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Why Is a Laptop's Battery Dearer Than a Lawnmower's?

sydres you all are idiots (427 comments)

with the insults aside the real reason lies in the fact that a lawnmower is not a laptop a laptop is made up of many extremely delicate components requiring strict tolerances in power output, a lawnmower is made up of brute force motors and rugged circuitry variations in power are not much a concern. so drop the greed/capitalism corporations sticking it to us nonsense and use the brains that God/Allah/ evolution or whomever gave you

more than 5 years ago

Internet Communications While At Sea?

sydres shortwave packet (504 comments)

I am not sure of the range but you might be able to set up a packet radio at home and be able to pick it up at least part of the way course this would require a an outlay of cash as well as a shortwave license. My guess is it would be slow

about 6 years ago

Chinese Sub Pops Up Amid US Navy Exercise

sydres should have sunk it (916 comments)

since it was a deliberate act sinking it would have forced the chinese to think on their feet they probably would have ended up claiming it was a rogue captain or an accident but it would have at least reminded the world that we should be taken seriously

more than 7 years ago


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