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Meet the Gamers Keeping Retro Consoles Alive

switched4OSX I grew up on Atari 2600... (79 comments)

I would pay a good price for the nostalgia.

about 2 years ago

Linux-powered Mobile Cocktail Mixer

switched4OSX Re:My experiences with loonix (170 comments)

"The first bombshell to hit my project was that my client found out from another consultant that the GNU community has close ties to former communist leaders. Furthermore, he found out that the 'x' in Linux was a tribute to the former Communist philosopher, Karl Marx, whose name also ends in 'x'"

Ah, that's what it stands for. Maybe we should call it Liner, no- Hitler's name ends with an 'r'. Or Lineo, rats- I forgot about Castro. What a load of tripe.

more than 11 years ago


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