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Chinese City Sets Up "No Cell Phone" Pedestrian Lanes

swell looking down (46 comments)

So instead of looking down at their devices, they are looking down at the signs on the sidewalk; and taking photos of them. A questionable improvement.

4 days ago

Direct Sales OK Baked Into Nevada's $1.3 Billion Incentive Deal With Tesla

swell California incentive (149 comments)

In a recent debate with the Republican candidate for governor, Governor Brown had to defend his business incentive policies. Particularly the loss of the battery factory. He simply stated that the incentives that Tesla demanded were too much of a burden on taxpayers in CA. Now we know that he was probably correct.

about a week ago

"Eskimo Diet" Lacks Support For Better Cardiovascular Health

swell older & newer studies... (166 comments)

By the '70s, the Eskimos were already eating Twinkies like the rest of us. The important study of aboriginal diets, including Eskimos, was that of Dr. Robert Price in the early 1900s. This study was conducted when Eskimos were still consuming traditional foods. You can learn more about this at the still vibrant Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation ( ).

In addition, you may wish to read the cover story of Time magazine which says to Eat Butter. Dr. Atkins advised this over 30 years ago and 30,000,000 people benefited by following his advice. Eat fat, avoid carbohydrates- simple advice but the medical establishment still supports General Mills, Kellogg, and the Wonder Bread lookalikes.

about 3 months ago

Credit Card Breach At P.F. Chang's

swell Re:Cash and checks (117 comments)

"I use credit cards for 99% of my purchases. That way I avoid the issue of dealing with change and refilling on cash. I've never been held responsible for a fraudulent charge."

  - OTOH, I use CASH for 90% of my purchases. Only one retailer (a major online company) knows my card number and they are unlikely to leak it. Similarly I have no revealing 'loyalty cards' for grocery & drug store purchases.

So my wallet is much thinner than yours and I have little fear of identity theft. I carry $200-$400 at all times. If it is stolen, I will be unhappy but not as much as if my identity is stolen.

I don't think it's anyone's business if I purchase adult diapers or pron or medicines or alcohol. Should I reveal that in return for 'rewards'? You will have to decide for yourself if you want to advertise your lifestyle in exquisite detail to worldwide data marketers.

about 3 months ago

After the Belfast Project Fiasco, Time For Another Look At Time Capsule Crypto?

swell forget digital (170 comments)

""I'm curious whether there are good prospects for 'time capsule encryption,' one of several ways of storing information that renders it inaccessible to anyone until certain conditions â" such as the passage of time â" are met?"

The motivation for this question is vague. It could be that the OP has information about a criminal element that she wants released if she suffers an untimely death. It could be that the OP has solved the problem of nuclear fusion but is not ready to share it yet. The motivation is so vague that there is no way to address the question coherently - let's assume it's just for releasing info at a much later time.

'Time capsule' - I attended a time capsule burial a while back. Someone will dig it up in 100 years. It contains a variety of stuff- printed text, objects & some digital material. The digital stuff will probably be indecipherable with equipment available in the year 2108. The 'time capsule' concept might still be best despite our gravitation to digital and the 'cloud'. Encryption will not be necessary.

Printed text on quality paper should be good for well over 100 years. Physical materials might be the best way to preserve the message. A physical location might be the best place. A simple timer that sets off a weak explosion that exposes the trove might be ideal. Locate the capsule thoughtfully- not in downtown London, not in Antarctica, not in the Mariana Trench. Protect the payload from the elements. The timer & explosives need to survive the time you set. You might offer hints to potentially interested parties about the locale and timing of the release of your important capsule.

But before you go to all this trouble you should ask yourself- what information do you have that might matter to people in the future? Is this just an ego stunt or something that might really benefit someone in that time?

about 3 months ago

New Car Can Lean Into Curves, Literally

swell hype (243 comments)

The car is designed to ride ~5 inches above the road surface. A normal car like this might tilt 2 degrees in a curve, toward the outside of the curve, causing that part of the car to be ~4 inches from the road surface. This Mercedes could conceivably tilt 2 degrees toward the inside of the curve, causing that part of the car to be about 4 inches from the road.

