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Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

sureshot007 Re:None, seriously, none. (470 comments)

Only if it could slit my wrist like slap bracelets could.

4 days ago

Verizon Throttles Data To "Provide Incentive To Limit Usage"

sureshot007 Unlimited data != unlimited bandwidth (316 comments)

Why is it that people think they deserve both unlimited data AND unlimited bandwidth? If you want to gripe that "I PAY FOR IT!", fine, here is your unlimited data. Just don't expect to be able to use all of the bandwidth while you are at it.

about a month ago

Red Team, Blue Team: the Only Woman On the Team

sureshot007 We aren't all born with it (247 comments)

From the article: "I taught myself some coding and computer repair in probably the most painstaking ways possible, but my experiences growing up put me at a disadvantage that I am still working to overcome. Throughout college, I was secretly fighting tooth and nail to understand concepts, references, and information that my classmates knew from young ages. From what I can tell, this is not uncommon."

I was a TA in college for intro CS classes, and I can tell you that not many kids understand this stuff right off the bat. Very few understood it by the end of the first semester. Most were just blindly typing and eventually, the monkeys typed Shakespeare. So, this woman not special. Nor is she special because she is a woman. In fact, I see nothing about her in this article that makes her any different from the thousands of others in the field.

about 7 months ago

Marc Andreessen On Why Bitcoin Matters (And A Critique)

sureshot007 Re:The Problem (332 comments)

Of all of the days to be without mod points!

Since Bitcoins have no intrinsic value, and no government is willing to go to war over their value, then they are worth about as much as Beanie Babies. At one time, Beanie Babies fetched a premium, but now people are just stuck with a room full of toys they spent thousands on.

So every time I hear someone talk about Bitcoins, I immediately think to that episode of South Park where Cartman thinks that pubes have value. "So, how much is that in pubes?"

about 8 months ago

Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

sureshot007 Re:Ungrateful krauts (606 comments)

That's all well and good, if you have a society of engineers. But what happens to those that can't graduate university?

about 9 months ago

Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

sureshot007 Re:Ungrateful krauts (606 comments)

Can you site a source for this that would explain it to me? I don't understand how eliminating the shitty jobs you don't want to do will magically make more awesome jobs available to everyone else.

about 9 months ago

US Executions Threaten Supply of Anaesthetic Used For Surgical Procedures

sureshot007 Re:Numbers don't add up (1160 comments)

It does look like I missed the point of the article, but I was talking about the idea that a "shortage" of the traditional stock is becoming a problem, when you are only talking about a few dozen cases annually. You mean to tell me that you can't find something else to use that doesn't "threaten millions of patients"?

about a year ago

US Executions Threaten Supply of Anaesthetic Used For Surgical Procedures

sureshot007 Numbers don't add up (1160 comments)

According to 2013 thus far has seen 32 executions, and 2012 saw 43 executions. How in the world could less than 50 a year cause a problem for millions of patients? I'd think it would be the other way around...

about a year ago

US Now Produces More Oil and Gas Than Russia and Saudi Arabia

sureshot007 Re:I'd rather all the drinking water was contamina (416 comments)

Nobody drinks water anymore. That's what's in toilets. It doesn't have electrolytes. It doesn't have what plants crave.

about a year ago

Snowden and the Fate of the Internet As a Global Network

sureshot007 Was never secure to begin with (505 comments)

I don't know why this is a surprise to anyone out there. The internet was never a secure place to store any information, or discuss anything. Putting something in "the cloud" is like putting on your front porch. When is the general public going to realize this? Google is giving you email for free, do you really think no one is reading it?

about a year ago

Some Windows XP Users Can't Afford To Upgrade

sureshot007 Re:Easy solution...virtualization. (953 comments)

That would be an awesome idea...if it actually worked.

My place uses a lot of research equipment that runs on specialty hardware/software, which is not compatible with anything other than what it's running now (which in some cases is NT), but also doesn't work with VMs because the hardware interface doesn't recognize it. One of the scientists just purchased a 6 figure machine that came with XP on it. The manufacturer claims it's not compatible with anything else. How awesome is that?

about a year ago

Steve Forbes: Bitcoin Not Money

sureshot007 Re:Mister Forbes, see Econ 101 (692 comments)

If bitcoins became more widespread, and the market more liquid, it is quite possible the volatility would be reduced.

