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Equipping a Small Hackerspace?

swg101 Good Workbench, plenty of outlets (174 comments)

You don't say what your budget is, but good, sturdy workbenches (like these) with plenty of outlets for power supplies, scopes, meters, etc. as well as built in drawers and cabinet space.

If you are looking for suggestions on equipment, power supplies like the Topward 6000D series or similar (multiple output, adjustable, current limiting supplies) are invaluable. Good o-scope, handheld multimeter, etc. if you don't already have that stuff.

about 4 years ago

Does Cheap Tech Undermine Legal Privacy Protections?

swg101 Re:Scanning ethics (282 comments)

No, there is a big difference between Near-infrared (0.75 - 1.4 um) -- which is what CCD is sensitive to without a filter -- and Far-infrared (8 - 15 um) -- which is the thermal imaging range.

more than 4 years ago

Barnes & Noble's Nook, Reviewed

swg101 Kindle PDF Support (260 comments)

There was new firmware recently released (Amazon release notes) that adds, among other things like longer battery life, native PDF reader support to the Kindle 2. (Note, the Kindle DX had native PDF support since it was released months ago.)

about 5 years ago

Amazon Kindle DX Details Revealed

swg101 Re:Please let the auto-rotate feature be configura (312 comments)

I thought of the same thing. Thankfully the users guide shows the menu option for setting the orientation. (It's in the same menu as setting the text size).

more than 5 years ago

Bluetooth Versus Wireless Mice

swg101 Re:My take - haven't read the other replies. (519 comments)

I'll second the Logitech V470. It's smooth and accurate and has great battery life. It does have a small lag if you have not moved it for a while, but a small movement is enough to get going again.

more than 5 years ago

Best Home Network NAS

swg101 NSLU2 (802 comments)

I'll add another plug for the NSLU. Got one of those handling image data from remote security cameras. Works great. Note that you have to have USB hard drive however, as it does not have SATA support directly.

Also, I did mod the box so that it powers back on automatically after a power failure.

more than 7 years ago


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