The total difference between the tilt of a normal car and this Mercedes is perhaps 2 inches. Not at all like a motorcycle tilt in the same curve, in fact probably not detectable by the driver except for the cost of the extra complexity.

about 3 months ago

Why NASA's Budget "Victory" Is Anything But

swell our greatest hopes (267 comments)

"... putting our greatest dreams of exploring and understanding the Universe on hold."

You talkin' to me white boy?

It may surprise some that not everyone has high falutin' dreams about space exploration. Some people would be happy with a safe place to sleep, relief from disease, or a hot meal. Until those dreams are fulfilled for every human, space can wait.

about 3 months ago

The Brakes That Stop a 1,000 MPH Bloodhound SSC

swell Re:SSC? (262 comments)

irritating summary

And what is the braking problem? Whatever an SSC is, it will stop by itself eventually. Or, perhaps someone wants it to stop within a particular distance; but of course speed and mass would have to be considered in addition to materials technology and heat dissipation.

Neither the summary nor the comments seem to offer a holistic picture of the problem (if there is one) or a solution. If you expect readers to follow three links to piece this together, count me out.

about 4 months ago

Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans As Antarctic Ice Melts

swell WEST Antarctica ? (784 comments)

Help me out here. In my ignorance, I imagine Antarctica as a disk with a pole near its center. How do I find the Western part? Or the Eastern part? Uh, the Northern part??

about 4 months ago

Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet

swell blinding me with science (453 comments)

- The scientific community now accepts to some degree -
- a clinical neuropsychologist and human factors specialist -

While some may prefer citations
and some may prefer credentials that include some basic science skills,
others will be happy to forge ahead with imaginative fantasies.

about 4 months ago

Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones

swell where's the money? (139 comments)

TFA doesn't explain what would motivate entrepreneurs to invest in this concept. Suppose you have a great idea for a module- are you willing to design & fabricate it for an unknown number of buyers? Not as easy as selling an app for a known market of millions.

about 5 months ago

Mathematicians Are Chronically Lost and Confused

swell all thinkers are confused (114 comments)

Never trust the one who has the answers. The politician. The Preacher. The grammar school teacher. Seek those who have questions.

I'm a writer and inventor, I hope to come to understand things with my writing. I may draw a concept in an attempt to understand it better. I have written programs to unravel mysteries (you've seen the 'game of life'?) I try to reserve judgement when presented with an obvious 'truth' on Slashdot (as most of you do !).

Here's my email sig, feel free to share it:
"Your life is not going to be easy, and it should not be easy. It ought to be hard. It ought to be radical, it ought to be restless, it ought to lead you to places you'd rather not go." - Henri Nouwen

about 6 months ago

Mathematicians Are Chronically Lost and Confused

swell you heard the one about ... (114 comments)

the constipated mathematician ?

He worked it out with a pencil.

about 6 months ago

Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

swell Atkins never promoted protein (459 comments)

"opposite of what's urged by many human diet plans, including the popular Atkins Diet"

Even Atkins followers seem to forget that it's not protein but FAT that is important in their diet. He clearly advised that excess protein will cause glucose to be created in your body and counteract the purpose of the diet.

about 6 months ago

Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

swell Re:Why single out Whole Foods? (794 comments)

For every shopper with gluten intolerance there are 100 who are diabetic. How many low carb products do you find at Hole Foods? Diabetes is so yesterday -- gluten free is where it's at!

about 7 months ago

Quebec Language Police Target Store Owner's Facebook Page

swell long arm of the law... (506 comments)

Quebec's irrational ide'e fixe reaches to Southern California and Mexico as well.

Many products in local stores have packaging printed in two languages- French & English. In my American city we have roughly 10,000 Spanish speakers for every French speaker. In Tijuana the imbalance is more extreme.

The language police have a long reach.

about 7 months ago

Media Player Nightingale Reaches 1.12.1; First Release Since Songbird

swell what is it ? (79 comments)

I followed link after link at their site - forum, wiki, blog, etc. Lots of technical stuff for developers & fans. Not a word about what it is, what it does, why I might want to have it. No contact/feedback link. It is any wonder that open software lives in a dark corner of civilization?

about 8 months ago

Spacesuit Problems Delay ISS Repair Spacewalk

swell please skip this story (70 comments)

Slashdotters are clever and generally well informed, but this is way out of your league.

