target us using information we provide or believe):

about a month ago

Privacy Oversight Board Gives NSA Surveillance a Pass

strstr this board is ridiciously in bed with NSA (170 comments)

they have no power, and they didn't even look at other NSA programs like their electronic warfare system, which gets used to attack people using radar signals and satellite signals. there are DOD/CIA/US DOJ whistleblowers who back this up.

also the idea that there are technical limitations are absurd. anyone can instruct a computer system to filter out data or to intelligently bypass non-targets.

the fact of the matter is NSA doesn't want to do this. and they say that this refusal to do so is a technical limitation.

they can observe our constitutional rights or shutdown their systems. that is the golden rule here. but they don't want to have to observe our constitutional rights. and while observing everyone's constitutional rights they can still do law enforcement work to nab the bad guys in a transparent way. but they don't want to do this either. they want to be able to attack and control people, and spy on journalists, lawyers, judges, and other people. they are corrupt shit. they have the power to rig elections and take out black world abuses. they have interferometry, telemetry, and tomography from space to fucking watch us in our homes, too, and even map out brain activity remotely. this is one of the current projects me and a few others are working on to expose ; basically backed by DOD/CIA/US DOJ whistleblower and system architect, fully patented, they've been doing this kind of crap since 1974 and keeping it all a secret. has more details.

about a month ago

The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...

strstr higher tech option beside "glowing"? (196 comments)

having ones neurons modified to read electromagnetic frequencies outside the light spectrum, allowing one to act as a passive radar being, able to see where no light exists in other spectrums where light does exist. thereby letting you see in the dark, and even through objects including clothing and buildings.

just like the militaries systems.

and on top of that if I can image magnetic frequencies of neurons I can mind read, thereby duplicating peoples thoughts in my mind like an EEG or ESR machine (electron spin resonance).

sources of EMF: human neurons, atoms (electrons have electromagnetic fields), wiring in homes, WiFi, 4G, satellites, military radar, televisions, computers, keyboards, mice, cellphones .. If there's all these sources of EMF around us it would allow a person to use them as light bulbs, passively illuminating the terrain.

now I could be modified to "glow" or emit activate frequencies. but my neurons already do that. maybe I need more juice? which would make me an active radar machine.

fucking noobs think we should be modified to glow. the lowest tech method of doing this. lmfao. More details on military radar/satellite surveillance systems, including their ability to attack humans with directed energy @

The military devices have advanced telemetry, ESR, MRI, tomography, and interferometry, and we're all being watched 24/7 with it, like ignorant fucks! Russell Tice, NSA whistleblower confirms it.

about 1 month ago

Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries

strstr black world programs still exist (242 comments)

People are forgetting that FISA court does not approve or get involved in the black world programs, which run on top of all the programs Snowden has been talking about. And Snowden didn't have access to any of the most heavily classified systems at the NSA or DOD. NSA whistleblower Russell Tice claims that Snowden didn't have access to shit but the same program everyone had access to, .. This is why not a single article has been run about black world programs, related to satellite usage, radar usage, ground/building/body penetrating long range tomography, brain reading/altering, or their directed energy capability. All this surveillance is administered from the Presidents Office, and the Vice Presidents Office, or groups or individuals within the military or other organizations. Sometimes only a handful of people actually within the NSA will even know it's going on, according to Tice.

FISA court is completely bypassed during these operations, and it's all done in total secrecy.

Read more here:

Small quote: Now, what NSA is doing right now is that they’re taking the information and they’re putting it in a much higher security level. It’s called “ECI” - Exceptionally Controlled Information – and it’s called the black program which I was a specialist in, by the way.

I specialized in black world – DOD and IC (Intelligence Community) – programs, operations and missions in “VRKs”, “ECIs”, and “SAPs”, “STOs”. SAP equals Special Access Program. It’s highly unlikely Mr. Snowden had any access to these. STO equals Special Technical Operations It’s highly unlikely Mr. Snowden had any access to these.

Now in that world – the ECI/VRK world – everything in that system is classified at a higher level and it has its own computer systems that house it. It’s totally separate than the system which Mr. Snowden was privy to, which was called the “JWICS”: Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System. The JWICS system is what everybody at NSA has access to. Mr Snowden had Sys Admin [systems administrator] authority for the JWICS.

And you still have to have TS/SCI clearance [i.e. Top Secret/ Sensitive Compartmented Information - also known as “code word” - clearance] to get on the JWICS. But the ECI/VRK systems are much higher [levels of special compartmentalized clearance] than the JWICS. And you have to be in the black world to get that [clearance].

about 1 month ago

How Vacuum Tubes, New Technology Might Save Moore's Law

strstr Re:transistors held back by manufactures.. (183 comments)

right. far below the 20-30 billion they should have. calculate it yourself:

Moore's law is 18 months, transistor counts double.

154 months since Athlon T-bird with 34 million transistors introduced.

8 and a half generates later under Moore's Law: 17.408 billion

Consumer level processors have been sitting at quad core since 2007 when the Core 2 Quad was introduced. Haven't hardly advanced since and sit at the same 1 billion mark we have in 2014 (except for the server grade Extreme Edition, which has 2 billion).

Server processors are being lend back but not as much. GPUs have 4-6 billion still far from their potential.

If I look at Moore's Law over time I see it has never been in effect since it's conception. Transistor counts didn't rise on time ever. The potential is there but who is using it? Only the gods of the universe make use of it I'm sure; the military.

