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Retailer Calls Rivals' Bluff On "HDMI Scam"

stu_coates High speed? (664 comments)

I'm quite new to HDMI... do I need a high speed cable if I want to be able to fast forward my DVDs? ;-)

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Had Doubts About the 'Vista Capable' Label

stu_coates Blending Vista (484 comments)

At least there's one very useful Vista capable machine.

Thank you BlendTech

more than 6 years ago



stu_coates stu_coates writes  |  more than 7 years ago

stu_coates (156061) writes "A lot of spammers and spambots try to bypass anti-spam filters by using low priority mail servers instead of the primary. There is a simple way to exploit this behavior, reduce spam, and slow down the spammers. By placing an SMTP Tar Pit on a low-priority MX record you reduce the amount of spam you receive. RTFA for a fuller explanation."


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