I'm trying to moderate today but the fact is that none of you know anything about space suits.
Consider yourselves modded down one point.

For many years, many well trained people have devoted time, energy and tons of money to devise a better space suit. It's hard to imagine even a very clever reader here having anything worth contributing to the issue. Please move on to a story where your comments will be competent.

about 9 months ago

Multivitamin Researchers Say 'Case Is Closed' As Studies Find No Health Benefits

swell Re:Important details missing (554 comments)

Not just missing details, but overwhelming evidence: what about the hundreds of thousands of studies that say nutritional supplements are beneficial?

These 3 studies (that we are not allowed to read) are a poor counter to existing data. Thanks also to PapayaSF for pointing out the distinction between RDA amounts that protect against immediate death, and "optimum level of supplementation".

Finally, while I believe that there is something odd about the LEF founder, I believe that his organization is at the leading edge of research and formulation of useful nutrients.

about 9 months ago

DRM Has Always Been a Horrible Idea

swell Re:2003 called, they want their article back (281 comments)

yeah well I'm pissed

I come here for news and I get *this*? The 'proof' is two lame examples in a lame article with no pretense of any scientific or statistical basis. This subject has been rehashed here and elsewhere for decades and it is brought out to present us with this useless article. Yeah, I RTFA and I'm pissed. Someone owes me 7 minutes of my life back.

about 9 months ago



don't say "42"

swell swell writes  |  more than 2 years ago

swell writes "I'm preparing a concise video that considers the question "What is the meaning of life?" I've read some historical perspectives (see Wikipedia) and some modern ideas, but you, an enlightened member of the Slashdot elite, are bound to have a more interesting angle. If you can link to sound, pics, video or essays that illustrate your thoughts, so much the better. If you have the ultimate answer we will all be grateful and worship at your feet."

time is relative

swell swell writes  |  more than 2 years ago

swell writes "Again I am confused by the dates posted with /. stories and elsewhere. I know that Euros and Amers use dates differently but that's no excuse. There is a logical way to present dates that is universal in the digital age: YYMMDD. No need for hyphens or slashes. Add HHMMSS if you like. This works well for me and my file storage system that unerringly sorts dates correctly while minimizing keystrokes and character counts. It will work well for you if you take a few minutes to think about it. So let's get our sh*t together around the world and do the right thing."

Apple does it again

swell swell writes  |  more than 5 years ago

swell writes "The Onion reports on a dramatic new development from Apple — the keyboardless laptop. A step forward from the traditional iPod interface and the multi-touch iPhone screen. But wait, there's more!

The keyboardless laptop is just a temporary measure while Apple and an unnamed government agency work out the bugs in the Macintosh brain implant still being alpha tested on some Guantanamo 'volunteers'.

Currently it is limited to blasting punk music into their brains 24 hours a day but they expect to be able to add raunchy porn mixed with humorous depictions of Mohammad in the near future.

Game developers are already preparing some vivid shoot-em-up adventures for the US release of the MindBook. With a high speed internet connection it will be possible to incorporate a select 38% of the entire internet into a normal human brain. Email will not be necessary as users will have direct and continuous access to the minds of other users.

Add to this an intuitive Google search function for instant access to The Onion and similar life enhancing knowledge and you have the next evolutionary step in the addictive Mac experience.

Compulsory use of the MindBook will not be required until approximately 2011 according to current Dept. of Homeland Security plans. The IRS is pushing for an earlier mandate. Exemptions will be allowed for government authorities, of course."

'surveillance society' explored on PBS TV

swell swell writes  |  more than 5 years ago

swell writes "In the US, Public Broadcasting will air "The Last Enemy" set in London & Romania. Personal drama mixes with social paranoia. Episodes run from Oct. 5 — Nov. 2, 2008 and can be seen online shortly after each airing. UK & other viewers may have additional local options. I thought it would be nice to announce this BEFORE the first episode despite the risk that it might stink."


swell has no journal entries.

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