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Administration Wants To Scale Back Real ID Law

supermanwashere Re:Afro-American Racism Against Whites and Asians (317 comments)

Anonymous Coward

Is quite right in this case.

Back on topic...
Real ID is a total failure, like the rest of the Bush administration. One hopes the current one can implement something more realistic and something that would actually accomplish the task of making IDs a little less like Monopoly Money. Current IDs are not up to the task. They are too easy to fake, too easy to get illegitimately and don't work well across state lines. What we need is a well thought out ID that is a little harder to get a hold of, harder to fake, and can help law enforcement/emergency personnel identify someone who's halfway across the country from home.

more than 5 years ago

Symantec Support Gone Rogue?

supermanwashere Re:Symantec, please shutdown (268 comments)

Actually dude could be an American. I work at a call center and when we knew we weren't being recorded we had a little fun. Sometimes we would fake an Indian name and accent and mess with customer's. Imagine "Hello my name is Mohammed, what can is it I can help you with today" in a really horrid indian accent. What can I say, sometimes we got bored.

more than 5 years ago

Symantec Support Gone Rogue?

supermanwashere Re:lol (268 comments)

So it was YOU working for Symantec. I didn't think they would use three seperate names, but I guess in a shrinking we all have to do a Lily Tomlin sometimes.

more than 5 years ago

Symantec Support Gone Rogue?

supermanwashere Re:Uhm...? (268 comments)

No he wasn't cutting and pasting and he was paying very close attention to what he was doing. I've worked support before and I can tell this was a CYA step. If a complaint came back he point at this statement and say the customer was warned.

more than 5 years ago

Are Windows 7 Testers Going Unheard?

supermanwashere Re:Vista is good. But there's a bigger problem. (394 comments)

Except when you get false negatives all the time. I have a Compaq laptop that came installed with XP. Everytime I want to reinstall windows I have to call microsucks to activate it. In those same 20 minutes I can have pretty much any Linux Distro installed. Then I get to wait another two weeks to install updates, restart, install updates, restart, install updates, restart

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Sued Over Vista-To-XP Downgrade Fees

supermanwashere Re:just silly (479 comments)

Bad analogy. This is like Ford or GM telling you you have to use a specific brand of fuel or road to drive your car. Which is illegal.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Sued Over Vista-To-XP Downgrade Fees

supermanwashere Re:Paying for what ails you (479 comments)

Go find one for me. Of all the OSes you listed only Apple is easy to find, and that's on overpriced hardware.

This is what happens when you become a Microsucks Certified Unprofessional.

more than 5 years ago

Company Launches Pre-Chewed Pencils

supermanwashere Re:Would've saved me (7 comments)

I always use plastic pens. Plastic won't harm your teeth, but your teeth can sure destroy plastic.

more than 5 years ago

How To Cook Everything

supermanwashere Re:its missing something (5 comments)

It needs salt

No it doesn't

Yes it does

No it doesn't

Well I'm putting more salt if you don't like it you can have the leftover poodle.

more than 5 years ago

Company Launches Pre-Chewed Pencils

supermanwashere Would've saved me (7 comments)

Would have kept me from destroying a box of pencils a week.
I still destroy a massive number of pens by chewing on them. As a result I only get the cheap 10 for $5 pens not the expensive ones (I'm not that stupid).

more than 5 years ago

Woman Admits Sending $400K To Nigerian Scammer

supermanwashere If everyone is so intelligent... (857 comments)

I wonder how many people missed the portion immediately below the article

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more than 5 years ago

How Big Should My Swap Be?

supermanwashere Re:RAM-based hard drive (900 comments)

Actually stuff stored in RAM isn't safe either. If you remember a couple of months back an article was posted were researchers were able to recover contents from RAM more than 10 minutes after power was shut off. The only way it's safe is if you write something to all locations in RAM. Additionally you wouldn't gain significant speed. On a server most of your stuff is already in RAM when the system is running. On a desktop you would be better off prefetching, 1 GiB RAM costs around 300 times what 1 GiB HD space costs (1 gig RAM $30, 1 gig HD space $0.05 more or less).

more than 5 years ago


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