If, if, if....there are a lot of ifs there.

All he's saying is that it's a shitty form of currency right now. And that's the truth.

about a year ago

Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty To 10 Charges

sureshot007 Re:Well.. he did it. (491 comments)

Probably because the only way to fight the espionage charges would be to claim that you disobeyed standing orders for the greater good of the country, and things like the Geneva Convention for treatment of prisoners. If he wants to claim the high moral ground, he has to plead guilty to what he actually is guilty of.

about a year and a half ago

White House Petition To Make Unlocking Phones Legal Passes 100,000 Signatures

sureshot007 Re:You know, you can buy an unlocked phone (317 comments)

Of all the days to not have mod points!!!! Please someone mod this post up!!!!!

about a year and a half ago

Summer Programming Courses Before Heading Off To College?

sureshot007 Enjoy his last minutes of freedom!!! (183 comments)

Tell him to stop worrying about college and just enjoy the summer. Once you go to college, it's all about studying and doing well, then summers are for working jobs to pay off some debt and have spending cash during the school year, then back to school....and once your graduate and get a job, all of your freedom is gone!

Have him enjoy his last moments of freedom from responsibility and have fun with his friends.

Besides, if I had a dime for every kid in Intro to CS that thought he knew how to program but couldn't grasp the idea of simple design patterns...I wouldn't have had to be a TA.

about a year and a half ago

Wiki Weapon Project Test-Fires a (Partly) 3D-Printed Rifle

sureshot007 Re:Why not go all plastic and tone down the lethal (289 comments)

Even the pressure necessary for match grade air rifles would be too much for plastics. That is, if you want any real accuracy.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Make a DVD-Rental Store More Relevant?

sureshot007 Delivery/Return services (547 comments)

People like Netflix because they are lazy, and the disc arrives/departs without them leaving the house. But they don't like waiting too long, so they stream. So why not give them what they want? Have a delivery guy there that delivers the movies, and include a prepaid envelope to return it. That way, they get the convenience of Netflix without waiting 2 days for the next disc. Plus, you should have a much better selection than Redbox. Also, you should be able to upsell a bit with *reasonably priced* snacks.

about 2 years ago

NY Attorney General Subpoenas Craigslist For Post-Sandy Price Gougers

sureshot007 Re:Its the law - no price gouging during emergenci (458 comments)

As a criminal offense, Florida's law is typical. Price gouging may be charged when a supplier of essential goods or services sharply raises the prices asked in anticipation of or during a civil emergency, or when it cancels or dishonors contracts in order to take advantage of an increase in prices related to such an emergency. The model case is a retailer who increases the price of existing stocks of milk and bread when a hurricane is imminent. It is a defense to show that the price increase mostly reflects increased costs, such as running an emergency generator, or hazard pay for workers.

Well guess what? I'm not a "supplier" or "retailer" of any goods...hence why I'm selling it on craigslist!

(I didn't actually sell anything, but I don't quite like the idea of the state being able to come to my garage sale and arrest me for my prices being to high)

about 2 years ago



Ask Slashdot: IT Job Title?

sureshot007 sureshot007 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

sureshot007 (1406703) writes "I was acting head of my IT department, and they have finally hired someone to fill the position. The new "Director of Information Technology" has asked me what I want my official job title to be. At first I wasn't sure, so I poked around the internet a bit to see what titles were in common use. When I stumbled on "PHP Ninja" as an actual job title, I knew that I wanted something fun like that too, but it needs to still sound official. We are a small company (about 100 employees), with a good sized IT department (4 guys). I'm in charge of day to day operations of IT, and the other 2 report to me (1 sys admin, and 1 helpdesk tech). The previous guy that held my job went by Network Administrator, but I'd like something a little better than that — say IT Overlord?

So what are some of the best job titles you've seen out there?"


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