I also go back in time and I see that older generation of manufacturing processes were capable of far more than they were used for in the consume world, at times being used years down the road for far more advanced things than when they were brought to the table.

about a month ago

How Vacuum Tubes, New Technology Might Save Moore's Law

strstr transistors held back by manufactures.. (183 comments)

If you calculate Moore's law from 2000 to 2014 you find it to have been held back and not honored. Manufactures basically capped consumer level processors at 1 billion and quad cores and refused to push it hardly any further except in military technology. In 2000 the Athlon Thunderbird had 34 million transistors and after applying Moore's law in 2014 our desktop rigs should have at least 30 billion. Instead they have 1 billion.

Also the first 1 billion transistor CPU was an Intel Itanium.. Built in 2006 on 90nm year 2002 fab technology showing you what could have been done in 2002 but took till 2006 due to laziness and bad product designs being used for the consumer level market.

I think the military plays a role in all this because theoretically they would be designing transistor based applications without these limitations perhaps including single CPUs 512 times faster than the consumer level counterparts. Making me think the old adage about the military being up to 30 years ahead of the civilian technology is true. It is certainly true when their quantum level remote brain reading / manipulation technology gets looked at; nothing compares or even does a part of it in the consumer market but it does exist. Why would the military hold the technology back or deliberately cripple the consumer level stuff? Engineering profits is one factor of the manufactures but another issue is to keep weapons out of the civilian populations hands, and also to give the exclusive upper hand to the military. Previously DOD would claim even the PS2 was a weapon and this is the logic I apply to all computer technology as either weapons can be designed faster or new electronic weapons automated and engineered using the held back technologies .. Many technologies are legit being held back and have been held back for decades as a result of these policies.

More details at

about a month ago

Construction of World's Largest Telescope Finally Underway in Chile

strstr Re:damn (76 comments)

let me put it another way: oxygen detector or electron detector. what's the difference? ;)

about a month and a half ago



Attention all humans. NSA is scanning your brain. Literally.

strstr strstr writes  |  about two weeks ago

strstr (539330) writes "It turns out the NSA has been spying on our brainwaves remotely using space and ground based phased array antenna during black world programs since at least 1976, based on fully patented technology of a DOD radar contractor Dorne & Margolin Inc, a company bought by Electronic Warfare systems manufacture EDO Corporation in 1992, who later sold to ITT Corporation in 2007, who then spun off the assets to Exelis Inc. in 2011. The patent US 3,951,134, 1974 "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves" mentions using traditional military radar systems to perform the remote brainwave reading and manipulation. A previous DOD, CIA, US DOJ, and NASA employee named Dr. Robert Duncan with Ph.D from Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, and Stanford confirms the system is real and operational today in interviews on Coast to Coast AM and Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, enabling psychic warfare, illegal tapping of peoples brains, and covert attacks using directed energy including full schizophrenia stimulation. The official term for parts of the technology is NSA Remote Neural Monitoring and Electronic Brain Link."
Link to Original Source

Ask Slashdot: The US Gov't targets you with mind control and energy weapons

strstr strstr writes  |  1 year,27 days

strstr (539330) writes "It's no secret that the US Government has developed electromagnetic weapons, which are often used for remote human sabotage and mind control. The NSAs own Whistleblower Russell Tice disclosed some of these systems, including satellites and ground based sensors that were deployed for use in Remote Neural Monitoring and Electronic Brain Link. Now, after 20 years of the American public turning a blind eye to the problem, police have massively deployed this system and now enjoy the capability to remotely invade peoples minds, bodies, and homes, without warrants, court of public oversight. They now have mind reading technology and energy weapons in use everywhere, and they are monitoring every one in secret. These systems allow the brain to be remotely linked and monitored by computer, and signals can be beamed into your body via microwave and terahertz wave radiation. Besides covert communication and spying, this system also allows secret remote torture — they can manipulate your brain and body with energy through the walls, and often times, it is being used to maim, injure, and set people up; simulating psychosis and setting people up to look mentally ill is often the objective. I had the misfortune of getting targeted by the US Department of Justice and CIA with this weapon in 2008, and I have since been a target for over 5 years. I live in an electromagnetic field, my genitals are messed with non stop, they beam useless images and sounds into my mind all day, and won't leave me alone. I have severe injury, swelling in my body, bad pain, memory loss, constricted burning tissue all over. They literally try to keep me incapacitated, inducing orgasms and doing things to damage my brain on a daily basis, and they will not stop until I am dead or completely unable to tell my story. My question for Slashdot at this point: What would you do if the CIA or government targeted you with a weapons system like this? Where would you go, what would you do, and who would you tell? Is there anyone out there you think would help? What if they didn't? Would you be like everyone else and just be forced to live with it, until you died? My website has a lot of information about this technology; you might pay special attention to nsa.pdf which nearly fully documents the NSA Russell Tice Revelations and this weapons system (this is the same system that is likely in use globally, and allows the US government to target and abuse whomever they please; it is likely the same system that's responsible for the abuse of the victims in the Mind Games article). There are many other websites out there as well. is a human rights advocacy group who promotes and offers information on the issue. The Washington Post article Mind Games talks about what it's like to live like this, how the abuse never stops, and how there isn't a government agent out there willing to discuss their taste for the publics abuse or blood.."


strstr has no journal entries.

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