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Thousands of People Signed Up For It, But Here's The Truth About Mars One

superboj superboj writes  |  about 2 months ago

superboj (3534991) writes ""From everything I can find, Mars One doesn’t appear to be in any way qualified to carry off the biggest, most complex, most audacious, and most dangerous exploration mission in all of human history. They don’t have the money to do it. 200,000 people didn’t actually apply. I wouldn’t classify it exactly as a scam—but it seems to be, at best, an amazingly hubristic fantasy.""
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Meet the woman who's teaching Silicon Valley how to be more likable

superboj superboj writes  |  about 9 months ago

superboj (3534991) writes "After spending her teenage years as a lonely geek, Olivia Fox Cabane developed her own program for becoming more charismatic and influential. Apparently, it worked: she now sells her coaching services to executives from companies like Google. Is it really possible to hack your way to charm? Or is this just another self-help routine?"
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It was the worst industrial disaster in US history—and we learned nothing

superboj superboj writes  |  about 10 months ago

superboj (3534991) writes "Forget Deepwater Horizon or Three Mile Island: The biggest industrial disaster in American history actually happened in 2008, when more than a billion gallons of coal sludge ran through the small town of Kingston Tennessee. This story details how, five years later, nothing has been done to stop it happening again, thanks to energy industry lobbying, federal inaction, and secrecy imposed on Congress."
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How Tutankhamun's DNA became a battleground

superboj superboj writes  |  about a year ago

superboj (3534991) writes "Everyone wants a piece of Egypt's most famous pharaoh, including the media, the Muslim Brotherhood and even the Mormon church. But while scientists have been trying to excavate his DNA and prove who he was—Egypt's turbulent politics have been making progress hard. Will experts be able to make a major discovery? And what happens if they do?"
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