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Why Have Movies Been So Bad Lately?

syberanarchy Re:The writing is the problem, for the most part (664 comments)

It's not a Jew conspiracy thing. The disconnect is in the writer's glory being usurped by the director. I wrote an absolutely brilliant screenplay. I've written several scripts that can best be described as quick paydays, but this one is a once-in-a-lifetime fluke. And if it ever goes into production? The average shitsock who goes to the multiplex will think the director wrote it. Sickening.

Formula has its place - sometimes, if done well, formula can make for a great hour and 45 to two hours. Mission Impossible 3 was a great recent example of that. Horror films, my guilty pleasure, are DESIGNED to be like a ritual. But there is just a lack of interest in coming up with new ideas. Maybe because the established studio guys know it'd be the same amount of money to write a generic fluff piece than to write an innovative story that knocks the socks off. There is no profit sharing program for writers. THAT is why you see such shite.

more than 8 years ago


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Enough Angst For Three Linkin Park Albums

syberanarchy syberanarchy writes  |  more than 10 years ago Essentially I'm going through my teen angst bit a little late. I'm writing down every tiny piece of bullshit that pissed me off, ever, since I've been 13. I'm putting it in one big text document the size of God. It's going to be the Bible-sized tome of angst. Maybe one day it'll be on Avril Lavigne's coffee table.

I was going to post everything I have now here, but then I realized that I don't want to be on every user's freaks list.

But this one's pretty good. Insightful, even. I'm sharing. Then I'm going to bed. And I doubt anyone's reading this.

"Maybe I should get skinny and grow my hair out and get some rhythm. Then I could impress a hot Asian chick at the arcade with my mad Para Para skills. Maybe the secret to eternal happiness lies in busting out a perfect score in expert mode on "Butterfly." As it is, I'm lucky if I can even last the entire song on soft mode."

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