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Petition For Metric In US Halfway To Requiring Response From the White House

swingbyte Re:Never underestimate familiarity (1387 comments)

Thats changing. New parts are comming out with metric sizes - just a little different but it accumulates over 100 pins. Metrics the best

about 2 years ago

Annual IT Salary Survey Finds Dissatisfaction

swingbyte IT is not fun anymore - Don't do it!!! (582 comments)

I will continue to advise all people I meet to 1. do what ther really really love, 2. don't do anything technical like Engineering, Sci or IT!!! There is a world wide labour glut, and technical work can be performed anywhere without any local restrictions. Trades, doctors and other not easy to offshore jobs are the way to go. Everyone is a potential customer not just business and local laws, licenses etc make offshore competition harder. I think I have one of the best jobs here in Australia - but I now do more boring (paper shuffling) work than I would like. For some reason, everyone else expects IT/engineerinng people to do what they're told adn just make it work, take as little pay as possible - not like HR, law or other depts! Even though IT is the spine of many businesses now and the only reason mega corps can exist. If you don't want to be treated like that - work to change the industry perception - or do something else. Swingbyte

more than 7 years ago



Ask Slashdot: How to protect ones web presence

swingbyte swingbyte writes  |  more than 2 years ago

swingbyte writes "Years ago I invented a word "swingbyte" to be my web presence or nom de plume. I now find a startup in USA has started trading under this name. Is my word protected by copyright? Do I have any rights of redress to this issue? Have other slashdotters had similar experiences and what has come out of it? I have many fora posts dating back to 2005 at least demonstrating my use of the word seven years prior to this company."


swingbyte has no journal entries.

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